What’s New in Anchor 3.0 Podcasting

What’s New in Anchor 3.0 Podcasting

Hello there if this is your first time
here my name is Ileane Smith and I’m with
ileanesmith.com and I’m your digital media tour guide so
in terms of digital media one of the things that we love to talk about here
at the ms. ileane speaks YouTube channel is podcasting and one of our favorite
podcasting apps is Anchor and anchor just released anchor version 3.0 so I
want to first give you a little bit of background if you’re not familiar with
anchor I’ve done several tutorials about anchor and that’s why it was really
important for me to come one and tell you guys about the updates to the
platform you know someone asked me over an anchor if there were some things that
I would like to change what would they be one of the things that I mentioned
was the fact that our content would go away after 24 hours unless we turned it
into an episode well that’s gone that’s the first change I
want to tell you about the second change is that we used to be limited to
recording segments in five minute increments gone we no longer have any
limits on how long we can record this next change that I want to tell you
about oh there’s a bunch of them but this next one that I want to tell you
about is something that took me completely by surprise and that’s the
fact that we now have this wonderful profile for the desktop and we also have
the ability to see our stats in the dashboard we also have the ability to
wait there’s more and I got to make sure you know I’m this is all new right so
I’m just remembering how to navigate around
so we next what really blew me away is the fact that we can now not only
upload audio from our computer that we already have on our hard drive we can
literally record an episode right from our desktop now that to me is really
revolutionary and the desktop is really integrated well with everything that’s
going on and the app so you can see your messages that people have called in we
used to call them call ins now they’re referring to them as messages but it’s
the same thing right and you can add these to your episode you also can see a
history of all of these segments that you’ve recorded in the past they’re all
here you can still add those transitions to in between segments if you just want
to put in a little 13 second or two seconds stinger in between so you have
the upload you have record you have add in your messages from others who have
called into your station you have history so that you can mix and match
and drag and drop all of those segments so for example I was talking about
hashtag searches because I wanted to know from my friend Barbara KB I’ll give
her a shout out if you were able to search on hashtags in anchor and it
turns out that yes you can do some hashtag searching limited though and so
then I was also talking about the fact that we could record from the desktop
notice I just clicked that little plus button that added that segment over here
so now let’s go into the messages if I wanted to record to add one of these
call ends I just mentioned Barbara KB I would put that there well and now I look
at it and I say well maybe this section should come before that section so now I
can drag and drop them preview them and then publish
it as an episode wow wow wow can I say that one more time Wow
I was not expecting that and I don’t know if anybody was and so I want to
take a break while you guys are thinking about what I just share it with you and
just say hi to my friends who are over in the chat room because I see things
going on over there now Maestri screenshare the wrong thing first but
give me a sec nope there it is it’s the chat so first let me go back up
to the top and say hi to everyone who’s here Pam from tech talk live is here and
overall hello over on poor I think that’s one of my friends from Facebook
Tish Rosales hashtag ologists hashtag eileen fun is in the house and
antoinette the de diva the delaware blogger antoinette just reading the
updates now and now you can get them from me you know I’ll try my best
there’s so much to go over I don’t think we’re gonna cover everything but
Antoinette is just saying yeah yeah yeah as I’m introducing all these features
and and Larry snow is in the house you got cobwebs on this anchor station
but guess what Larry when you log in on that desktop it won’t matter they’ll
just be there whatever you record it last will be up at the top okay so these
are really some great updates so now let me come back on camp because I want to
hold your hand because I know everybody who’s here Antoinette and Larry and Pam
and Tish and Rob for their ok they know how to just adapt to change they can bam
bam one day is here one day is there boom boom boom we roll with the punches
but I know that there’s someone out there that’s hearing this or
watching this that is like I don’t like that change get over it
take a deep breath one more time it’s gonna be all right it’s going to be all
right I introduced some of my friends to another app called bottle if you want to
continue on the path of just using social audio and you don’t even really
care about a podcast check out bottle app and if you want to
know more about waddle app leave me a question in the discussion in the
comments on this video you can leave it and if you’re here you can leave it in
the chat room but if you’re watching this video after the live stream please
leave me a comment in the comment section on YouTube and let me know you
want to see bottle app that is where you may want to continue your social media
or your social audio experience but for now Anker is a podcasting app I’m gonna
say that one more time anchor is a podcasting app they are also
a free podcast host so with that I want to share with you their blog posts where
they made some of these announcements well most of these announcements okay so
it’s the easiest way to make a podcast ever so this makes it very clear and you
know this is what they did they went out they build an audience they tested some
things they put some things out there like I said earlier they had the
five-minute limit they see that didn’t work people want to go longer people
don’t want to feel like they’re being rushed
or maybe you do still want a short podcast well there’s nothing stopping
you from having a short podcast right so they try that that wasn’t the best case
scenario the 24 hour what we call my friends V over one anchor gave it the
nickname the 24 hour time bomb they got rid of it because it just didn’t make
sense that’s great for Instagram stories that’s great for snapchat stories who
wants that on their podcast nobody nobody’s raising their hand and saying
yes I want my content to go away after 24 hours yes the people that wanted to
just have it as a social audio platform maybe they did but a podcaster never
wants their content to go away we want our stuff to be evergreen even when it
is outdated like this video maybe in six months okay so here let me zoom in a
little bit more now that I’ve scrolled down the page a bit and I’m not going to
read the whole article but I do want to at least scroll down the page so you can
see the images and what each one is representing and they talked about what
