Whiskey Politics Live Stream

Whiskey Politics Live Stream

mostly whiskey Dave Sussman from a host of whiskey's politics sue Robertson over here not related to the folks on and welcome to my ranch thought we'd have a little bit of fun Network thieves they'll be popping in and out and seeing what's going on with us so let's watch it available by the way everybody they're open they're all giving the gratuitous oh well thank you for that question I really appreciate in balance so that's that's where we're at right now faced with in the debate you know you've got all the people with their resumes which we ran on and we've got a little bit of Frankie rehear birthday whiskey you've got the drinking game rules let's start with that we have the drinking game tonight alright hey folks yeah so obviously you can't sit through but here's the reality you can probably enjoy debate they changed it to the trunk we elections assurance tour so they're going to go around making assholes out of themselves assuring feminizing we've got whiskey Dave doing the drink across all right the drinking the most engine on stage tonight you know that she's she's she's the biggest name in this socialist place so they're all going to be repeating each other which means you could be very a lot of different the same thing and so obviously the easiest thing in the world to say is Trump sucks the Uni drunk before the next five minutes so we're going to put that one to the side now but Blasio referencing President Donald Trump as Khan gone near that green tip that's right a moderator our candidate referring to a war as Roberts dream that's the sexual first name by the way Kennedy dancing around whether they are in favor of impeaching Trump this is the can they admit that they want to impeach truck because Nancy's trying to remove and rave about six crazy right and so are they going to marginalize themselves Warren says and I don't know if we missed it I had a plan for that whatever that may be yeah you got it ready so we're gonna we're gonna get back to some of these drinking game rules right here but what are you thinking about this clown show it is funny this is explicitly I guess one of the lowest debate whether turnout goes on turnout it'll be one of the lowest yeah really amazing and there's ten people up on here I want how much hairspray Amy Klobuchar has it's a nice gal I've met everybody because I'm nice enough college uses a lot of hairspray more than Elaine Chao very true let's just stay with the gathering oh very and yeah so we had a very large crowd of Trump supporters and she was there so Dave and I decided to collude together to ask her to come and join you were pretty good yeah all right all four foot six of her yeah and she's standing there and a lot of people at this table know Francis trot right it's a Sardar rude that's a Beverly Hills and she comes out and it was a long table full of people that aren't Hollywood people and producers and business people and we started a couple of softball questions nobody except knew that we did so go ahead that was our bad yeah yes we didn't think she was gonna come out right so she does come out couple of softball questions and who was it Dan right and the pant hand started like coming off my Griffin off of her a little hexxus I met a young man 27 years old told me that he'd been to a doctor once in his life and on that visit he was told he had diabetes he's told he had glaucoma and he was told untreated because he doesn't have healthcare he'll be dead before the age of 40 so getting to guaranteed healthcare and surely as late to young facelift is Jay geils me who the hell AJ densely what's the winner is let's go back to DiMaggio what are his real world ball games like is he [Laughter] the garbage it was all garbage was but garbage is stacked up at night when early in the morning garbage Julie nuggets in this house was a new sheriff in town and literally spots and I'm not just talking about was nice and everything the minute Giuliani goes up it's back to the shit show and de Blasio is a big he's probably the two JV team he's been bragging that he grew up poor Mexican mother why the hell does everyone always have to start off with my mother was a janitor this used to clean toilets dude I need you to run the country the Russians want to bomb us the Muslims they want to throw acid on and I'm supposed to cure Danny money for it what have you done catch driving yeah sweet guy no real world he's probably shorter than me so you got it was your face he's supposed to be the face of Filipino pony there's no experience there's no there's nothing that you know motivates me even read about this but what is his real world experience has a pelvic job for an actual job outside government or is he you know this guy was probably appointed by he was as was a labor secretary her one visit he was on the camel just the fact that you know they make it seem like this is you know we should because I'm Brown not percent my community is definitely I spend a minute you know like putting them or no president is four years it's really a motivation for me can I ask you Lexus right is this a thing so what is likes it my goal office by the way we're screaming to door yeah go ahead he's right because higher communities finally wait now it's a number George George me because of my skin color not think that I'm gonna right now everybody saying oh all their friends all the people should be putting all the invaders I'm really upset that people like me that the fight Christina those thunder like you know Python jumps sometimes we can report enough yet you know because we're not here in support we can allies and support these people when it's happening these people are invading our and I'm from El Salvador and I can tell you that there's people organizing out loud or making your life so if they think they democratic vote here I think that they have to think twice because people are asked they said and now I didn't say the Latino white people right now that they feel the ones that are not safe so what was your bad native state we 1989 my aunt was previously she then for all of us she applied for all of us from it we go