50 thoughts on “What's Wrong with Government-Run Healthcare?

  1. I Love the PregerU videos but this one is not entirely correct. Example, Cuba has government run health care. Cuba also administers an immunotherapy vaccine for stage 3 lung cancer. FYI immunotherapy is more advanced then chemotherapy in the cancer world. The real kicker is it cost the Cuban government approx 1 dollar per injection (they will charge foreigners about $800 for the treatment) for the Immunotherapy versus 150 thousand per year for 1 cancer patients chemotherapy. US pharmaceutical companies are studying this Cuba immunotherapy. The estimated cost of the drug is projected to be around 250 thousand per year by the time the US pharmaceutical companies bring there version to the US. Google Cuba's Immunotherapy for yourself. The biggest problem with our US health care system is the pharmaceutical companies and there crazy prices.

  2. A few questions.

    How would price caps on drugs work?
    Are there any ways to make things less pricy, or is the Republican party just going to leave everything as is?
    Can I please see my bill before I have an operation?

  3. I lived in France for 9.5 months, wanted to see a psychiatrist. Wait time: 7 months. Wanted to see a gynecologist for a serious health condition. Wait time: 4 months. By time I actually get to see the doctor, my condition will have been so overlooked that it would be dangerous. It is overrated, nothing is free in reality and I do not feel entitled to handouts, human rights are things that dont cost money, like free speech for example. Also, I also learnt towards the enjoy of my stay in France that private medical centers are a million times better. Why? The equipment is higher quality and newer, the doctors are of a higher echelon, and the care is far better in general. Private healthcare in France is not usually covered by social security, but it is worth it to pay out of pocket… oh wait French people never make enough money to pay out of pocket because they make small salaries and are taxed like crazy.. their buying power is very low and in my opinion does not empower the people.

  4. The American solution to healthcare is simple: kick 40 million people off healthcare and hey presto you've got world class healthcare for the rest. I can't imagine why the rest of the world won't copy them.

  5. 3:50 We're just gonna ignore the fact that most pharma companies don't spend any money on R&D anyway.

  6. A 12 hour ER wait? That would be amazing to have here in Los Angeles. The local hospital has a 24 wait. With people in hallways as well.

  7. I’m wondering why people claim to have drastically different personal experiences in the comments section? Is that because the quality of health services could vary greatly in the same country, or is that because people are making things up?

  8. If you want to stand in line and take a number it's great, but if you want to be seen in a short time before you die it's great. The only thing that concerns me is taking good efficient healthcare away from seniors who are more likely to need it when their old. Of course we won't have all those doctors cheating the system to fraud Medicare out of millions of dollars, if there were caps on healthcare. Drug companies would have to lower drugs on medication, You would not have big pharmaceutical charging big bucks for medicine if there were caps and passing our pain meds like candy. Other countries would have to step up and pay for research instead letting United States citizens paying for it.

  9. Funnily enough, I know quite a few people who spent weeks in China to get surgery, because even though they would lose money from not working, and spending 2 weeks in China, it was cheaper than spending 20,000 in the U.S. It doesn't matter how good the healthcare is if you can't afford it.

  10. I wonder why all other western nations have universal health care? Maybe because it costs way less for the average person?

  11. It would have been cheaper Not having ObamaScare / Unaffordable HealthScare Act (ACA) and just paying the premiums of plans for those who can Not afford it (i.e. the poor). healthcare costs sky-rocketed under the ACA.

    Congress exempted themselves and got the "Cadillac" plan and gave "We The People" the "Chevette" plan or the "Yugo" plan !

    "We The People" should have access to the politicians' doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, dentists; the regressive politicians s/ pay the bill !

  12. BS ! Do research people and see what lairs this PragerU is ! They are for the rich elite and their parasitic insurance companies ! The visions of Repubictards and Demoncatz is no medical care for the poor ! Yes many Americans have went to Canada when denied medical care here in the US. The waiting for hours in Britain hospitals is a down right lie ! People do your research and know the lairs for who they are!

  13. Now seeing how much Canada spends I realize that so much money goes to doctors and nurses who are either doing their job or standing around waiting for a new situation. What Canadians could do is, if we got rid of government run hospitals in favour of private hospitals. The money we used to pay in taxes could be set aside to be used for when you do get injured.