I just went over with you that integration between the app and the
desktop version and you see there they’re showing someone in the recording
oh you can still do interviews and this one here they made it a point of being
504 let you know it’s longer than five minutes right and they’ve talked about
their Series A funding which means yes they got millions
so they redesigned the mobile app and yes it is taking some getting used to so
this is why I’m not going to do a tutorial tip for tip through the mobile
app because and there’s a few things that I know that they’re going to be
tweaking because they’ve already said that they’re going to put some of the
features they took away they’re going to put them back so we won’t go into all
that I want to just introduce you to the fact that you can now if you weren’t
sure now is the time to jump on anchor for your pie
cast if you’re you know just want to dip your toe in the podcasting waters okay
so here’s a little bit more about the back end of what the app looks like and
we will look at it a little bit in a few seconds here the stats OMG do I love the
stats now we’re gonna switch over it to my stats really quickly okay and where
are my stats let’s let’s get to that I have to go into my dashboard
remember this is all new to me right okay this just came out yesterday so yes
I have a lot of plays on my show guess what it’s called the anchor show right
and I talk about anchor on my show so of course I have a relatively large number
of plays versus a lot of folks that just casually use the app off and on all
right an average of 54 plays per episode but as you scroll down as I scroll down
with you guys you’ll see that most of that activity is coming from anchor and
now it’s saying other 2004 33 so I’m not sure that these stats are all fully
baked right now okay because I’m not sure what other is yet and when I find
out I come back and let you know but most of put it this way very little of
my listening is coming from Apple podcast or pocketcasts and that makes
sense because I don’t promote this podcast this version of my podcast
because you guys may know that I have a few podcasts miss Eileen speaks is the
main one that I always promote that is from that’s one Apple podcasts okay so
the fact that a lot of this listening is going on within the app so in a sense I
am doing the same thing Ankur was doing because they had to
build that audience they had to sort of use us all as guinea pigs to find out
what people really want and it’s the same thing that I do with
anchor I can talk to people so freely and so easily it’s so great to have that
audience that built-in audience that you can get feedback from and you also can
see what kinds of stuff they like consuming so with that I’m going to look
at the chat again see if there’s any other questions that came in cuz I feel
like there are and looks like okay wait you know I better put it back up on
screen cuz I thought I was just gonna be able to read it but now you guys I gotta
go back and time o board is here yeah all right I remember when the night bat
came in how I write and the night butts is mostly turned off guys just so you’ll
know but she does come in to say hi and yes to shit lol hashtag get over it
spell it please what was it you wanted me to spell IL e a and E I know that’s
not what you meant Antoinette but let me know what you want
me to spell while I’m going through the rest of these hey hey hey Gord
iseman is here hello I believe it is for over oh yes I’m sorry bottle V AUD le
but you’ll find it as bottle app like if you look for it on Twitter or if you
look for it in the eye you know what Antoinette it’s iOS only I forgot to say
that the vault app is iOS only sorry about that I know many will love these
changes I like the five minute limit has oops
had to expand but then I got to go back up
I like the five minute limit as an intro to my blog post on Sunday podcasts now
those of us who were exporting those little movies right now that’s not
working and I’m not sure that’s coming back or not so I just want to let you
guys know but you can still embed those segments it would just be people need to
know the click Play but the movies that we used to make with the words that come
up on the screen is the right now is on hiatus I do believe it’s
coming back though okay and then and Antoinette and Larry are just saying hi
looks like the desktop version is easier in the app well you know Larry that’s
exactly the way I feel however you still need that app you still need to think
well honestly let me come back on camp for a second because this is important
and I think it’s too soon for me to say you can live without the app because I
don’t know if I’ve thought of all the scenarios but this is definitely
something that’s been on my mind because we do have some users that don’t even
have a computer there are some folks that don’t have a computer they only
have iPhone an iPad or some other kind of tablet but then we have our friends
like Andrew hatchet right who doesn’t have a phone so I’m thinking to myself
but I think you need the app in order to sign up so you do need a phone in order
to create your account you have to have the app you know believe you can sign up
from the web I don’t think they change that doesn’t mean they won’t change it
down the road but as of right now you cannot sign up from the web you need to
start your account on the app okay but once you get it started because you
could always get a friend to start it for you whoever you are I know you have
a friend who has a phone and they may not even care about podcasting so you
get them to sign up for you then you’re established and you have your password
don’t sign it with Twitter don’t sign it with Facebook sign in with your email
address right especially for someone who doesn’t have a phone then that way you
can go to your desktop tell your friend to delete the app off their phone after
they’re done right so they’re not in your account and then you can do all of
your management or most of your management I believe from the desktop
I’m not a hundred percent sure about that but for the most part you can put
out your podcast from desktop if you don’t want to do any engagement
with the community you just wanted to put your podcast out there I believe you
can do that just from desktop 100% sure though oh there is a point where you
actually have to submit your podcast to iTunes and I don’t know if you can do
that from the desktop or not that’s something I can definitely check out
because I actually have to anchor stations guys Eileen is my regular
anchor station then I have another one that’s called free podcast host the free
podcast host station I never submit it to iTunes so I will be
able to go into that account to see if I can submit it from desktop we’re not
gonna do that today but I’ll follow up with you guys on that because you know
that that could be a whole separate video being able to submit your podcast
directly from desktop okay so let me go back to the comments now all right cute
Institute is here hello Janelle thank you for coming hey guys everybody most
of my regular folks know what we do we haven’t someone new come in is we click
