1. All the hype was just a clever way to croud source a cheaper manufacturing process without actually doing the research or paying anyone for it.

  2. Is reverse osmosis the only other way to take salt out of water? How about boiling the water? Does rain come to earth with salt in it? Nope it evaporates from the oceans turns into clouds then turns into rain with no salt. Why can't we just boil the saltwater and turn the steam back into clean water then take the waste, (salt, minerals, bacteria, etc..) and use it for other things?

  3. Maybe if a country doesn't have enough food or water to support the people then they should stop breeding like rabbits?

  4. I don't want to be an old man by the time they get the ball rolling 😁 I can hear it now my doctor says you have been diagnosed with cancer and you have 3 days to live, but look on the bright side, they finally produced graphene Intel chips that are said to ship out next week 😂

  5. I can and already have produced graphene flake's by the kilo using an electrolysis method. It exhibits excellent thermal properties, I have even used it as part of a home made thermal compound for my computer system and it performs quite well.

  6. I couldn't work on I'd drop the lil film thing on the floor n step on it like a dried out frosted flake .. watabooy, ya fiiiiiirdd 😤🖕

  7. Stop the bodies aging process?.. There's too many people as it is 😊 ( Only available for the richest )

  8. Before plastic was introduced there were many promises made such that it is flexible and can be casted into any shape ,and now we have 'no plastic' protests, there must be something with graphene too

  9. I Propose GRAPHENE can have a Piezoelectric Effect." Because of it's atomic structure"And this will effect the power structures of this world and is why they are dragging their feet on this project.
    It will not conduct but produce electricity.

  10. Feed the homeless instead of feeding the rich man to have another way to out-live us. The poor fall back further and further thus becoming the ones left behind. I am poor, no cell phone and regular clothes. Let the Zombies go on further away from me and pack into an inescapable city.

  11. you say CLASSICAL chemistry I have broken that code and cam make carbon based structures even stronger. You see they must be held is what you think is perfect orientation. But you are wrong ! I have the key to perfect orientation but no one wishes to buy it. Good luck humanity. KISSES

  12. Get the station up or a graphene production plant,place it over the northern polar vortex,and build it downward!

  13. whith the cicle buteno who have 4 carbones and doble enlace in not proved whith the same creaccion.why??

  14. Keep the long-life aspect a secret because marketing departments don't like the idea & will try to kill it.

  15. There is no WE. There are slaves and masters. We (our slave grandgrandkids) will benefit jack shit from graphene

  16. All good, but I still see a deal breaker in all this… There is no efficient way how to flawlessly stitch small graphene flakes to "football field sized" sheets. Please let me know if I'm wrong in this (preferably with so links to a proof;-) )

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