26 thoughts on “What the Tech Industry Has Learned from Linus Torvalds: Jim Zemlin at TEDxConcordiaUPortland

  1. I've been using Linux for years. I don't know how to code. It took me years to get my .muttrc file properly configured so that I could use the Mutt email client. Mae Ling Mak used Mutt, so I decided that I would use it too. I figured back then that even though Mae Ling Mak was smarter than I was, not to mention younger and prettier, I should still be able to get it done if I worked at it long enough. I use Linux for almost everything. Yes, I guess that Mr. Zemlin is a generalist. The boss doesn't get to be a specialist…. which is for insects anyway. In any case, what he said here makes sense to me. I'll probably never write a line of code. Most likely the closest I will ever come is configuring my .muttrc and .bashrc files. For what I do, perhaps this is enough.

  2. What about stallman, Mackenzie, FOSS project , Open source movement , KEN Thompson, Dennis Ritchie , Tannenbaum ??????

    Linus is great i reckon!

    It was stallman and his team's idea for GNu project…… They had everything but kernel….. Linus wrote kernel and that's great but it took a lot of effort to improve the codestack to be compatible , bug free , portable …. And it is the community that helped doing this ………
    Linus is smart but there are lot of smart people who involved in doing this , There are people smarter than Linus too , they're just not very famous and all but they're the one's who have contributed worked over this brilliant piece of software !

  3. can't agree with you~ you're speaking as Linus's boss, not himself. Emoji inventor, Shigetaka Kurita! he's so successful. everybody who uses a digital device uses his emojis. but he hasn't made a dime out of it! you need to have something to support you to live a life where you can indulge yourself before you can pursue such a goal, because it's too lofty for ordinary people

  4. No, most of your economy runs on GNU’s userland tools. Every Linux kernel runs GNU, but not every GNU deploy runs Linux

  5. this guy is probably nice and stuff but he says free software just way to often, that just reminds me of stallman

  6. This jabrone didn't mention that the reason Linux is so huge now is because it co-opted all the *nix software from earlier in time.


  7. Linus started Linux but he wrote about 2% of the code. That is a lot relatively speaking; but obviously not the entire code.

  8. The only Ted talk that I watched again and again.

    Lesson 01: Don't dream big.
    Lesson 02: Give it away.
    Lesson 03: Don't have a plan.
    Lesson 04: You don't always have to be nice.

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