on those three dots and Janelle pay attention right and when you click on
the three dots let’s tells you to go to channel so
everybody subscribes to each other’s channel this young lady Janelle who is
the cute Institute came on to anchor with some amazing storytelling that blew
everybody away so she is awesome huh you definitely want to subscribe to her and
you know whenever she’s got her podcast up and running definitely listen to that
okay I’ll come back to you Kim I saw you really quickly butI mandre oh sorry
Antoinette but everybody just to clarify because I just read Annette’s comment so
if you’re coming in late oh sevens here – hi honey it’s if you’re
coming in late anchor is definitely available on Android
and iPhone we were talking about a different app called bottle and that’s
the one that Antoinette was saying boo about Ethan how you doing stopping by to
say hi hey and Kim hi sweetie popped in to hear about these changes
all right Kim that’s right cuz you started off with anchor but I don’t
think you continued on so I almost did that exact thing with my husband’s phone
my phone was too old to install that we decided to just buy a newer phone yeah
what did you get Kim did you get a Android or an iPhone I hope you know you
got an iPhone no offense Antoinette I got a lot of apps to tell
you about a lot of them are iOS only so okay great I think I’m caught up with
the comments so now we are going to I don’t want to mess things up so I’m
gonna come back on cam and then I’m going to try to screen share the phone
but you know what I have to do it that way I have to go screen share the chat
again first sorry there’s a way for me to do this without I just don’t know
what it is okay so now we’re looking at the app yeah okay so now we’re looking
at the app or Kim’s got an Android a moto G five-plus alright honey that’s a
good one I hear it’s great for taking pictures
cuz I watched your reviews even though I’m not planning on buying one and
you’re welcome to now okay so this is the app but it looks like from your
profile right but I’m gonna take you guys through what you would normally do
at the bottom left is the headphones where it says to listen no you know what
that doesn’t make sense let’s start from the top okay at the top right you’ve got
your profile pic you’ve got your bio and your description all of that they’ve
added in a little I missed a conversation on water what does this app
do okay seven we didn’t really talk about bottle I said if you want to hear
more about it leave me a comment in the car
section of this video but Votto is more of a social audio app but it’s iOS only
and antoinette is samsung forever alright let’s get back to anchor real
quick anchor 3.0 alright so hey reg alright so we’ve got my
favorites now that would be stations that i have favored it and also the
stations that have favored at me this was another feature that i asked
for i’m not saying they did it because I asked for it they did because it made
sense as a podcaster you should be able to see who’s following you right before
we couldn’t see we had there was a backdoor way you could do it and pretend
like you were a doorman court with friends but now at anytime everybody
else can’t see it it’s not like Twitter where everybody can see who’s followed
you so which is good but me as the profile owner I can go and see everybody
who is following me which is great that’s a great way to discover new folks
right and it’s also a great way for you to think about who your target audience
is you know but although somebody following you doesn’t necessarily mean
that they’re listening to your content but it’s there and so I like that
because it wasn’t there before all right so now applause right now I’m
gonna say the same thing I’ve been saying for a long time don’t pay the
applause no attention because I even saw people saying I had lost ten thousand
applause like who cares who looks at that number it really doesn’t mean
anything trust me it really doesn’t okay so it’s
nice to get applause but the number of applause doesn’t matter because we don’t
know exactly what constitutes the numbers so for example I’ll give you a
quick example about this and this will also should get me to show you another
part of the app I’m gonna go in here and I’m going to a station that I want to
play is Kevin no Malone all right so I’m listen to what I said that’s right so I
put it pause now I’m clapping I just hit it two
times does that mean I gave him two claps or does that mean it gave him one
clap we don’t know we would just be guessing maybe that’s two claps
sometimes you tap on that screen you know we should you just Oh back in the
old app that we used to all hang out on nobody knows how many claps get counted
so forget that it’s nice to know that you’re getting feedback that people like
your segments but forget looking at the claps all right so let me just go back
to the profile real quick because this is really important so now you’ll see
below your bio you see episodes on the left and drafts on the right drafts this
is new this is an important update dyes the dress meaning things that you’ve
recorded but you’ve never published as an episode are there waiting for you
that’s super important because sometimes you know what they had that 24 hour time
bomb sometimes you just didn’t get a chance to get back on the app and
publish your stuff and it was just sitting there and then it’s the next day
and you got a new topic to talk about and it’s like well forget it
so you might have somebody like myself a really active user like myself I bet I
have about three or four complete episodes that are sitting there in
drafts because I just didn’t get a chance to publish them maybe it didn’t
flow with the conversation I was having that day but remember I showed you on
desktop now we can drag and drop and reorder stuff
so that it makes sense right so you don’t have to have all these random
conversations in one episode okay I’m gonna go back over to the chat because I
see some words of wisdom coming from Gord okay all right so I already say hi to
reg make sure you guys are following reg he’s got little Reggie over there on his
station and go to channel right click those three dots and go to Channel and
Kim here she’s awesome – Antoinette heard some awesome things about the
pixel I’ve got that on my radar yeah they were talking about Android phones
guys seeing who was following is a great addition yes it is cute Institute the
applause are irritated to me sorry yeah you can turn off the applause Antoinette
now I’m not sure if you do that but I’m gonna go over that real quick as soon as
I just finished with this enjoying a new update yes I am – reg yes a very
important update anchored needs to hire Eileen to rock it out for them they
can’t afford me okay alright so let me go back and let me make sure that I I
forgot I don’t have to go and in between us okay here’s where you turn off the
claps wait a minute settings oh wait hold up this is not the page where you
turn off the collapse you have to be listening to a segment I’m sorry alright
you’re listening to someone’s content you go to the cogwheel up at the top
right you turn off those claps and this is also where you can do the pod fasting
