What to Do If You’re Freaking Out About the Election

What to Do If You’re Freaking Out About the Election

hey guys my inbox has been getting flooded since Tuesday night with people asking me to please please please explain to them what the f just happened how could Trump win how is this part of the Ascension people are scared they're devastated and they're imagining the worst apparently Trump againin is upon us done but is there another way to look at this is it possible to be in a happy shiny state of being when one has experienced a massive unexpected and unwanted manifestation yeah and yeah if you need some soothing on this election today then this video's for you Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States and a lot of people are shunned many are devastated scared Twitter and Facebook are awash with messages that hatred and Prejudice one I saw messages from immigrants who are terrified of being deported Muslims who are considering no longer wearing their he jobs gay people worried that their right to get married will be taken away and women who are declaring that this is the most sexist time ever and many who are preparing themselves for an onslaught of discrimination and even violence in other words people are losing their goddamn minds now of course that's not everyone there are those who are coping rather well those who preach love at this time of turmoil and those who are holding on to reason but if you're one of the ones freaking out let's put things in perspective energetically shall we first of all none of what we're experiencing right now is new none of the sphere prejudice discrimination and powerlessness just appeared it's just that we're finally becoming aware of it it's no longer it's easy to ignore it's really in our faces now but let's be honest think back just a few decades women had it worse black people had it worse gay people had it worse despite what Facebook and Twitter means claimed things have not gotten worse they've actually gotten significantly better it's just that we're not done we're not where we want to be on these issues but that doesn't mean that we haven't made and will continue to make progress and if your response to this is yeah um but Trump let me explain something no one and I mean no one has the power to create in your reality not your mummy not your boss not the government and not even the President of the United States but when you decide that the president is responsible for either saving or destroying the country when you decide that the outcome of this election is going to affect you in horrible ways you are giving your power away you're not taking responsibility for your own energy and you're trying to outsource your manifestations does that ever going to work but this issue this issue of people handing their power to the government or other external sources is exactly what this whole election was about for too long we've been looking to our elected officials and the system to set the direction to fix things and to lead us the problem with that is that politicians aren't meant to lead they're meant to represent the system is meant to serve us instead of the other way around we have to be the ones to set the direction we have to be the ones to lead and then the government will follow and if bat statement brings up all kinds of a key emotions and excuses for why we can't do that then that is your powerlessness showing itself now i'm not talking about running out into the street and trying to forcibly take down the government i'm guessing that that doesn't really feel that joyous to you I'm talking about utilizing your real power your power that shapes your entire reality and no longer trying to hand it away to some politician who can then be blamed for not getting it right think about it we manifested an election between two candidates and we couldn't really get excited about either one most of the selection wasn't about who would be the best president it was an argument about who would be the least horrible one neither Trump nor Hillary could easily be wedged into the role of Savior no matter how hard some people seem to try now a lot of people just ended up voting against the candidate they hated the most but this was a good thing you see we're so ready to hand our power away to a savior someone who'll ride in and his or her white horse and just make it all better even though they really can't because they can't defy our vibration and then when that doesn't happen we can mad at them this is a pattern that is played out again and again every 48 years we decide to hand the reins to someone else in the hopes that this one I'll finally get it right but no politician can save the country and no politician can destroy the country no one can create in your reality so it was only by manifesting two choices that couldn't be made into the Savior role that we were challenged to go through the uncomfortable process of taking responsibility for our own individual vibrations so why is this process so volatile so chaotic why did people have to manage has so much negative emotion around this why all the fear well here's a very little secret the fear was already there the powerlessness was already there Tuesday night's election this manifestation only triggered it it revealed it it showed us that it was there and waking up from that fear or coming out of that fog that fog of denial where we pretend it's all okay and we do anything we can to avoid experiencing how we truly feel that can be a very painful process it's like turning off the morphine drip that you've had going all your life and realizing that you've had this huge ass tumor growing on your right butt cheek for years you can't even sit down anymore you can't get comfortable and you're in pain all the time you didn't even know you had a tumor because the morphine kept you in la-la land but once you woke up from your super it all became apparent you realize why you've been sitting funny my events are tired all the time and why you can't seem to find pants that fit you of course now that you're aware of the tumor you can do something about it you can heal it and make no mistake no matter how far gone the situation is it can always be healed it's never too late and if you heal it you can buy pants again you could go out dancing in the rain you can have sex again you can play in a band or go bungee jumping and comfortably sit wherever you like but when you've