came and I think I'm and then we all waited a few years first we had a permit port is then they even the ones that are illegal out there they're great books there are heating and proceeded from and they actually when I give you a chance to explain like work you know why person like Trump right so you know explain like why because they also and I'm going to tell you that the media they actually frame me and they said everything that I said to them and I go from city to city who spread hey I think the immigrants you know interview where they yeah no I was I was I came here in 1970 and when you're 8 years with your 12 keep your accent three more of these what I learned you try to assimilate this was the year that Jerry Brown bussing so the great incredible Public Schools that my parents came to 6,000 miles to enjoy all of a sudden there was this six foot four black girl in fifth grade she says she looks at me and I'm just talk English talk English so it took me 12 years I waited in the long line with everybody else to do it legally if we talk about illegal immigration they got the working people and they would say oh you're just a xenophobe you hate all immigrants it could be further from the truth okay immigration is what made this country great you've gotta have rules bado or bado okay Beto's which really stood in right and he stood he says I want this wall gone have you been to Juarez okay have you ever like I make a mistake but I was 2004-2005 the Rio Grande was trigger it was like them what's the LA River right it was the equivalent of the LA River I've walked across a and the hotel staff looked you went into Juarez you're lucky to be alive they're kicking soccer balls made of human heads right he wants to get rid of the wall right this man is insane they done that before and you didn't by the way have some former mayors some of them worse but he left his yes he would as you know this was there's a lot of and and again we call this your show but we're also going to they don't add up to a trump the turn up your volume hi yes which against actually got 5,000 votes Wow so you know there's a guy that's a guy by the way real quickly on that she's not getting the news right now who is ill the campaign have been looking into her while she was here she is and she's obviously one of the most anti-semitic Bureau horrible human beings okay they will just come out and say okay every other an equal thing in the world but here's what's going on and this is they they had memos that have these are the guys we're not going to focus on this they're off limit you can't talk about the ash you got to start looking at them as people that are here to invade and dominate that is what this ideology and I don't call it a religion it's not you're here to nominee that's why they took over Michigan where I'm from Dearborn they started years ago they wanted to have call to prayer they say took over the City Council they got in the City Council they thought their calls to prayer they now have completely taken over here for the city and they're moving out on to no you assimilate actually embrace democracy I mean where they came over and they came over and they you what Hawaii House of Representatives 42nd district Honolulu City Council represents you know what Beto started the military she was deployed twice the believes agrees and she was she's never seen a job today growing up the way I did we're always told and the rich or evil this I was never once told the important how money can work for me once I fire and all these other very important to be independent in that financial way I think that's the biggest crime I mean if I had a rather indie like money it's like my mother's yeah you're gonna be too is you know they really do and almost everyone on the Left Withers and whether they really are when there's really out to get you is you know once they stamps for their teething they literally it is you know business [Laughter] because if it was really so horrible so I wanted to get away but no they gonna do these giveaways it's like a like an infomercial yeah everything is now about free college free everything and and so is anybody and then I'd be obviously sure but is anybody asking the question who pays for this well the top 1% or the 0.0% 1% of the population patron this is anybody I think Elizabeth Warren's package about student dead free trial occurs flaxen at two trillion Burmese clocks in at like oh that's just a college party that's what they're doing now let's think about this everybody's going to borrow money our house whatever it may be and then we've gone we've paid it off right all right you go any borrow money for students I mean again I think a lot of people or but what they do but you know we've all been where do you sign your name it's like these credit cards release your mark the rest of us so I don't understand how we're gonna forgive everyone for my education and you put your net online but the college education in order to get that job right thank you well and today I mean Terry before your college education means nothing today I mean you've got corporations that they're dropping by like big numbers making you have that education they're going more for real world experience more for technical stuff and things like that even in entry-level executive positions so you know getting that four-year degree is not the thing it was years and years ago does anyone else besides me think it's ironic that all of the candidates are talking about issues and problems about all the things they the Democrats the leftist have created so they're actually up here talking about all these solutions to think that they've actually created to destroy our American culture do you think is you're breaking the ice and what I mean by that is the problems as Republicans lay in front of us like crazy for whatever reason we just don't have it in us to figure it out hold on I got an interruption here we have a technical breakdown in the middle of the debate and Donald Trump is tweeting about it NBC News and MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves for having such a horrible technical breakdown in the middle of the debate truly