meaning that you can speed up the playback to fast or faster okay so those
are things that were definitely an anchor version – so that’s not new but
it’s definitely a hidden feature now some people complain that yes I go in
there and turn it off but then I got to keep going back in there
I don’t know if that’s getting fixed with this version or not I don’t mind
the I don’t mind the claps hearing the claps it’s it’s fine for me but I
understand why people don’t want to always hear them okay so now let’s go
back to the dress cuz like I said the drafts folder is super important guys
this is where you know you have these options when you click on
the three dots you can change the caption or you can delete it okay or you
hit the plus instead of the three dots right you hit the plus and that’s where
you can turn it into an episode or you can add to an existing episode let’s see
what happens when we actually click on that add it to episode not exactly sure
which episode it adding it to but that’s okay we’ll figure that out later okay so
now let’s go over to episodes all right so we have all right so this that’s this
alright this is where it added to an episode it started in new episode with
today’s date but it didn’t publish it yet I don’t think yeah didn’t publish it
right because there’s and then yes because I have a couple of other things
and sitting in there waiting to be published so what I can do if I want now
I can go in here and change the title of it I’m not going to do it right now and
I’m not sure I can reorder this segments from here change the captions add to the
podcast I can delete it or I can share it so I’m not going to do any of that
right now I’m not going to publish this right now and what I really want to do
is to come back now and actually go over to a different area of the app which is
the record area this is the piece where okay now this thinks that I’m going to
record another segment for that episode which I don’t want to do so I’m not sure
if I’m gonna get lost switch to another episode new episode all right okay this
is the screen I want you guys to see hope took a minute to get there and
almost God thought it was going to get lost okay so it’s reminding me that
that episode with today’s date actually has tomorrow’s date honor I’m not sure
why is unpublished I could go back and view it again
of course I’m not going to I can get ready to start a new episode I could
click the question mark there need some help I’m not going to do that right now
though here is the green button at the bottom
left is where all those voice messages are if I wanted to go into there or I
could do the record with friends now I have not done a record with friends demo
here on YouTube however I do have a demo and I will put
a link to that in the description so if anybody wants to know how to use record
with friends you can watch that demo because that has not changed
ok or I can add music now let me say with this adding music these little
30-second clips that would come from music and your Apple music library or
your Spotify library would only be for anchor listeners who has nothing to do
with your podcast so I’m definitely not going to go over that just to let you
know you can add those little 30-second clips of music but I’m not going to go
over that because we’re talking about podcasting today and then the little
purple a circle on the right with the arrow is just taking you to those little
inter lose that we talked about before when you can just and those are good
those you can definitely put into your podcast okay so there’s a lot of changes
there’s a lot that’s going along with anchor 3.0 I am so impressed with with
what is happening here I just want to show you a little bit more about how to
navigate through the app especially want to make sure you know how to find me over there and I don’t see any questions
coming in on the I see you guys talking amongst
yourselves yay make friends I love it that’s what being part of this community
is all about okay so let’s just go back into navigating the app through the
phone okay all right so at the top is a search bar then these
are my favorites in other words people whose stations I favorite it and we can
only assume that the ones that are showing here are people who have
recently published something but I can click see all and then I would get a
list now we’re not a hundred percent sure with these little numbers over top
in the little purple circle there’s numbers and you can you guys can barely
see that but like for example Vernon Ross is one of my friends he’s a
podcaster his longtime podcaster okay he has a social strategy podcast and it
says 11 I’m going to assume that means I have not listened to 11 of his segments
so and that kind of makes sense because I do a lot of you know producing of
content I don’t always get a chance to listen and especially since they
released this update I have had a chance to listen anybody station cuz I’m too
busy trying to figure out how to use it okay so wait a second I do have some
good comments coming in over here and oh you guys are talking about those Android
phone oh I hope to Android users together yay fish is saying this has
been awesome Eileen thank you Tish been scrolling through the new app and it’s
so pretty yeah the interface they did a lot they
did a great job of hiring the folks that went into the design of this app I’m
really really pleased with it and now it was cute Institute of saying how
informative Eileen thank you thank you so much for this education and
celebratory review of this latest release oh thank you honey
and then register anchor really listen to the users and did a wonderful job of
the update I’m so glad I got the positive energy in this
dream y’all are giving me life oh my gosh y’all just don’t know I’ve been
hearing a lot of you know not too nice comments being made and you know for
those people honestly I understand that we don’t like change
we really don’t and sometimes there has to be a parting of the ways you know
anchor is not for everybody I’m not trying to convince anybody to use this
app or to stay with it or give it another try if you’re upset with the
changes that have taken place there’s plenty of other apps stick around on
this YouTube channel I go through them all
subscribe to my twitch that’s why I do all the experimental things right or you
know follow my podcast okay so I make sure I have something for everybody
because I know that some folks just don’t want a podcast they like anchor
though so you know everyone that’s here is excited about the changes because we
know that this is not only is a good for a team anchor who has worked so hard to
as they say democratized podcasting putting podcasting in the hands of the
everyday user you don’t have to be too super techie you don’t have to have a
lot of money you just have to have a message you need to have something to
say because all the talking in the world doesn’t matter if nobody’s listening
okay and people will tune you out if you don’t have a message so use anchor to
practice honing that message and the delivery of your message because you got
it inside of you I know you do you just need to polish it up a little bit maybe