just woken up the horror of what you're feeling can be so great that you'd rather turn your morphine back on thank you very much I mean who cares about dancing in the rain and amazing sex when you're asked to emerge us wait to jail so you see waking up's a bitch the first thing that happens is that people begin to blame themselves they don't understand that there's a difference between blame and responsibility and if you need a quick recap on the difference blame is when you decide that you're the one who messed it up responsibility is when you decide to clean up the mess no matter who messed it up because you prefer not to live in a mess in blame you say this is my fault and responsibility you say this happened I acknowledge it's not what I want and now let's do something about it so in blame you'd be ashamed for having miss the ass tumor and wondering what's wrong with you that you didn't know was there and responsibility except that the tumors there you decide that you prefer it not to be there anymore and then you do something about it and that's the awakening that's happening right now not everyone is waking up at the same time but more and more every day the old energy is dying it's fighting for its little troll life but its diet the old systems are crumbling and if we want to create new systems we have to take responsibility for them we have to be the ones that dream new solutions into being we have to be willing to focus on what we want instead of what we don't want we have to stop reacting and asking others to give us something to react to and we have to become proactive there are proactive solution driven individuals who embody the new energy all over the place you see it in the music industry for example the old fossilized system is trying to maintain control while musicians follow their inspiration and simply go around them the old energy wants to control the new energy wants to create the old energy wants to thwart the new energy wants to thrive the old energy wants to limit the new energy wants to share think of Elon Musk the creator of Tesla Motors he's not going to let the old dusty industries slow him down he's just coming up with his own solutions and if you think that it's easy for him because he's a billionaire consider that this is precisely how he became a billionaire he innovated he created he lined up with solutions he followed his passion it's an inspiration and he shared his knowledge I mean he even gave away all the patents for the tesla car we're creators we want to create we need to create were built for it we're here to dream a new world into being and to do that we have to stop outsourcing our power we have to take it back it all starts with you your energy your reality and it all comes down to what you want and where you're choosing to put your focus do you want to play with the old energy of fear and powerlessness do you want to feel persecuted do you want to continue to feel like you don't have a right to be where you are but you have to apologize for your existence approve your worth do you want to continue to wait for external powers to fix it for you so you don't have to risk getting it wrong or do you want to play with the new emerging energy do you want to be a force for creating new innovative solutions that bypass the old dying systems do you want to help create a whole new world while the old one crumbles around us do you want to stop fighting the old establishment and just dream a whole new one into being do you want to live in passion joy and limitlessness if you want to play with the new energy then have the courage to step into it Trump isn't the enemy Hilary isn't the enemy fear is what do you want the world to be can you focus on that can you you feel that can you choose that can you make it more important that we create this new world that the path involves the president that you've decided has to be involved how do you know what that path will look like can you choose to trust that the universe has your back and that even though we may not always understand how a manifestation is going to bring us to optimize which happens a lot actually it definitely will can you realize that who actually won the election is irrelevant because no president can defy your vibration it hasn't occurred to you that hillary was just as if not more mired in the old energy and that Trump might actually be better at responding to the new energy flow even if he doesn't do so consciously furthermore has it occurred to you that this might all work out a hell of a lot better than your fear wants you to believe what if this this unexpected shocking development is actually the catalyst that wakes up a larger part of the population what if tuesday night's rage devastation and depression adjust the signs that people are finally turning off their morphine drips because that's pretty much how it feels what if nothing has gone wrong and everything is going right and it's just not happening specifically like we thought it would which by the way again it never really does that's why it's not our job to figure out how it's going to happen what if this is the start of the revolution but the revolution isn't about flooding the streets with body is trying to take down the establishment what if the revolution starts with each one of us in our hearts in our minds in our willingness to take responsibility to own our to feel our emotions to change our lives so that we're aligned with our deepest passions you know those things that you want so much to scare the crap out of you what if it's already begun and we're right in the middle of it and this is the part where everything feels kind of chaotic because the old energy is flailing around because it's about to lose its last foothold what does this isn't so much revolution but an evolution and we're taking another massive step forward on our quest to discovering who we really are and what it means to be fully human what if we put our focus completely and totally on the world that we're creating and finally lead the politicians instead of expecting them to lead us what if we finally step into our power and set the tone instead of trying to follow somebody else's what if we finally take responsibility and we choose to create what we want instead of spending all our energy trying to hunt down somebody to blame what if we choose to remember just how powerful we really are Trump tempo I'll see you next week