unprofessional and only worth of a fake news organization which they are yes and really oh did you catch anything juicy here that's why folks need you to stick with us here tonight this is real news and real entertainment right here on the Trump re-election Assurance tour right here it's good that you picked up on that as they say Republicans have the better product the Democrats have the better advertising start acquiring some creatives on our side maybe we may just kick the doors in times a million so you've got you know you've got Republicans you've got Democrats I think in both sides you've got you know really shitty ones on both sides I mean look at the presidential debate in the 2016 on the Republican side you know and all these people who were lifetime politicians people who win money we didn't want to see him we didn't want to hear him no same as a lot of these people were watching right now tonight no different they'll say anything and do anything to get elected they get in there and they just think they go with the rest of Washington they jerk each other off and again you know my politics tend to be more libertarian or you know up to right-of-center the center right of center but I think I think it's worth noting that you know these establishment people are the ones that have really got on there and screwed it up for everyone and that's why you saw Trump rise to the top as misguided as Bernie sander what Sanders was and as like Michael had said you know at least he believed his own bullshit there was that authenticity there where he felt like even though he wasn't inside her he felt like he wasn't an insider so you've actually got to consider that when your watch these folks on stage where there's Democrats or Republicans again you know there's not even no not too many people on that stage I would go Forks and I have in good conscience even if I had to vote Manny huh are there any you know listen in the state of ki if I if I was a California resident and I had to vote because you know out here it's hard to even get a Republican because you have this jungle primary system if I had it let's say that was a California election going on there's ones I would vote for over the other ones there's certainly I mean there's nobody that holds a torch to Trump tonight nor will the beats Marlins and unless some surprise somebody comes out of the out of the woodwork who has really had real-world accomplishments and nobody does here nobody does you're not gonna find the qualification you're wrong it's got nothing to do with the real-world accomplishments at this point I think a really push Trump over there along with a couple of television shows that he did was his appearance in wrestling it's wrong is it how many establishments for Republicans do you know all they're really all they really care about is their investments or how much money is coming in I mean at some point the Republicans the redheaded stepchild that they are got the heads kicked in and they're like you know what man let's just make some money we'll just play with the Democrats don't hang with us long as we behave and it's like you know what my bank account or my investments keep going up and at some point they quit caring about the country workers the Chinese are slaves the Indians are slaves they don't even have College they don't even have shoes and but you know what it makes your bank account that much higher if someone knocked on my door and said save I want you to do some artwork for us for Romney I'm like your money it's like no I won't is that I love my country the same way I believe Trump does I truly believe that's why you want now given given who's on stage tonight will go around the table given who's on stage tonight who's the lesser of the ten evil if you had to vote for somebody I wouldn't all right no vote Evan again if you had to if I had to I'd vote for Tulsi Gabbard all right they sing wait a darkish um yep no guy beat people tomorrow night's cast as well tomorrow you can oh we gonna come back I'm gonna I'm gonna vote for the dude from Ohio the game is him right after vote you're Tim Ryan we're Tostitos Ito C so so I would have to seriously and I hope that this inspires people I would have to learn more about the candidates because I don't know enough about them to make a decision thank you okay sounds like everybody but so Tulsi Gabbard wins the Republican vote for tonight because she's not freaking insane she's an Iraqi veteran she knows that she's left of center but she's not these people okay breath with the first time I saw Brad Pitt and we even loves it and you're like that's Robert Redford that's every Hollywood movie star that I've ever loved that's my love for Hollywood on the first time on the stage we're dealing with it's an emotional ballgame totally agree I'm gonna go with the meals on the chalkboard theory think about if Hillary Clinton would have gotten elected yeah had to watch her on television every single night nails on a chalkboard and hearing this so I would go at the tolls eat everything one I don't think she's batshit crazy I do respect her and she's and she looks like she's thinking god they're crazy she is so she actually dies you take her neck a lot of these candidates they're too good to do certain things you take tolsey yeah and she goes on Joe Joe Joe Rogan show she goes on she bares her soul and she's great since she's real and again I'm not saying she would make a good president but I think there is a authenticity about her that there's not in the other camp she has a chance we're just saying hypothetically who we vote for she's also respected like some of the folks I know in the legislature in Hawaii she's very respected there she's respected by a lot of Republicans in the in the House of Representatives here in the in the states and so so how does Hawaii elect a Tulsi Gabbard who by all I think all of our opinions if we had to choose somebody from the Democratic Party she might be the one and then amazing Hirano crazy right you is just say the triolic man what listen most of these people are panderers you don't know if they really hate him or don't you know I think she probably does but