or maybe you’re like I want to talk about this thing or I’m really smart I
really know how to do this thing but that’s not what I really want to talk
about you know like like for myself and I
a lot of people that are in the marketing space say this that I know
they have a job or they do something for a living and then when it comes time for
them to start a podcast they start off with like you know I got always
expertise in X Y Z you know whatever X Y Z is and then they start podcasting
about X Y Z and then after like the fifth or sixth episode they realize
that’s not what I really want to talk about just because I do that for a
living doesn’t mean I have that passion or I feel that this is my purpose okay
so it’s really important to use the app like anchor and that’s why I love it I
love that anchor is free right now because it’s giving people that chance
to put their foot put their toe in the water as a podcasting see how exciting
it can be and find out what it is they really want to say okay all right let me
get off my soapbox and we got the Android users over here in the house Kim
and Antoinette are about to exchange phone numbers comes the big Android
lovers and you know hey I am NOT an Apple fan girl I just know where all the
apps for life streaming yes that’s what made me get an iPhone because of live
streaming so anyway for the naysayers just remember that app is free that’s
right and if you don’t like it you know what you can do ask for a refund so you
can get your money back all right you’re back to this I’m no comedian but I try
I made a podcast today on change I love this app it’s how you adjust that’s
right seven and that’s what keeps old folks like me feeling young the fact
that I can try to process it overnight because I went to bed last night
thinking the dream about anchor and I said this morning when I woke up
I’m glad I don’t have to go to work today cuz I might have called out sick
anyhow I had I had to see one of my doctors even though he was happy to see
me in everything all was good but I was like yeah when I get home talk about
because you know with that ability to just go with the flow and guess what
when anchor does me wrong go with the flow but so far so good and I like what
it’s doing for my people for my friends you guys my people you are feeling
empowered and I like I said I love the fact that they’re saying they’re
democratizing podcasting okay I know some folks don’t love that they may be
working at some of the other podcast host but you know it’s okay it’s all
good I love them too okay so let’s go back to the app all right so showed you
how to find your favorites then there’s this discover something new now if
you’re watching this in the future I can guarantee you that this page is going to
change okay just want to let you know that that’s okay keep coming back to
this YouTube channel because as this app changes I will put out new videos but I
can tell you right now this app is going to change cuz right now discover
something new what does that mean I don’t know I think if you’re new to this
app everything on here is new but it and if you’re not new to this app you know
what you want to look for you don’t need somebody to tell you what to discover
but anyhow alright so yeah we all got excited I know I got excited when I saw
Black Panther I’m like all somebody’s got a whole podcast about Black Manta no
no not exactly in that case it’s a search if you look
up at the top of the screen it says we’re kind of forever and this is a
search of different episodes where people were talking about Black Panther
and those are probably the top listen to episodes however some of these
other discover something new our actual stations okay so there’s that and like I
said I know that’s going to change and this just page changes all the time and
that’s okay there’s nothing wrong with this page changing it should change
because they need to know what really gets people engaged with other podcasts
so then what we think you’ll love now come on y’all y’all know what imma love
but it’s okay if I was new to the app this may be a good place for me to start
so if you’re new for the app after you go up to the top and you type in ie8 and
e & v my station then you can come back here and look at we think you’ll love
cuz don’t love that they think I love but anyway so then we have oh I’m sorry
let me go back to screen share then we have teachable moments which is a great
section to find like educational related podcasts but these are more like
education / entertainment podcasts and I’ll tell you one that I like and I
haven’t listened to most of these okay but one station that I do love is the
great everything the guy Patrick he is someone who was a lawyer and I believe
that he I know he lives in Europe I’m not sure exactly sure which country he
lives in because he travels a lot but anyway he’s he was a lawyer and he quit
his law job and as he’s explains in his bio and he talks about philosophy so he
has a very interesting station unless it’s one of those days when you don’t
feel like thinking too much cuz if you feel like thinking then you don’t want
to listen to philosophy right but he’s down-to-earth and he he’s someone that
will if you leave him a message he will play them like some of these stations
they’re not there for the community so if you call in it’s now called colon
anymore it’s the message but if you call them and
leave them a message they’re not gonna play your message on their station I
don’t care what you say some of them will some of them all I
know that Patrick will he’s played mine before I’ve heard him play a lot of he
will debate and you know it’s it’s a great station when you just really want
to think like some higher thoughts like I said it’s philosophy so me I’m a
techie girl okay then we have something interesting called cool podcast ideas
and I’m not even sure what they anyway so next top episodes and so this is a
list of about 100 I believe I’m sorry I’m scrolling quickly I’m not trying to
show you the episodes just want to get down to the number so there’s the top
100 episodes and I’m assuming that this is based on the number of listened
within the app not talking about Apple podcasts and all that other stuff so it
will let you know when you’re on that list so for example let me go back over
to my profile cuz I want to show you where they’ve sent me notification says
if you save at the top of the screen it says your podcast is currently number 77
on the anchor needle board and that’s what they’re talking about the section
here under top episodes and I’m around 70 something and probably when they sent
me that message now it’s probably low lower or a little higher I’m not sure oh
it’s a little higher 75 there’s mine okay record from desktop oops
though a lot of folks you know everybody kind of who knows me over on anchor
knows of course that I’m gonna be giving my feedback of what I think about the
episode so I’m not surprised at all that it made it and in fact I thought it
would have been higher but that’s okay people are spending their time really
digging through the app they don’t have time to listen they might have popped
over to my station like okay we miss Elysees but then they were like okay let
