22 thoughts on “WHO I'M VOTING FOR…

  1. @PrinceEa ….You are the voice that this world needs.To be reminded that LOVE conquers all. This world needs unity more now than ever. We need to come together to make a change for a better future. Your messages are inspiring and speaks truth. As a tiny seed is planted, the roots start to expand, the trunk start to form, branches reach for the sky and what do you know?A GIANT IROCO TREE. In that sense, so is your messages, that it can grow and touch the lives of so many to make a change that only starts within ourself. Don't know you personally, but I know that we are all in ONE and for that I LOVE YOU. Keep planting those seeds. Prayers & Love to this world.

  2. what country do you live in ?
    cause like hell when i saved enough money i want to meet you

  3. I'm white and I don't give a shit about race .
    I only care about my nation and religion . Because these two are holy .

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