23 thoughts on “Where Does the Federal Government Get All That Money?

  1. this video should be renamed where does the american government get some of their money!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. From the magic money machine they keep in the federal reserve. It’s magic y’all. Don’t worry.

  3. When in England you have a soccer star N'Golo Kante pay more in taxes than Amazon and Google combined (FACT) then this video wouldn't make sense in England. Warren Buffet tax rate is probably less that the rates of the cleaners in his office. Nah don't think Prager telling the full story on this one, just picking out the bits that support their argument. Don't get me wrong, sometime Prager does make sense, just not this time (no one makes sense all the time)

  4. S-corps accommodate small business owner’s tax issues.. Also US tax inefficiencies is technically good for the economy. Paying professionals is still “consumer-spend” ha!

  5. please do a video on where the income tax actually goes. we do not get funding from the income tax. the income tax goes directly to pay back the federal reserve for lending our government money to pay for welfare and other socialist benefits. our taxes never reach the government, but the private corporate bank. lets talk real in terms of what the income tax really is. it is slavery. lets talk freely about abolishing the fed and gaining control of our income and outrageous tax invasion.

  6. Not every item described, explains "where are that money comes from"..as far as i can tell.
    And i am on your side

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