me go back I don’t know she talking about because this and we’re
all excited we’re all on the edge of our seats oh my friend avi you neglect his
station is ask AVI he had been beta testing the app he just told us he was
under non-disclosure but today he was able to let us know he had been beta
testing these new features and he’s going to interview some of the folks
from team anchor so stay tuned for more info about that and if you’re one anchor
please please PLEASE join the Facebook group called anchors a wave so if you’re
on anchor just go over there request to join avi will let you in and that’s
where you’re gonna find more information about when and what and you can add your
questions to the list so if you have questions about the app so I’m saying
this again like Larry I see that you posted the link to the medium blog post
Thank You Larry so anyone reg antoinette kim seven cute
institute whoever else I hope I didn’t miss anybody who’s here right now if you
have questions about the app head over to the anchors a wave group and get your
question on the list coz avi posted that he was going to be interviewing them and
I hope it’s tomorrow not today cuz if it’s today we might have missed it no I
think it’s tomorrow it’s gonna interview I know Maya is going to be included in
an interview my is support person or a customer service person at anchor but I
think some of the other anchor employees will be there and we may be getting to
meet some of them because anchors been hiring so many people we haven’t even
they used to bring the morning introduce them they would do a segment and say we
want you to meet this new person wouldn’t you meet that new person but
they haven’t even done that lately because guess what
they just keep hiring people left and right and now we know why they were
working on 3.0 and red just saying something so we definitely want to see
what that is because I think he’s agreeing about the
time for yep that’s what I did and I was like yo miss Eileen gotta say about the
updates in them and I went to AVI yeah and Ivy didn’t
and okay no more echoes that’s something we got to talk about too
well let me read Tisha’s comma first don’t forget to click on those three
dots that’s right Tisch is reminding everybody about the three dots let me
make sure that you guys are connecting with each other and go to channel and
subscribe to each other’s Channel I’m already subscribed to everybody who’s
here is Channel except maybe 7 and 7 I will make sure I ace it
oh it’s guy cook here I see you saying something about guy cook
oh yeah Rodney B hunt is here hi Rodney hey guy is there a change log URL that
shows some new features yes stop it silly see ya I missed that one okay hang
on let me go back let me open up the my browser really quickly since guy is here
and he has that question here’s the blog post guy and this is a summation but
what they did is over on this area they updated all the answers to the support
and you can see that right inside the phone so let me go back to the phone
because Larry’s added the link to the medium blog post and I’ll be sure to add
that in the description of the video so if you’re watching this replay okay
never fear miss Eileen will take care of that for you alright so now when you go
to the record button let me show you how to get to the help files inside of the
app in the middle of the screen there you see there’s that little great
question mark and it says need some help and then it gives you some tips but then
it says contact anchor support and it takes you over to the support page which
is support dot anchor dot F M and this is where you see this top articles QA
you know frequently asked questions and then you can also you know post if you
have any specific questions you can post them there guys oh my gosh so let’s see
one more thing I want to show you inside the app before we go here we used to see
those little notifications if you notice that next to my profile there was a
little red dot it’s really really tiny and hard to see but also notice at the
top of the screen you’ll see that bell with the red dot lets you know that I
have a notification now that Bell is kind of giving me some false alarms
there so I think that needs to be fixed because we already saw this little thing
that’s that your podcast is currently number 77 so they didn’t need to tell me
that again they just told me that so I’m not sure why that little bell is still
lit but it went out now so good okay so oh there’s another thing that I want to
mention to you and I think this is best done or most easily done or where I want
to show it to you anyway is from the desktop so let’s go back over there and
that is this is something else that I used to complain about when they just
shut my mouth is the ability to add custom artwork to every episode so let’s
see let’s see where’s the pet let me see remember I got I’ve got to remember
where these uh were to navigate this stuff settings no no I don’t want to go
there sorry hang on one second guys back to my
profile oh okay here on my profile but I thought I had to be logged in so how do
I do that from here yeah I got lost there is a place here let me see
I think because I had that I’m creating an episode and so
that’s getting me a little confused okay no settings nope there is a place here
where you can upload a new image for each of your episodes and right now it
escapes me how to get over there so let me go try one more time I’m on the view
profile but I don’t see the three dots if I was in the right place I will see
the three dots okay maybe it’s under let’s go back dashboards let’s go back
down here available in five platforms okay this Oh No
well I can show you something else that I forgot to mention earlier when you go
into this profile settings page this is where you can change your image for your
podcast and change your bio and all that you could change your category now I do
believe that these are the same categories that are in Apple podcasts
because I remember Apple podcasts having all these kind of cluttered in my
opinion so I think they matched the categories there which is a little
different than what you see in the app but that’s okay then you’re going to get
a link to each one of the platforms that your show is on okay so anchor iTunes
Google Play Music overcast and pocket casts it lets you know that you’re
available on smart speakers and if you want to getting flash briefing or a
short daily news show you have to submit to them remember a daily now that could
be weekday it doesn’t have to be seven days a week it could be five days a week
short news-related show then you can get that added into the smart speaker
platforms Lex E&M all right car speakers apple carplay I don’t even know anybody
who has apple carplay but if you do let me know what kind of car they’re driving
please leave me a comment or add it to the chat the Android auto I definitely
don’t nobody has that kind of car so but it’s there you can tell them listen to
my podcast and then there’s the RSS feed very very important I don’t want to
gloss over this your RSS feed is now right here on your settings page and I’m
under dashboard podcasts edit alright then you can set your language and
