Which Industries Will Blow Up In The Future?

Which Industries Will Blow Up In The Future?

hello a lack sirs this is a special series we're doing before the end of the year where we'll be answering some of the most common questions you guys have asked us over the past twelve months we wanted to do something like a QA for a while now as always the answers might not be exactly what you want to hear but we'll be honest and somewhat to the point if this is your first time watching one of our videos welcome click the subscribe button right now because we're providing massive value for the following days and you don't want to miss it with that out of the way here's today's question which industries will blow up in the future this is an interesting question because there's really no way to predict the future unless you're the one building it then there's the question of how far into the future do we look our opinion is that most of the major industries in the world will get disrupted in our lifetimes electric cars are just the beginning because technology got to a point where it was the easiest industry to disrupt easier than electric cars was the media when was the last time you bought a newspaper exactly everything is going to be automated in the future this is a point we touched upon in our 15 jobs that will disappear in the next 20 years don't worry we'll link to it at the end of the video and in the description it's all those industries that will demand a new set of products or services in order to maintain sustainability power for example what do self-driving cars need to function the first one is electricity so we're expecting more and more money to be pumped into solar wind and renewable energy as a whole in this case renewable energy is the fuel of the future so the industry is going to see massive growth unless someone smart figures out a way to achieve true fusion an industry which saw a lot of progress in recent years as well materials then there's the question what are the electric self-driving cars the solar panels the robots of the future and more made of this is another one of those questions that gives us a clear indication of the industries that will see growth in the next of years as humanity pushes forward money another major industry that's going to see massive disruption is finance we already have the blockchain technology that's decentralized upon which Bitcoin aetherium and thousands of other cryptocurrencies have been built this will dramatically change the way we transact which basically means that everything that involves money will suffer changes opportunities are everywhere health and biotech this is one of those industries that has continuously improved over the last century we're consuming more meds than ever we're living longer than ever and we're generally dying less from diseases this might sound crazy but we believe that one of the biggest industries in the future will be that of bodies for humans on average when a person dies it's not that their entire system has shut down but merely one organ in their body it's amazing that one piece of the puzzle could lead to the entire death of the machine that is our organism but we think this is about to change we are already printing 3d organs artificial limbs are getting really really good so it's just very likely that we'll see this industry blow up artificial intelligence everything around you will be injected with artificial intelligence the same way mechanical tools became electrical tools back in the day AI is getting better and better by the day and we're on the verge of seeing a widespread adoption of interconnected devices that understand the world around you even better than yourself which you'll have at your fingertips we're really looking forward to making a dedicated video on AI comparing the benefits to the danger that it poses but that's something we'll have to get to in the upcoming year space tourism yep by the time you die it'll be likely that you'll have a decently priced option of seeing the Earth from space there's tremendous potential here because there hasn't been anyone who's going to lower the price of this luxury down to where at least someone from the upper-middle class could enjoy it we could go on for ages on smaller industries and pick part but we originally set out to make a short video and now it's turning into a full-on list so do we answer your question or not what do you think you can add on this subject let us know in the comments if you want to ask the question yourself you can do so by going to a LOX comm slash question and click the submit question button we hope you're enjoying your holidays if you haven't subscribed already you better click on that a Lex logo and do it right now and we pick this video for you to watch next because it's just what you need after watching this one and click the blue box to ask us a question thanks for being a nail actor see you tomorrow

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  1. Hey Aluxers, we're still shooting the Christmas special!
    In the meantime add your question here: www.alux.com/question

    This video is a response to this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r211u89eUaY
    In it we mention all the industries that are going to disappear!

  2. I applaud you for including AI. This will be a true game-changer very soon. I look forward to you at Alux producing a video on AI soon. If you already have and I missed it, please let me know.

  3. Hi please do art market or how artist made billions out of just art. Like Picasso, Raphael, Michal anjilo. Please do for all art lovers out there.

  4. Hi! Can I suggest to this video to feature the Directed Acyclic Graph of Dagchain Technology its is more advance than Blockchain.

  5. everybody getting along in this world so technolge can become our get away fun jay dre wanna see everybody happy and less stress

  6. Ar and vr? Grafene batteries? Quantum computer? Quantum networking? Where are this technologies, they are also the future.

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