most of these people panda they don't give a shit one where the other they're looking to raise money and they're looking to get votes they're looking to do whatever they can do to hold power and the chick the old chick over in Hawaii make and she is I can't even see her she's a total Panther that's all she is it's just like men should just shut up oh you will never find a Democrat ever say anything by you did and this just happened right no this was this was like a couple of months ago Biden came out he says lean he's like yeah there's some Democrats that I liked and I worked with and there was shocking the world stopped spinning don't you remember that when we lost the son that one day but God God bless Biden like I don't think he's a great dude at all I got zero respect for Biden but at least he had the balls to say yeah I like there's some Republicans that I like and you didn't apologize together to Booker that demanded an apology oh wow that was no is the dog white supremacy that he was hanging out with yeah I worked with folks that were against the civil rights movement yeah right and that was the whole thing on that issue as well but the fact is is that Biden was at one time and look he ran for president in 88 and then somebody found that he completely plagiarized his speech and then he ran again in 2008 both into in 1988 he had to pull out right he was a 1% anyway anyway he wasn't going to win and in 2008 he was at 1% the only reason is he is on the news today is because Obama decided he wanted some gravitas because Obama was what 17 years old at the time when he was running he didn't have any experience so he needed to pull in that gravity of experience I don't know why they chose by didn't know why did he choose Biden I mean it's not exactly the Delawares not exactly delegate-rich I don't believe that Biden was picked for VP because he was like if you guys kill me the guy's a fucking idiot for god sakes he's hanging out with like the holded kicking he wins were Democrats they were all of those some range illegal yeah yeah yeah the statues of him everywhere yeah and you grant the statues of grant come down every place right right but Robert burn every fucking buildings and bridge and everything else named after him and the guy who had if it's good for the goose is good for the gander yeah you know what it is we don't give a shit we fucking do our business we build our live we raise and we do stuff like that we're too busy like making her own we barbecue you want to hang out with the kids who want to pay the bills and sometimes I wonder man it's like I'm talking to these musicians these musicians are coming up there you want hey man we can't even like write a proper song anymore we'll lose our bookings we'll lose our agents we lose this what was that I'm thinking won't get more political on the right with your music it's like no dude rock and roll supposed to be sex drugs and rock and roll supposed to be fun at some point we're supposed to tell the Democrats quit fucking shit up yeah yeah here here and again I'm gonna go back to I think it was a Republican and Democrat thing I really believe now gets an establishment it has nothing it just happens that the Republicans tend to be fiscally responsible and more stay out of our life but I really believe there's no difference between a bush and a Clinton I don't think there's any difference between a Kennedy and a you know I don't know name another asshole on our side I mean don't forget Ross Perot gave people a little scare yeah back in the day he was too and like I think Americans just instinctively there's something in our DNA we know we're being fooled we know we're being lied to and when someone comes in and goes hey all this is garbage yeah like all this cost too much though you know I can I can literally come in and fix it it's not that hard yeah and I tell you whoo I was not on the Trump train when when they first came out and there was like 16 Republicans on the stage but it did not take long to be like chugga chugga choo choo yeah let's go yeah you raise funds for candidates so you get you know I'm like I put them in categories you can either win or you can't yeah it's obvious you have to have an it factor and there isn't a factor it's you have to be able to relate to the emotions of the voters yeah yeah so it's very simple so I mean what about some establishment hat comes to you what do you do you tell me to hit the door or what are you well not pretty much nobody right now wants anybody who's attached too much as if it's the deep swamp for the Republican Party right I'm only raising money to people are to the right yeah anybody that's supporting Trump so they don't want any establishment people no one else nobody does at this point cuz everyone's sick and tired of establishment which is why wait so what do we do a lot of folks in here a lot of folks in at this table that need to be running for office at some point what what are you how do you bring somebody to the point of running for you know going for that congressional seat yeah at least going out there and really cool them balls out with it well in California this is a tough one I don't know if California's that this is a I think we have to wait till Trump gets reelected for the second term and then we actually have a potential to run against these candidates but um I you have to be relatable to the person in your community the district that you're running you just have to be relatable I mean they look at you and they think of you like their brother-sister relative and then then you got them yeah and that's why Trump won yeah it's it was simple I everyone thinks it was so difficult for him to want to win but I don't think so he just basically actually gave real help to people and jobs jobs jobs that's all yeah but you have the only – he was sitting there saying what was on everybody's mind why you had you know Bush up there and always you know all these other phonies up there with the sidelines you have the same lines you hear every fucking time every and transparencies number one it was so transparent you I would get annoyed my phone would go beep beep beep every morning I've been