  14. In the U.K. and USA there is scarcity of healthcare, the difference is the NHS distributes care based on need and the US distribute it based on who can pay the most for it. You might have to wait 12 hours in an nhs hospital but you will be seen to, unlike the USA where you’ll never be seen to if you can’t afford

  15. Think about this: No one living in Western countries with universal healthcare campaigns for an American-style healthcare system.

    I wonder why

  16. Trying to explain the benefits of universal govt funded healthcare to a conservative American is like talking to a brick wall, such a shame! This neo con rubbish piece is part of the problem I’m guessing!

  17. While I agree that the market definitely makes healthcare better quality and more efficient, I do believe that we do see very heartbreaking events within the US's free markets. A lot of drug companies, motivated by profit, have taken advantage of the chronically ill, and when you want to be a profitable corporation, you view the human body- and soul for that matter- as a means to an end (profit and growth). Yes profit and growth a are wonderful things that can then help treat Americans even more, but often times it comes at our own expense. Just see any episode of American Greed or on the US;s opioid epidemic.

    These are not issues cooked up some guys meth lab, and they're not exclusive to veterans or the homeless. They're at every nook and cranny of America and often because of doctors seeking profits and drug companies willing to give kickbacks. Our system as it is needs to be looked at. I am not suggesting single payer, but I think there needs to be more accountability, and responsibility for patient health. Thanks

  18. In the UK, our NHS is struggling to provide quality treatment because our government has imposed restrictions, not because it merely exists. Those politicians are only doing so in order to sabotage the NHS and boost private care for profit. In any case, I'd rather have slow treatment to my illness than none as a result of being too poor to afford it.

  19. First of all, the average study finds it to be 24 to 25 trillion dollars over ten years, and were spending 34 trillion every ten years now, increasing, so please save me that money.


  21. The science and IT of USA are owned by Indians and Chinese (Steve Ballmer vs Satya Nadella). Why? To have University education in UK – it's very cool! You are cool man! But there are countries where all education is… free. So, there is successful Germany, there are a lot of Indians and Chinese, but not Japanese (because all education even school in Japan is expensive and not free) in US science and IT. I love USA people and culture (it's my personal position), but there is a serious problem: legacy of Great Britain Empire and their ideological/political system – it's totally out of date and it's not competitive. Even metric system 🙂 Guys, 21 century is today, education should be free, medicine should not be expensive like space projects. US citizens are treated, perform dental procedures in other countries!!

  22. Obama really messed up obamacare. Now we have to go back to how it was before obamacare since he messed it up. It was supposed to be for insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions, but now it might be better to just make insurance that only covers you if you end up in the emergency room, and you pay for your doctor.

  23. I really don't understand America's lack of understanding regarding socialised medicine. Is it perfect … no. Is it massively better than the US system … yes. People always quote the long wait times and that is sometimes true but rarely for anything urgent. I live in the UK and your wait time is largely determined by how serious your condition is and how venerable you are as a patient. If you go to the emergency walk in at the hospital (completely free) with a cut or a broken finger be prepared to wait but if you go in with something more serious then you will be prioritised and usually seen fairly quickly. With regards to seeing a doctor I went this morning. I called up my doctors at 8:30 am and was issued an appointment time of 10am the same day. They were running slightly behind but by 10:30 I was out of the doctors with a prescription for the course of medicine needed. The appointment was free and the prescription was a flat fee of £9 ($12). This would be the same price no matter what the course of medication needed. If I was under 16, pregnant, on certain benefits, in full time education, retired or had certain medical conditions it would have been free. No matter if I was a multi millionaire or poor and homeless I would be treated exactly the same at no cost. My mother sadly was diagnosed with bowel cancer and was operated on within 48 hours of it being diagnosed. She lived more than 7 years after that through the initial battle, a long period clear and then a later battle with cancer lasting just about 3 years. She received fantastic treatment during all the visits to a specialist cancer unit, operations, scans, courses of chemo and other medication, nurses home visits and being taken into hospital on several occasions in an ambulance. Through it all my parents never paid a penny. They had a lot on their plate but never once had to coordinate with an insurance provider or worry about going bankrupt. I thank God we live in the UK not the US for this very reason. Seems so bizarre to me that the US largely seems to want to cling onto it's current antiquated system where you can only get good care if you are well off. Feel free to ask me anything about the UK system and I will try and answer as honestly as I can.

