24 thoughts on “What's Wrong With Eggs? The Dairy Industry and Diet

  1. A doctor talking about health is like a roosters taking about flying. The No. 1 cause of death is the pharmaceutical industry the No. 3 cause of death is doctor error. Spend more time with those withwhom you share love, avoid people who are toxic to your happiness and the ice capades.

  2. My grandmother and grandfather ate eggs, bacon and even fried chicken in lard with salt. Not all the time but they grew up in a meat and potatoes era. My grandfather did suffer a heart attack and my grandmother had diabetes later in life but corrected it. They had a large garden and just about every day had fresh vegetables and fruits. My grandfather passed at 97. My grandmother is 98 working on 99. They led a good life, fairly simple and happy for the most part. I don’t know… if cancer and this stuff isn’t genetic it makes one wonder. I know they say it’s nutritional and metabolic. My grandmothers sister lived to 88, 92 and both brothers went to 96 only passing away about 5 years ago. None of them were part of a rat race. Mostly loggers, log truck drivers, beauticians, waitresses and house wives. Never chasing the almighty dollar. I think it’s an overall approach, not just one thing. But this was a great discussion. Side note: the two doctors laughing and somewhat mocking the other doctors opinion was disrespectful and unprofessional. Some self control would have gone a long way. Disappointed in their conduct.

  3. It isn't the eggs and the butter, it is the process used to destory what we eat, chemicals etc… eggs and butter have been eaten for 1000's of years. Read the bible.

  4. I I am looking for a 2000 page cookbook in titled, “what the hell can I eat that is healthy? “Please anyone and everyone send me your suggestions and recipes and I will write my own cookbook and you will get a signed copy absolutely free of charge of the compilations. I am serious. Thank you very much.

  5. Eggs are a superfood and cholesterol is essential for life. Any epidemiological study that fails the Bradford Hill criteria is junk associational pseudo-science. This case study from the 1990s proves my point. 88 year old man ate on average 25 eggs a day for 15 years with zero health issues. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1953841
    The studies most people use to argue against eggs, fail most of the Bradford Hill criteria 2, 4, 5, 6?, 7 & 8, when one considers this 1991 case study. (2) consistent finding in different people “88 year old human paradox”, (4) effect occurs after cause “eating heaps of eggs for 15 years”, (5) Greater exposure “25 eggs a day, over 15 years” should generally lead to greater incidence of the effect, (6) cholesterol and saturated fat has failed in countless studies to generate a risk ratio similar to smoking, let alone explain how it occurs in the body, (7 & 8) Epidemiology laboratory or experimental evidence are at odds, plus this man is a living case experiment, that their conclusions fail comprehensively. This is a failed hypothesis, which should be disposed of.

  6. My total cholesterol is about 220 and HDL 140-150, I'm vegetarian for 11 years. Recently gave up cheeses, my only dairy products which I afford sometimes… I started make nut cheeses. Great lectures, guys! Nice discussion about IGF-1, oxidized LDL(compare to recommended total/HDL/LDL numbers for patients with CAD, DM-2, etc… ). I'm so happy to find your channel! 🙂

  7. Why do you even keep on eating anything? Everything is just bad nowadays. Eat air and live forever…your studies are full of nonsense.

  8. Wow, talk about scare mongering. They even say Skimmed Milk increases your risk of cancer. It's all very well saying you read some studies, but if those studies have been cherry-picked, and you're applying confirmation bias, then it's misleading. No wonder there is so much obesity, these "experts" can never agree on anything.

  9. The judgements are insane in the comments.. Shows where us humans are headed. Very few people can just listen without abusing and attacking. If you are an expert why are you hear making comments? We are here to learn and reflect. Take what you need. Research what you do not understand.

  10. How did this species ever survive all this time? I do not eat eggs, dairy, meats and thanks to people like this many more people will"get it".

  11. Cool Hand Luke should've thought twice about that egg eating contest!… "What we got is failure to communicate."

  12. Dr. Alan Mandell recommends eggs, I have been eating them for years. Cholesterol measurements used to be 300 and they lowered the number to sell more drugs, it is all a business. When you consume cholesterol your liver makes less to compensate. Look at Dr Mandells video… as a matter of fact, I am eating 10 raw eggs right now! You need cholesterol, you need wine, beer, coffe, tobacco and weed!!! Lol Lol

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