a guy he's tweeting again I love the man but I can't I can't be with my but we're all those administration changes I was like it's Christmas morning every morning cuz I don't know who's on that administration anymore but he was at least telling us what he was going through hey I'm not a politician I don't know exactly what I'm doing but I'm here for you and he's coming through with everything so transparencies actually probably not gonna be long did we wait on the right for someone to call bullshit yeah right all you had to do is look at Mitt Romney and go you're a racist Brown and he just collapsed he left and like prove it bullshit look at it and here's like oh my goodness when he went toe-to-toe with Hillary that's one for the ages how's the Thrilla in Manilla scared to death oh I thought he was good to get the nomination and then he was gonna say Hillary it's all yours yeah and the next day that fly was found yeah normally that was the playbook you set up a Republican candidate you call him a racist you come oh you hate women it's like Oh abortion they were more hope and Cruz would get it cuz they would get him on abortion and Oh women women he's taken away your rights as a realist though III do understand that when you're dealing with a pack of wolves the apex wolf is gonna stand out I said so I mean once he wins the nomination he's a wolf on our side she's a wolf on their side and it is their duty to go for each other's throats yeah and it's like so as much as I wanted to love him as an artist I believe you should always keep your politicians feet to the fire and when you start loving your politicians as an artist you're doing something wrong yeah that's great that's a good point I just think Trump is smart enough like Reagan in a way to like to go okay I don't know enough about that I'm gonna grab the someone smarter than me to run that department that's what I think is just as great real quick interjection for folks that are watching us live right now we are gonna be back again tomorrow night because tomorrow night actually the real debut tonight's dress rehearse its dress rehearsal as Kent was introducing us with so if you're just joining us you're watching this live right now come back tomorrow night because yeah is in your crotch [Laughter] who are the worst panders you think to the Latino community you've got bata who's up there now what do you think about him what are you what do you attribute his strong run against Ted Cruz to was it just an anti Cruz thing or what but he really ran a strong race and he's phony I agree he's a but what are you so with me no he was doing the Tea Party folks let's not forget 7-8 years ago whatever was he put his hand inside of his jacket as a Masonic symbol so he doesn't represent I didn't realize that really what does that mean we know the Masonic Temple but what does this mean he means he's a symbolic to me as a person of a citizen of this country when he did that in I know the symbology it's just like you know it's up in the face for me as an American because he doesn't he didn't show that he was for we the people he was for that masonic yeah okay he's a dude from Green Acres is mad okay so before I and I just want to find out more about this because I'm a colony up uneducated right I've heard of the Masonic Temple you you you believe that this is what he did he wasn't just putting his hand over his heart saying he pledged allegiance to this country he was pledging his allegiance to a Masonic Temple which means what here all kinds of crazy so all the Masons I know are fantastic they're great community people and right again I get some secret society where you have to join me and then kill the treasure for the other day and it's the popcorn lovers version of angels and demons or whatever that su is correct whiskey politics folks tune in whiskey politics okay so trump reelection insurance tour or tear at as we call it brought to you by jack daniels and monkey shoulder whiskey we got I don't want to be the the water the cold water on the good time here but like it the the popularity of popularity of beta O'Rourke is very very disconcerting to me that here's a guy that's done nothing he's the comes from wealth he screwed up everything he's ever touched he married well going back to student newspapers to punk bands you have you have enough people who just don't want a Republican in their that they made it close and that's we has us we and that scary excess my brother you have so many people who have come up to the public school system and the liberal colleges where I think we're reaching a critical mass where the Republican Party the conservative movement has to start learning how to get involved in the culture get involved in emotional arguments and be on the side of right because there's not going to be enough conservatives left to stop an idiot liberal house out how was that so close how concerned are two point six percent he lost by two point six percent in Texas yup okay how concerning is that that's super scary because the the numbers just keep rising the amounts of lip if you listen we are pure evil if you talk to a sixteen year old a seventeen year old that's going to LA public schools or a lot of public schools the conservative movement Magga Trump is pure evil and that's that's why they don't feel bad about clocking people for wearing red hats and they don't feel bad they're ridding the world of evil it's really bad oh that's a problem I have with charlie Kirk I'm sure he's happy he's doing God's work I'm sure him in Kansas they're doing God's work but the problem is will you take these kids aside and you say what is a Republican they will always outline a charlie curve I personally feel like turning-point is one of the most important organization but real quickly the thing with Charlie is you know he'll go out he'll call the Republicans out as fast as Oklahoma frets on and he calls him out with more vitriol that's all my time that's my point my point is the fundamentals have made this country what they are applied to everyone they do it doesn't matter if you're living on the street or if you're living in Beverly Hills it's like for which a lot