32 thoughts on “White House bans CNN reporter from event for ‘inappropriate’ questions

  1. The white house is not the only place where CNN reporters are being thrown out on their ear. CNN reporters are being thrown out of CNN itself due to lack of revenue. Viewership is dropping like a rock. I wonder how offended Blitzer is by the alarming drop in viewrs.

  2. Asking the same question over and over again and are disrespectful to the president, so definitely ban CNN

  3. In other words, you were being a no class, disrespectful bitch with no sense of decorum for the guest or the office of the President. To paraphrase Obama, "You're in my house, show some respect". When you have to use a biased, partisan, gutless lying snake like Blumenthal to bolster your argument, it's a sure bet you are in the wrong.

  4. If Wolf has never heard of this then he must have slept through the Obama years when he banned FNC because he didn’t like their coverage. More CNN bias!

  5. you went off topic to shame the president, you ought to be jailed f*ck face! nothing lost, CNN is FAKE NEWS anyway.

  6. This is for Miss Kaitlin Collins: You might have been banned from this and you may be banned from other activities… but you will NEVER be banned from Heaven!!! And no one can banned you from Heaven!!! Remember, God lover's you and the people that dislike you! God shows no favorites he's impartial to the just and unjust. Jus a little encouragement😁

  7. Ocaso cortez banned a FOX news reporter and I did'n see this stupid Dem Rep angry about it, shut you face fucking hipocryte

  8. Sources from Clown News Network: Michael Cohen, Michael Avenatti, LMFAO you are garbage CNN just like all fucking libtards who still believe your notes

  9. CNN is Certainly Not News. They should be banned from the airwaves generally. They contribute zero to the body politic of America, but are simply tumors feeding on it and destroying it.

  10. Thanks to all the hard working people at CNN for getting our president elected. We could not have done it without you. Keep up the good work!!!

  11. The fascism government and unfriendly question could not be going on.

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