White House Whistleblower Speaks Out On Security Clearance Controversy | NBC Nightly News

White House Whistleblower Speaks Out On Security Clearance Controversy | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “White House Whistleblower Speaks Out On Security Clearance Controversy | NBC Nightly News

  1. Robots are getting pretty realistic, still ugly, but more realistic, minus the whole vertically challenged height issues. Is she USB-C compatible?

  2. Hahahahaha I find it very funny she wants to talk about being bipartisan but she chose to come out now,IF no charges are brought against those she claiming are doing something wrong then she should face time in prison

  3. Tricia Newbold's twitter account for the past two years has been critical of President Trump, lots of memes about Trump. You don't do that to your overall boss, military members even know that. Now just recently, all of Newbold's social media accounts went black, poof, disappeared, no where to be found, then suddenly here she is as a "whistle blower". Whatever… by the way, quit shaving your eyebrows, psycho.

  4. Well the Democrats lost on the Russian collusion delusion,so this is just another strategy in their efforts to bring down the Trump Administration instead of focusing on important matters Like what border patrol officers are having to deal with right now; this is like the easiest way out for Congress and Democrats to avoid real problems in the United States.

  5. I hope the FBI raids her house just like they have with past whistleblowers under the Obama, Bush & Clinton administration.

  6. Um is she a little person. Not trying to make fun of her or nothing I'm just curious she looks different nothing wrong with that just wondering

  7. It is depressing how many people watch this and just emotionally react. Instead of yelling "fake news" or "burn trump," read more about it. Why were they denied exactly? Do those reasons justify why? Twenty five officials seems like a lot to me, how do other presidencies compare?

    Stop just reacting and find the truth, whether you agree with what's being said or not.

  8. Shes looking for her big moment and she found it on nbc. Haha.lol. im sure all of us americans are in danger eh???

  9. She's a Clinton-Era Gargoyle.

    Like a midget Kathy Griffen. Like Carrie and Tonya Harding had a baby that suffered fetal alcohol syndrome. Like one of the Lollipop guys from Wizard of Oz had a baby incubated in Gary Coleman's butthole.

  10. I find it funny that dumpy’s bootlickers will only make fun of this American hero. They’ll pull whataboutism. They’ll try to discredit, but that’s all they have. No facts, no morals, and like their cultist king, just a bunch of bullies. There’s no such thing as a republican anymore. Just the disgraceful degenerates.

  11. Notice the brutal personal insults and abusive language directed against her in these comments. This is how the Trump apologist roll or perhaps the trolls. She specifically stated that her concern was for national security and as a career federal employee she was just doing her job. This is what she is paid to do. She would have been fired if these abuses would have come to light if she had not spoken up. She should be commended for her courage in speaking out instead of the persecution she is receiving. Why is this? I suppose for the same reason congress is being stonewalled by the WH and criticised for struggling to do their job they've been elected by the America people to do. Something is wrong with this picture. This is not the partisan issue that it is being made out to be. This is a serious issue that we all should want answers to. Let's persevere together and insist we get them.

  12. The president can't give security clearance to whomever he wants. There's nothing to blow the whistle on. This woman is a moron. I hope her 15 minutes are worth destroying her career for.

  13. There's only one thing dirtier nastier and hairy balls sweatier than the corruption in the White House and that's the base of voters who support it.

  14. "It's important to do the right thing"…almost forgotten these days. Thank you for speaking up against wrong doing!

  15. No doubt Trumputin will soon make fun of Ms. Newbold like he did with disabled reporter

  16. American Hero: Anyone Against You Is No Friend Of Liberty And Justice. You, My Comrade Have Shown Great Courage, CHARACTER, And Honor! WAKE UP America This Could Be You And Your Blond, Blue-Eyed Children! Go Ahead And Oppose The Resistance Your Next Stop Could Be FEMA Camps? Perhaps, In 100 Years This American Hero Would Be Appreciated But For Now We FIGHT! [ DEPOSE TRUMP ]

  17. This is the ethics, truth and honor that you try to instill in your children and your employees and the Trump White house Attacks her, fires her, for standing up and trying to protect the USA and follow the Law and rules given, to her employment position. Ms. Newbold, serving in Special Operations, I thank you for holding to your oath and the honor of trying to protect the USA “Whilst some people inspire, others conspire!” Ernest Agyemang Yeboah ; “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.” Lysander Spooner ; Special Operations Afgh Iraq Africa and around the World

  18. First of all if it deals with clearances she would not be speaking out right now…who paid this women. She must be a resentful employee that worked for Obama…boy they pull all stunts don't they. And all you people actually believe this!!!

  19. Bottom line The President can give Top secret clearance to ever he wants End of Story, Tricia Newbold is not the President just a little DC swamp creature that wants her 3 mins of fame………

  20. Lets change the names, What if Pres. Carter gives a TOP SECRET Clearance to someone that has ties to Sadia Arabia, money ties to Russia and is trying to make Personal Business deals with China, because his company is Billions in debt, while they are a White house employee, with access to the US President, this TOP SECRET clearance, gives this person EVERYTHING! the US President knows (he sat in daily Presidential briefings from the FBI, CIA, NSA and joint chiefs) including current and future Special Operations/Military operations and people that maybe helping the USA, Do you see" The wrong" now? or are you, just like EVERY! Trump Cult member, willing to destroy the USA, trying to protect your CULT GOD TRUMP and deny your mental illness. Deal with FACTS!
    Anyone that lies as much, or "forgot" so many times, to put correct information on the security clearance documents, Would NEVER! be given a Clearance, and there are many people, current and former military and government employees, that know this to be true, by giving "unqualified / Denied" people TOP SECRET clearance, you are putting the USA and other people, at great risk, Why are the President and his daughter, lying to cover this up? the Truth ALWAYS! comes out, so lets get to it

  21. Remember when NBC reported this hard about Hillary leaving her personal server vulnerable to international government hackers? Me neither.

  22. God bless & protect you girl – Christ was on the side of the bullied & powerless, btw – blessed are the meek

  23. Ppl…seem to ignore the obvious… if the allegations she is speaking out on are true. They are extremely serious to the safety of our nation. It can be easily proven. She submitted a discrimination complaint. That can be proven. The white house has the complaint filed and I'm sure she has a copy for her file. Mrs. Newbold was also suspended without pay for 2 weeks that also can be proven. So why is Jim Jordan making it about a Saturday hearing or about other hearings that have nothing to do with the current matter being presented.

  24. Yup she has to go the BOTTOM LINE is the pres has the power to approve any clearance….SO WHAT ARE YOU STANDING UP FOR ?

  25. Trump and his crowd are nothing but a bunch of crooks Jared’s father was a mobster so what do you think trump should not have his nose stuck into security matters when he knows nothing about them

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