of people Americans do live on the streets slums we're just incapable of convincing these people kids in Austin it's like for what Charlie Kirk is doing with turning-point USA that's awesome keep going keep going good no other but the other conservative weirdos have to get loud you have to close your eyes and imagine everybody I think right now a lot of people on the left they close their eyes okay now imagine a conservative and you see it got a white guy in a suit with a cigar you know like the cartoon you know they're never gonna get a California back if you're preaching to the choir you ought to start preaching to other people and that's what we're doing here by the way this is fun we're not crazy racist xenophobe bigots folks we're just normal people sitting around having a drink talking about this stuff because we're not completely but somewhat educated on it so maybe this is a bad monitor but he looks like lurches little brother feeling well pale he's not he doesn't look healthy we're talking about beta okay I don't give one damn about holding out my page I want to know 3% 3% I'll take you Supercuts with me we'll get you the same gun you know when he loses this thing is going to be doing infomercials because of Kent I'm just gonna be talking about a miracle grow and be a miracle hair and it's gonna be about binos Baby Doe hasn't done a thing a day in his life he married a woman first of all I don't know how as a state representative he cup he became worth ten million dollars okay but no no he's wife is worth five hundred million dollars half a billion dollars so how did so how did how did the wife get five hundred million on it so it's all family money but but how did he get nine million dollars as a state representative before he married five hundred million that's my question for every body that is in politics you're getting paid a hundred thirty seven G's a year and suddenly you're worth nine million that is really and again you know nothing wrong people have a money but again if he's never held a job in his life and pre was it pre them getting married no yes is nine million in any married five hundred million was Beto's dad had money that had money big time judge about bado before yes but you know before his football okay they were trying to prop him up as a Kennedy to remember that yeah Vanity Fair older lady trying to make a mess the in child and they that is what is wrong with our politics today is that just like we talked about earlier about all about just the emotional side of it what about what does this person bring to America what qualifications do they bring to actually solve real problems that and we also we're talking about education comes back to the fact that we have so dummy down and you start to talked about it to save on Sabo about the indoctrination it is no longer education in its indoctrination we have our children that are all about social justice curriculum not about Americanism not about our culture not about family faith our flag and freedom and that's what we need to get back to well he sure as hell isn't bringing good skating to the table stand up and face the camera with your t-shirt so kid he stole your soul and at school he was fooled by the teacher I mean he's the president of kids with Trump okay he's so cute okay Mikey he's his mix he's black he looks so the teacher so the the classroom that president Truong it's against children can you believe that really yes it my son comes to me and tells me the teacher says you know he's all confused the teacher says the president trumpets against the children and that he is you know that he's a bad guy in in going back to the indoctrination and going back to what she said nowadays the schools are being like a brainwashing to their children because our children are not learning the real history the history that I learned when I was in high school in the nineties is not being taught right now to the children right now the teachers are emphasizing about political stuff I had to talk to the to the lady to the director of the the principal of the school and say I said to her why does your teacher have to tell my son about politics about who's good who's bad because when the kids were talking about Hillary Clinton the teacher was okay with it but when the teacher told the children to do an essay about an important person they admire if my son said he wanted to do something about president huh he said everyone it's okay but president yes I have a dog in fourth grade I have three three kids great every time Trump is mentioned in her class negatively she comes home she says Papa teacher said why does she do that why does she always put him down yeah why can't I like him teacher kids to say excuse me teacher why am I politics but my son could not speak in favor okay with the people with the students speaking against President Trump but if you spoke in favor against those teachers unions in there so there's really ever seen I was invited down for the Christmas party or the Christmas into the Year celebration for a new majority down to San Diego County John Franklin's group it's a great great group and Pete Wilson was the honored guest I don't know that he was scheduled to speak but he got up and he did 45 minutes off-the-cuff and ladies he's fantastic 85 80 times old and white he and his wife just fantastic that looks exhibit great folks and he talked about the downfall of California and it started with the teachers unions when the national teeth they pretty much had the teachers unions under control here and may had teachers that were motive this is back in the 60s and 70s teachers that were motivated to teach and all that kind of stuff but when the National Teachers Association got wind of all the money I heard they started seeing all the money flowing they started they started picking out the legislative districts the state legislative districts that they could get their you know meat hooks into and they started buying those seats and that's really what happened so the entire state the downfall of the state of California which should be the land of milk and honey I mean this state has got everything it's in debt out the wazoo