that’s great because we do have a lot of foreign language podcasts over on anchor
and you can set set whether it’s clean or explicit of course I’m clean okay so
I think when I make a new episode is the time that I get the opportunity to
upload the image and that’s why I’m not seeing it right now because I did do an
an episode from desktop yesterday so I did see that you know as you can see on
my on my profile page because that’s one thing guys when you’re going to log into
your account it’s easier if you just go to anchor dot F M without putting your
station handles here right just anchor dot F M and then you’ll see where you
need to sign in I’m already signed in though okay but if you put in just your
profile name and you’re not signed in you won’t see the button to sign in I’m
sure they’ll fix that later okay but right now this is what you’ll say okay
and yeah I think I went over not everything but enough to get you guys
excited about these changes to get some questions from you guys you guys have
been wonderful those who few are here in the live chat you have been awesome let
me scroll down here because there’s more coming in okay good you guys are like Oh
beauty bubbles here alright let me go back up alright so – oh thanks for
putting the anchors a wave Facebook group there and then Kim and right now
I’m pretty sure you guys know each other but make sure you connect with cute
Institute and reg okay click on those three dots cuz I know you know everybody
else and then beauty bubble Volvo I you know if there’s a lot of cars I think
have it but I don’t know anybody who’s actually driving any of those cars Ford
has apple carplay okay kia does as well which one Larry just which one does Kia
have Apple or the other one Kim says I had a heck of a time finding my RSS feed
so happy it’s easier to find that yes Oh chicken livers and hot sauce this update
is all that and more we’re gonna have why I gotta be chicken livers why can’t
it just be chicken legs or chicken wings that was inspiring thank you you’re
welcome dear thank you so much I mean this was awesome oh I love screen
sharing I almost pushed the anchor button
yesterday yes Beauty what’s holding you back my love go for it my dear and eyes
explain it to everyone earlier but since beauty’s here I’m gonna go over it again
real quickly if you don’t have a phone you’re going to need probably 100% sure
about this but you’re probably gonna need someone else who has a phone with
the app because I think you have to set up your account through the app now
Beauty if you’ve done it from the desktop let me know because I you know I
already have my accounts and I did them all through the app and I don’t know
that you can start a brand new account from desktop but if you’ve done that let
us know because that’s that’s important because
now people can basically do their whole podcast from desktop so what the heck
why not right but let’s just say you can let’s say right now you don’t have the
ability to do it from desktop right then what you need to do is get a friend who
has a phone everybody’s got a friend with a phone right just ask them if you
could borrow their phone for a minute install that anchor app sign up for the
account with your email address do not sign in with your Twitter or your
Facebook because it’s gonna be your friends Twitter or their Facebook right
and you don’t want to do all that on your friend’s phone I mean even if it’s
your mom you don’t want to do all that on your phone they don’t want Facebook
right so you’re going to sign up with your email address cuz that’s gonna be
the way that anchor gets in touch with you anyway so you don’t want to use the
social sign-in you want to sign in with your email address then once you have
your account you only have to set the whole thing up you just have to let
anchor know yes I want an account you don’t even have to worry about uploading
a picture any of that because you can do all of that from desktop now because you
have your account you’ve got your sign-in you’ve got your
password then you could go on desktop and you never have to you can delete
that app off your friend’s phone am I getting shoutouts over here Tish is
saying how she loves she screen sharing cute Institute I set up an account one
desktop but I needed to use the phone app in order to set my custom URL great
feedback Jenelle so she did start her account but yeah you want that you want
that custom URL you don’t want your station to be anchor FM slash 769 8 not
unless that’s your username not less 7 6 9 80s your use right
and great job miss honey I did it from desktop on one of my other anchor
accounts okay good so you can do it from desktop great that is amazing but you do
still need to app in order to get that custom URL but you know what I won’t be
surprised if you can still just email anchor let’s just say you don’t have a
friend with a phone or that friend is nowhere around it’s like I want to do
this today miss Eileen got me height right I bet you can email support at
anchor dot FM and they’ll set it for you I bet you can and you just explained to
them I don’t have a phone no maybe you don’t want to do it today because today
April I’m sorry have you around a woman to be able February 23rd 2018 get kind
of busy you might want to wait till tomorrow weekend things slow down so
that’s why I wanted to get this done on the weekday and oh my gosh it’s not even
4 o’clock so it was a good thing that I was off from work so you guys got any
more questions is there anything else I didn’t cover a nap like I said I didn’t
want to give a full blown tutorial because guess what I haven’t had a
chance to go through every nook and cranny of this bad boy yet it’s so fresh
so fresh out of the box and I know that there’s some things that are going to be
tweet reg thanks so much for coming he said he got a bounce but reg you did
asked earlier about echoes and I echoes for those who don’t know are you here
someone’s segment and you really dig what they had to say and you just wanted
to share that on your station that’s called an echo well that’s gone right
now but I’ve heard that it’s coming back you know then they just want to roll out
the new app and they didn’t want to bring every single feature so there’ll
be more there’s still going to be more updates this is just a version 3 and my
friend AVI calls it three dot X meaning there might be a 3.2 die 6 but
it says 3.0 right now but you could call 3 dot X because we don’t know what’s to
come could be next week when they roll out
another update cuz people as we’re all using it we’re gonna find some stuff
like you know there were some celebrities on the homepage and I
noticed already they’re going because they don’t use the app anymore so I
guess the algorithm or whatever the anchor had set up to bring up
recommended accounts was throwing and these people may have complained I said
no you’ve got me featured on yeah I’m not on your app anymore who knows I
don’t know what happened but all of a sudden big-time celebrities – all of a
sudden they’re not there anymore so no tweaks from just you I was using it
we’re actually kicking the tires on this bad boy so we’re gonna uncover some