  24. I dont want to worry about my health care. I have Kaiser through my work and they seem to not want to help me at all and come up with so much excuses for me not to come in when I am actually sick and I pay like $300 a month for this.

  25. I'm from Brazil, and public healthcare doesn't work here, all my friends who say that we shouldn't have a private system like in the USA pay for private healthcare hahaha

  26. OK so does nobody realize every time free health care was tried it DID work and the USA is the only western democracy without it

  27. You know Canadian heath care system is way better then the US Right? The only reason why some Canadians go to the states if for cheaper surgery's besides that this video was really left wing then usual and I like PragerU. Also some of your facts didn't add up and your formation wasn't right either.

  28. Canada is doing fine with the free heath care maybe the US should get off there ass and try it and see what happens then spending 600 billion dollars on there already over powered military budget. But instead cut sum of the budget and actually us it for education heath care and infrastructure.

  29. Shame on you, the only one who benefits from your argument is surgeons and the very rich who push the poor out of a hospital bed so some selfish line jumping turd can take it. The UK has a great health system, and the surgeons just ain’t greedy.

  30. Dude you said US health care is the best in the world 😂😂😂😂 the WHO says you’re wrong, in fact according to the WHO we rank 37 with Canada ranked in 30th place. France is number one which has a government run healthcare system. Singapore, Japan, Germany, U.K. all rank in the top spots and have government healthcare.

  31. Listen! And hear every word I speak, Payed Insurance is a lie! Think about it, we have enough money for all of us together for all of us to receive adequate health care! We all receive treatment based on our injuries, not upon our insurance, so listen well comrade, will you let the high class stack their money upon our debts while we suffer from unaffordable insurance! DOWN WITH THE PAYED HEALTH CARE, I SAID DOWN WITH THE HEALTHCARE!

  32. What's funny is America isnt even in the top 10 of best healthcare in terms of doctor's skill, abilities, technology and quality of care. Countries in Asia have better doctors. People in America literally travel to Asia or Europe to get better quality healthcare/surgeries AND spend like 1/7 of the price..

    PragerU: Ignoring the date and facts of the world to get across their political agenda. (just as bad as modern liberals)

  33. If a Canadian gets cancer,
    society will give this person a better chance to survive, whatever how low his income may be.
    If this same person can afford better private health-care, he gladly will.
    If this person can not however, trust me, he will gladly wait the time it need.

    As a Canadian Tax payer, I am not responsible for his illness and it sucks paying for this dude that I don't know. At the same time, he too, his probably not responsible for his own illness. Our health system is far from perfect and has many leaks and flaws here and there, but STILL, even if we haven't figured the best possible system to provide quality to everyone, I feel proud that in my country we bloody damn try.

    Not so far South, if a too poor American gets cancer, he is either left to die or left with a uge debt to a Bank for something he clearly not chose himself.

    There is deeper motives then quality for a society to attempt a fair distribution of health-care for its citizens.

  34. this plus the government wants to give young people free college? Hello! Where is the money coming from?

  35. Australia 33% luxury car tax on $67000aud cars , 2% medicare levy income our income . In Australia free health only free for middle class kind off

  36. My wonderful healthcare leads me on wild goose chases for 6 months costing me thousands then tells me I don't qualify for the surgery unless I try back surgery first. They want me on pills for life. If you aren't on narcotic pain meds don't ever take them longer than 3 days if ever prescribed. The tolerance will climb till you need more and more to get relief and then some day they will tell you you can't go any higher and at this point they'll be useless and the tolerance you built will make you sicker than anything you've experienced if you wanna stop but it will be even harder cuz your pain will be even worse because your brain stopped producing it's own pain relieving chemicals.

  37. Calling for free anything is equal to calling for slavery because you say it is your right to a person's labor. Democrats are racist till the end

  38. Then why did senator Paul Rand go to Canada (that has universal health care) to have his hernia operation????

  39. You do realise that the spending on healthcare is thrice as much as in European socialised healthcare in the US

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