the worst infrastructure you've ever seen we have the worst roads you've ever seen the highest taxes of anywhere in the state's I think we've even gone beyond New Jersey Connecticut arable we're number one and again it all started with the teachers you here's unreal people see it on television it doesn't represent how bad it is let me speak to the downfall and with the teachers union because actually I am in education so when I went to a brand new teacher wanted to get involved activists right said hey I will be the teacher union rep never forget this so no problem my first meeting I go to my first meeting now this was years ago and so it was during the Gore election I walked into the meeting total naive new teacher thinking I'm gonna go and tell him all the needs that we have as educators and what we would like to see you know done oh hell no this is who you're voting for this is what you're going to bring back to the teachers these are the pamphlets you're gonna hand out these are and I went what completely flabbergasted obviously I never went back to a union meeting I showed up at the Union the next day and I said I want out of this union you don't represent me I don't want to vote for those people I want out no no we actually do collective bargaining for you you can't get out I said I don't want you bargaining for me I'll bargain for myself I said I want out of this union my money is being used against me and I don't want any part of it okay fine he says you can get out but you still have to pay you're near one thousand dollars a year for the union dues but you have no protection if any kid wants to say something weird happened and you would be able to keep your job they've got them between a rock and a hard place every single teacher that's why they have the power they have so and it's a lot of money Oh words it's an organized-crime our youth that's crazy there are a lot more Republicans than la than Democrats there's actually quite a few he's like you saw them like there was I think this is pretty there's like how many people voted for Tov there was like it was at 4 million you also you posted a yeah but we just don't count because of our state in electoral votes an Xterra so but we there's a lot of Republican sir I mean real quick before we go anything so we're talking about the teachers unions so I got to shout out to my sister-in-law he's one of the funny very funny chick had the same feeling as you and of course she asked if she's in Illinois which is the second shittiest state as far as as far as management good it just happens they don't have any weather the second shit is the second worst run state that's like you know welcome to California at least we got decent fucking weather yeah you know so so I you know you're forced to pay the union dues she was forced to pay to you and of course is forced to join the Union and of course when you join the you get the nae any any a today the magazine talk so they're they're you know they're they're Hawking Hillary Clinton who is on the I'll show this for the camera first so they can we got a delay so I'll know here in about 13 seconds anyway she puts she takes it she takes the cover and she writes wait moved to the right it's Hillary point move to the right Naomi I find this to be a hilarious I even took a picture of it on my phone right pass it all the teachers on hey can you send me that Hillary Clinton she draws the devil the whole thing still make repair dudes right we know who you want us to vote for yeah so it's framed and hanging here hey folks if you're watching this on live right now YouTube's on Twitter on Facebook or any of the other applications go ahead and give us a share because we're still trying to figure this whole technology thing out tonight tonight's dress rehearsals you're tuned in you're actually just tuned in for the hell of it yeah tomorrow night it'll be a little more catching us with warts and all but give us a share and then come back tomorrow night make sure all of your friends know we'll put up some announcements and is anybody not gonna be here tomorrow night that's currently here right now fortunately I have been asked me at the right way Republicans in Santa Clarita so I cannot be here you have a congressional seat to take back up there so you need to do that well we will have another show tomorrow night with the I guess they're calling it the vortices varsity team I don't know but next week I'm doing cocaine politics you know what whiskey politics is just a gateway to at least I might be might not know who this man is but I'll tell you the sabo is a phenomenal genius okay can be obviously a little crude but he is a phenomenal genius and I absolutely love what he does for our movement and the thing that really just threw me over the you know over the bridge with you is when our star in Hollywood kept getting oh no I know I know when I thought it was you but it was you you created the designer so he created the idea of actually going and putting plastic was all well it was a boat unsavory agents and the man goes up and tell us a little bit about what you just did with what what's her name on not another blonde with the cake smiley my mighty Cyrus okay okay what's our neighbor out there yeah what's the recognition you're gonna know just how crazy I really am but but but it's like before that there shit about that hit that the Miley Cyrus I can't even tell you you got me throwing people on the bus but it's like Shakespearean it's fucking beautiful in my heart but however Miley Cyrus is licking the cake that says abortion is healthcare and I'm like you know what I am for a woman beat having the right to choose however once that child has a heart beat in the nervous system and all these things you know you kind of crossed a line there it's a little different for me so that being said the reason I did what I did was sweetheart you're taking something that's very serious and you're making it very flippant and and it's like this issue is not a flippant issue yeah and if you're gonna be that gross about it I'm gonna be even more gross because you're I'm gonna offend the people on the left as much as you offended people on