28 thoughts on “Who Controls the Music Industry?

  1. Thank you for breaking this down Adam. I made them “we run rap music” videos a while ago and had garnered millions of views. I might upload them again on my second channel.

  2. His name is actually pronounced Lee-Or. He was assigned to run the Hip-Hop industry in the 80's. And yes, he is very influential over the Hip-Hop industry and is very Jewish.

  3. this is why pedo marketing of music has gotten more and more of the pie , getting trusted consumers as early as possible .

  4. Excellent video and I been trying to tell a lot of people for years that the entertainment establishment is a Jewish creation and there’s plenty of proof which one is this video:

  5. Adam, what's your take on Kendrick Lamar? He seems to make very coded lyrics that imply a defiance to the anti culture, and I've always wondered how he made it so far while making these types of albums, however with songs like Humble/Kings Dead he seemed to have taken on a blasphemus role and made me wonder if they had began to taken Influence over him. At the same time, he spoke about the true Isralietes throughout the same album. Then it was revealed that the album is supposed to be experienced backwards which makes it take on a different story. I almost wonder if he did that purposely to hide his postive message from the powers that be

  6. Idk how we're gonna do it but when they start coming for this channel we gotta find a way to support it without the people who might try to threaten its reach. It's the only channel I've seen that uses facts, and documented footage that can't be taken out of context or is supported by an unearthed agenda

  7. Your atheism makes you incapable of seeing the situation clearly. Not saying you are wrong about anything but you are looking at the situation wrong because you cant see it clearly.

  8. Info wars is disgusting. If I know one thing about being a journalists it is that sources ought to be rock solid. I went through a lot of the sources you posted, most being a Hebrew source, it seems in line what Raul Hilberg said about the Holocaust Industry, the foremost authority on the Holocaust. I really enjoy you posting those articles, it would be amazing if you could compile a list for your subscribers to go through and read, that is where the context is really important. It would be very interesting to see a board connecting the people together shower their connections. But man, you have done a lot of great work, especially the sources!

  9. When will ((they)) wake up and find out, your "blessing" can easily bcome your "curse" when used inappropriately. God don't like ugly!

  10. The Truth will not be allowed the Truth will be strangled the Truth will be suppressed because the Tribe owns and controls All The Platforms! They are the Gatekeepers! I had to shut Down my Facebook page of 10 years last week because of threats by a supposed friend who I thought was estranged from the Tribe a bi Drag Queen from the Rave scene in Seattle in the early 90s… Came on my page and threatened me for exposing Zyonism ……. Reported me to the powers, 10 years of content gone, done! The gag is real, the censorship is real, the depth of bond is …. Blood is thicker than water in and with the Tribe….. If your a gentile, you have no protection in their world… In This World. Keep speaking the Truth Adam, much love and Aloha.

  11. Truth is what is really going on and not being able to talk about truth is not something government should promote. Talking truth is not talking to create hate but to inform. Hate cannot become from talking truthfully but from people feeling against things they do not like/want.

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