stuff let’s see what beauty saying now that we settled all that I am even
stumbling on what to talk about hey it doesn’t matter let’s just start talking
about something and then you can always change it I mean you don’t have any
problems doing that on YouTube take your YouTube videos Larry and I talked about
this last night I did an Instagram live so you can take your YouTube videos now
you were we used to be able to just upload a YouTube video from the URL an
anchor will strip out the audio right now that doesn’t work but doesn’t mean
it’s not coming back but it doesn’t matter for those of us
who are on Mac you’ve just opened QuickTime take that mp4 let me see
that’s fact I think I can do a quick demo because after I said it to Larry
last night I was like you know what I better check and make sure that really
works let me open QuickTime first so make sure a screen share the right thing
shut up night back okay I mean when I get QuickTime open
it’s getting confused all right before I do that all right so let me see if I can
screen share that it’s gonna be hard for me to screen share QuickTime no I better
get something in there before I try to screen share I’m going to open up file
I’ll probably open a recent because I did have an mp4 file in there okay that
yeah you should be able to see that all right hang on
QuickTime okay this was a periscope that I did the other day right so you it’s
going to be off screen I think hang on the safe I say I don’t say zoom to app
window I’m not sure if this is gonna be all screen or not but I’m in QuickTime
Player and I go up to file yeah it looks like it’s all screen no it’s not wait a
minute hang on hang on go up to file then export as audio only and that’s
gonna give you your mp3 file that’s how easy that is if you’re on a Mac now if
you’re on PC you can go to audio converter online you probably can use
some other program that’s on your PC okay I’m gonna say Windows Media Player
but I’m not even sure if they still call with that anymore I use most all that
stuff on the Mac now but I do know that there’s a site called when my audio
converter let me bring that up real quick so you can repurpose your YouTube
videos or your wherever videos your Facebook live streams what you know I’m
speaking to all those content creators out there and I’ll show you that site
now somebody told me that they didn’t like this site had all kinds of tracking
and whatever I used it for years and maybe they’re
tracking something I don’t know I never had any problems with it it’s not like
spam site they may be tracking something but I don’t know what they’re tracking
anyway it’s called convert – video – online.com and you just upload your
file and you convert it into whatever mp4 from from mp4 then you can make it
audio so you can make it mp3 so you would open up a video and then you can
convert it into mp3 that’s what you want to do mp3 or m4a you can convert it to
wave but doesn’t matter anchors gonna convert it to m4a alright but so just so
you will know you can repurpose all of your video content right up there on
anchor and then that way that will you know just get your foot in the door with
podcasting that’ll also introduce you to the audience because they’ll get a
chance to see oh what’s this person oh what are they talking about in this
episode because then we have search so the search is working a lot better it
wasn’t working at all before so if you want to search for lemon pepper chicken
recipes maybe you’ll find a lemon pepper chicken recipe by beauty bubble right so
don’t let anything stop you anchor has democratized podcasting there’s no tech
well there’s a little teeny bit of tech but don’t worry I can hold your hand for
that there’s a little teeny bit of tech but absolutely no money because you just
used the tools you already have you already have a computer or you already
have a phone if not you wouldn’t be listening to me right now unless you’re
watching on smart TV and if that’s the case I’m sorry if I have to get a
computer or something get it I bet Oh or just dream and just to know that
that day when you hit the number you can come back and sign up for anchor and
start a podcast and spread your message is gonna be a less crowded space than it
is on YouTube it’s gonna be less crowded by far than it is on Facebook less
crowded than it is by starting a blog podcasting is still and it’s sort of I’m
gonna say it’s in its infancy I’ll say it’s more like an adolescent right about
now so there’s still time and there’s still room you can start today and be
very successful and so let me just check in with you guys to see if there’s any
parting words or thoughts before I sign off and okay got a Ron Kim that’s okay
and 15 minutes or less right oh no Beauty there is no time limit there’s no
time limit right now on the recordings okay yeah a lot of people have it’s
called impostor syndrome beauty and it’s you know a lot of folks have those kinds
of things holding them back and it’s okay you know
yeah there’s no time limit Marie so with that guys I just want to
remind you quickly that there’s two new ways to get in touch with me two new
ways to get in touch with me you can leave me an email cuz I know a lot of
folks would see my voicemail and they will get a little nervous about leaving
me a voicemail so I’m making it easier for you to leave me an email you just go
to Eileen Smith a.com slash contact Eileen smith.com slash contact now don’t
ask me for big huge giant favors like well can you come over
look through all my content and let me know if it’s okay cuz I’m not gonna do
that if you don’t hear back for me don’t be mad but if you have a question if you
have a question about something that I’ve covered in this video something
that you see me covered in in some other videos if you want to do a collab you
may want to do a collaboration here on YouTube I’m game
all right that’s that’s email eileen smith.com / contact now for those of you
are brave enough to leave me a voicemail of course you can call into my anchor
station that goes without saying but I have a new URL for that and that is
eileen smith.com / voicemail and Tish this is important for you because you
will leave me a voicemail in a heartbeat so I moved the voicemail which is
speakpipe I moved it over to Eileen smith.com /
voicemail and sometimes you might do like my dear friend Tish and just call
and say hi how you doing instead of calling and asking for my
third-born you even though I have a third born but I have had some people
over the last couple days ask me for some huge huge favors and I do have a
patreon page so check that out too when you want those huge huge favors cuz
some some people can ask me huge favors every day of the week
ain’t that right Larry snow okay guys with that I will hear you over on anchor
look for Eileen and free podcast host is my other account and with that in the
words of Joey kissimmee peace

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  2. Thank you so much Ileane! I am new to anchor and I sort of set it to the side. I am so grateful for this video because it made me aware of many changes will actually cause me to start using it again. Great Info as always!

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