the right this place the cake with replace the cake with it with the fetus and it was a young girl an actual fetus by the way yes actually people are like oh no that's like a full-grown child it's like no that's we go aborted fetus how many where did you get it where where was it I also did a billboard right what was it Marc Jacobs was selling a hoodie for hundred and seventy five dollars so he said he's got a clothing line he has a clothing line and you had a flagship store on Melrose Boulevard and then we're gonna open it up and I was like had I know but I did it a week later can we get this on camera Jeremy is there a way to get save oh so Marc Jacobs billboard on camera I say that no one would cover it Breitbart did cover the Melrose here so what about my chickens thank you oh the Marc Jacobs you know that was what that was but the thing that I love is they completely change the Billboard the next day and I totally fucked up Marc Jacobs so what happened how long was it up for so it's Miley Cyrus basically linking up bloody fetus you know what she was a Mouseketeer from what I can tell but what you're so brilliant at I love and is that you take what they're so proud of and it's so disgusting like this for instance killing baby and you just make it absurd and you throw it back at them just like what you did with the Ilhan Omar at that rally that we had with those posters there about hurry it was phenomenal I mean just look him up he's he's meaner now by the way he's also the most misunderstood person in the media because people make look like they do with anybody this right-of-center they try to make you out to be a racist or a dissertate you're not you're a guy with a great sense of irony it's the message around Bill Maher was actually good you're welcome everything's on the table outside of personal question because I'm not sure of what's going on in my head can I just want to interject real quick I know Jeremy you're looking for the piece that your it looks to me because I'm we're watching it just off of a camera here folks we're watching this huge monitor and it looks like he's been trying to find what assay both pieces and it you had to go to say both site to find it Jeremy you could not find this on Google Google it's gotten rid of it you're done your google has shadow Ben so it's on your site you know what for all the shit that we talked about Google Emmy tell you the music industry there's something going on music ends I think goodness when I hit them they take down I really believe if I had any idea of the amount of danger I put myself in I would probably you know and that's the thing is and I think that the more we step out in that passion the more we step and push them back because they realize we're not going anywhere we're here to stay we love our president we love our country and we're gonna be someone that you're gonna have to mess with oh yes hangs out at the assisted living of media Fox News Fox right yeah if you have to watch some news something going back to the education system they have something called save sauce okay mo you think about a song you think about safe zones yes you're gonna have their child there right because it's safe but when you actually dig into it my charity now is not enough public school it's in a charter school which is a little different public schools they have this safe zone okay and when you think about that you really wanna have your child it all right but when you really dig into it you find out that what that means is that they protect and they they kind of like promote the gay transsexual thing in and that's not safe because you don't mind your child exposed to that and here in California if you guys go to the safe I think it's called safe parents there there is a group that it's against these safe zones because this safe sons just promote the the gay agenda the transgender a agenda that most people are not aware of I think the thing you find like in the in they you know what's the other quote unquote the gay agenda where it's really it's a it's about one percent of the game this is a couple of my really close gay friends it it's one percent of that population of the gay population that put makes all that noise and everybody else is like their normal like us it's the one percent of those folks that are batshit crazy isn't that with every demographic though every demographic yes well I think about think about on the Republican side you know you've got one or two three percent whatever of the what would be considered you know far far far right-wing right there are batshit crazy that none of us would would be whatever but they make so much fucking noise like an Tifa does that they make all the other ones like a lot of my gay friends that you know like in their Democrats left-of-center I like himself makes no they're good but they're good responsible people they pay their bills they make their own levena stuff like that but they don't they're not out there trying to promote anything they're just living like the rest of us why am racing this these holidays I want to make sure that parents know because I'm a parent of a child so I want to make sure that parents know that if they see saves on that doesn't mean that it's really safe for the kids what the means is that they promote the transgender thing and that's not okay if you are a conservative person if you're a godly person it's not okay with it can I just interject there's a difference between promoting transsexual lifestyle and and teaching it in the classroom to the level where you're bringing in cross dressers and you got nine year olds dressing up okay that's one thing educating kids to a point where you're saying okay there's people that exist like this and there's people that exist like that and that's it there's a difference there if you might encounter these people right so this is like no right okay I don't think anybody sitting here is is saying that we don't want to acknowledge the fact that there are people with gender dysmorphia or they're confused or whatever the situation is it wasn't listen Barack Obama disagreed with with with

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