42 thoughts on “What We Know About the Missing Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi

  1. Kashoogi & Victoria Marinova,was kidnapped & tortured to death while being strapped down In 2 Chairs.

    Susoexrs for Double Homicide & Manslaughter Are Commited by ISIS Fugitive Swine pigs William Buckley jr. alias(Patricia Cox),Adriana Grande,Megan Markle,Catherine Middleton @ Monica Elfriede Witt Alias(Dragon Nikita,Jalei Andres,Dia Lupa),Miry Regev,Premila Jayapal aka(Angela Hernandez).

  2. ISIS Kaçak Domuz domuzları William Buckley jr. takma adı Patricia Cox, Catherine Middleton, Meghan Markle, Adriana Grande, Ocasio Cortez, Premila Jayapal aka Angela Hernandez, Bou Kantaphone Takma Takma Mangal Becky Jennifer Shultz, Monica Elfriede Witt Takma (Ejderha Nikita, Jalei Andres, Myleene Klass) Onlar kaçırma ve seks kaçakçılığı için göçmenlerin yasadışı yollardan taşınmasından şüpheleniliyor.

    Onlar ayrıca, 3 kayıp Suudi, Dubai Prensi, Bin yüklü, Kashoogi ve Victoria Marinova'nın kaçırılma ve Cinayetlerinden şüphelendiler.

  3. الحصول على ISIS الهارب الخنازير الخنازير William Buckley jr. الملقب باتريشيا كوكس ، كاثرين ميدلتون ، ميغان ماركل ، أدريانا غراندي ، أوكاسيو كورتيز ، بريميلا جايابال ، ويعرف أيضًا باسم أنجيلا هيرنانديز ، بو كانتافون ألياس باربيك بيكي بيكي جينيفر شولتز ، مونيكا إلفريدي ويت ألياس (دراجون نيكيتا ، جالي أندريس ، ميلين كلاس). إنهم مشتبه بهم لأنهم ينقلون المهاجرين بطريقة غير قانونية للاختطاف والاتجار بالجنس.

    كما أنهم مشتبه بهم في عمليات خطف وقتل الثلاثة المفقودين في السعودية ، وأمراء دبي ، وبن لادن ، وكاشوجي وفيكتوريا مارينوفا.

  4. why not usa lead a war against saudi arabia just like iraq, syria, libya ? Saudi Arabia is also oil rich. But why are they selling weapons to this disgusting nation – scourge of the world peace.

  5. ohh godd enough of investigations now we all now crown prince killed him now attack saudi arabia and kill salman ..in road and make its as gadafii death .and make saudi arabia to libiya put nuclear in saudii now

  6. It is very clear that Saudi Arabian authorities mastermind his killing.
    How do you symbolise a sword in your national Flag ⛳ by their deeds we shall know them.

  7. he said the van came while the Khashoggi in the embassy, well check the time when Khashoggi entres the embassy and then check the van when it arrived there, u will find Khashoggi entered at 13 pm and the van arrived at 12 pm. so who made this video is lying or he did not notice that !!

  8. Is JK an American citizen? So why is the US drawn into this? Why not other western nation if they are so concerned? Why not Interpol?

  9. 0:04
    Who is the guy in the blue coat when Khashoggi walked into the consulate ?

    Is he a staff of the Saudi consulate ?
    This is important because the staff at the consulate was given a holiday on Oct 2.

  10. none of them succeeded to bring the dissected parts since the airport security gate system didnt catch anything. some of them abandoned the parts somewhere in turky after they went out of the consul house two hours later than the entrance of the journalist.

  11. What a disgusting thing to do. If Saudi carried this out would not syrprise me at all, the world has tolerated so much because of oil. They have squandered it and learnt nothing about humanityand equality. Instead practice female apartheid , taking of a human life is a specactle fir for the primitve masses. There will be a price for every single death of the innocent

  12. To think, I thought 'Jamal' was a black baby ghetto name. I bet many ghetto names come for Saudi. Maybe there are some Jameka's and Quineshia's over there too.

  13. This is messed up, really, really messed up. Last September, I was planning to unsubscribe from washington post but for some reason couldn't unsubscribe directly from email so I decided not to.
    Earlier this month, I read the headlines written by washington post about a disappearing journalist called Jamal Khashoggi, but I didn't know he was their journalist. Go on the days until it's said that he was murdered; I didn't took notice until today. It dawned on me horribly as I searched through my archives and found his articles still there, unread from July and backwards. I feel extremely horrible to hear this news. I cannot imagine his life was taken away so quickly like this. I pray that he gets his justice. This is horrible, too horrible to be true.

    Edit: just read his article Mar 21 about Saudi crown prince. 7 months later and he's dead.

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