19 thoughts on “What to Do If You’re Freaking Out About the Election

  1. understanding our power of universal consciousness! we awaken to the fact that the "elite" has been using controlling mechanisms to tap into our universal consciousness to use it to enslave and control us into manifesting what THEY want, when we know our power we can CHOOSE the reality we want to manifest TOGETHER!!!! lets band together in LOVE and become who we really are as a people!!!! we can OWN our power instead of GIVING IT AWAY TO THE ESTABLISHMENT!

  2. No, we manifested Trump because Trump's universe is after Obama which means the universe of Hillary vs Trump and Putin is less denser than that of Obama and we are aligned with his universe so he is manifested.

  3. This was such a good video. I've always thought that the old systems were crumbling, but it may be part of an evolution. Love this.

    You are speaking what has been in my heart and beliefs. Thank you for speaking truth and love ((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))

  5. Alright, here's the deal. I voted for Trump. Let me briefly summarize why (and in accordance with the LoA!)

    1. We needed to implement something better than crying, whining liberal victimhood and identity politics. All this kind of political belief system does is focus on what it doesn't like and try to "fight" against it (which is why it gets nowhere). Black people are in some cases more enslaved than ever, but enslaved IN THEIR OWN HEADS. They "love" recalling slavery and are chained to self-imposed victimhood. Same thing with rabid feminists who simultaneously tell men to both "stop shaming female submissive sexuality" and "stop your dominating, chauvinist behavior." Wait, didn't you just say you were sexually submissive and want big strong guys as mates? Can't have it both ways, tootz. Perhaps that's why you're angry and don't get what you want? LoA in action!

    2. We needed to exit a decades-long delusion that we can all live in PBS World forever (or as Melody put it, the "morphine drip"). This isn't 1996. Donald Trump represents a return to the prosperity that everyone thinks Bill Clinton created (hint: Clinton signed the bill into law that removed student loan and mortgage loan limits and protections, directly leading to the economic crisis). A delusion without a corresponding vibrational match is just that, a delusion. Trump knows and thinks wealth and prosperity, so he attracts it in big ways.

    3. 40% of all Millenials live with a relative because they can't afford anything better (source was on Yahoo News, don't have a link). This is the highest number of people in the 18-35 age range who can't live on their own since 1940 (during the LAST Great Depression). I'm a Millenial too. Liberals have a false belief that we have to give everything away and invite murderers as well as EVERYONE IN THE WORLD into our house in order to be good people. No. Other countries have their portion, we have ours. If you believe in the LoA for real, then surely you must believe that these people are ultimately responsible for improving their countries and economies. We can't just take them all, and if we try to, everyone will abuse the system and pillage us for everything we have.

    In short, Trump is the answer to peoples' earnest wishes not only for prosperity, but mutual respect between genders and racial groups. Saying he would grab a pussy or not let black people rent in his apartments is only a surface story. His remarks about race and world issues that were so bitterly decried by the left were, I suspect, felt as very positive by him and his supporters. As one such supporter, I can tell you that the feeling of FINALLY getting honesty out in the open air was very, very good indeed. And look at that! There weren't any secrets to hack for Trump like there were for Hillary, because HE WAS HONEST AND IT WASN'T HIDDEN STUFF.

    Thank your lucky stars he won, because Hillary was the candidate who was manifested to satisfy the anti-good, anti-health limiting beliefs of liberals who want to keep inventing issues to fight about. How could Trump win the election if we all earnestly believed in a good outcome? No, more like: How could he NOT?

    How's that for a different take? Listen to Melody if you're really upset that he won; you may have no idea just how good this will be. You're all hoping that most of media and society will agree with your crying fits and victimized tantrums so that you can keep doing them. Get Melody's book and look into changing the limiting beliefs that say victimhood is a profession or that you should speak for/defend other groups that you don't even belong to, thus insulting and infantalizing them (single best thing liberals could do right there!).

  6. Thank you, this is what I needed, because I've been looking for everything from Quantum jumping to time travel to get away from this, lol. I really didn't view both parties as the same though, like all these people say. I would've felt more confident with Hillary, not because she's democrat but I saw her years ago in New York and I swear I heard and felt a voice inside say 'she's the one,' but for what I don't know, then I had a dream I was talking to her and she was on the floor leaning on the ground like a friend. I thought she was destined for great things, maybe it's something greater than I even thought? I haven't felt right since the election, like I've been waiting for some giant plot twist, because it's hard to look at the face of someone who likes to grab 'em in the you know what… but you're right, I gave him too much power. I'm going to trust in myself and the universe, because it will turn out better than I thought it would, because it always has/will.

  7. Get it over!! Hillary lost and Hillary don't want to accept it, what people are doing is provoking a war in USA, because just cause u don't like it still the country is democratic, get it over!!!

  8. Ass winking tumors, this was so good. You are so right! Best video all year. Love you, Melody! Thank you for putting into words what I already feel. ❤️

  9. A man manifested a dream period. And this man showed us it doesn't matter who or what is against us. He stayed focused, uplifted, and optimistic about his manifestation and we as conscious creators, were able to witness. manifestation at it's finest. I find it exciting.

  10. Spot-on! I didn't vote for Trump but one thing I noticed is that he seemed more positive and can-do than Hillary. I always identified as a Democrat but now I am Independent. I feel that the Democrats use race, gender, etc. as ways to keep people in a low vibration of perpetual victimhood. and I can't go along with that.

  11. It's not over yet. Push for change, and demand that the Electoral College follow the People's vote rather than an outdated and severely unbalanced method. https://www.change.org/p/electoral-college-electors-electoral-college-make-hillary-clinton-president-on-december-19?recruiter=626752646&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink

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