Which Rapper Made “Wipe His Nose” So Popular? | Genius News

Which Rapper Made “Wipe His Nose” So Popular? | Genius News

TIA: Without a doubt, hip-hop has seen its
fair share of trends so far in 2019. But if there’s one phrase that’s been
prominent in lyrics in the second half of the year, it’s “wipe his nose.” TIA: The phrase is a slang term that usually
means you’re tryna run up on somebody. Despite it being a common slang term, for
many new rap fans it’s been heavily associated with rappers like NBA YoungBoy… TIA: …and NLE Choppa, who’s used the phrase
in four different songs so far this year, including his breakout hit “Shotta Flow.” NLE: In Memphis a lot of times we’ll be
like wipe his nose or something and you know usually when you wipe your nose you’ll probably
have a cold or something so I just played with the words on that one too. TIA: Of course, like most slang terms, the
phrase “wipe his nose” has been around a long time but its popularity in rap lyrics
today can largely be traced back to Atlanta’s Young Thug. TIA: One of the earliest uses of the phrase
in hip-hop lyrics came in 2014 on Young Thug tracks like “The Blanguage” and “Eww.” TIA: This isn’t a surprise, since Young
Thug’s been known as an innovator in today’s hip-hop scene. He’s popularized other ubiquitous terms
in rap like “slime” and “slatt.” THUGGER: I never seen no one in the rap game that named their self or been so-called slime. I felt like when I was coming into the game
it would be good to use slime because everybody would be like, Wow. And it’s a new term. TIA: In 2015, 21 Savage dropped a slight variation
of the phrase on his track “H20.” TIA: And in 2016 Sahbabii dropped it in on
“Bullshit.” TIA: By 2017, lyrical mentions of the phrase
were steadily growing and appeared in more than 15 different songs. The term “wipe his nose” isn’t necessarily
limited to one area, but in terms of hip-hop mentions, at the time it was mainly Atlanta
artists dropping it in their songs. In 2018, “wipe his nose” saw a noticeable
rise in lyrical mentions, and the phrase appeared in more than 25 different songs. This year, the phrase seems to be everywhere
in lyrics. So far in 2019, we’ve seen it double, with everyone from DaBaby… …to Smokepurrp dropping it in their verses. At the end of the day, slang travels and by
the looks of it, this might be 2019’s favorite. I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you the
meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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  1. “Im sick and tired of these young niggas, act like they fly and telling they lies, acting like they the ones that started this but they get all of the drip from our guys”~Young Thug

  2. Genius yous are lucky yous get some of my favorite artists on for lyric breakdowns or else I wouldve unsubbed a long time ago. Pick ya game up. Ya weak

  3. I think that rappers now are constantly copying each other and if a certain phrase catches folks attention it gets reused and recycled 🤷🏽

  4. "What's poppin slime?" 🐍

    – Lil Wayne in 2011 on Look At Me Now 👀

    Thugga a Wayne fan growing up so he must've got it from him, ion kno why he takin credit

  5. Soooo nobody gon acknowledge its real some Blood gang shit 🤔 outside of Choppa only niggas that claim Blood say it but hey 🤷🏾‍♂️

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