‘What The Hell Is Wrong With You?’ Dems Blast Trump For ‘Lynching’ Tweet | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

‘What The Hell Is Wrong With You?’ Dems Blast Trump For ‘Lynching’ Tweet | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “‘What The Hell Is Wrong With You?’ Dems Blast Trump For ‘Lynching’ Tweet | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. What these fake media outlets are not saying….Those lynch mobs were democrats back then. There is no such thing as a GOOD white person. So don't get it twisted!

  2. he will go lower than the lowest in his sleazy attacks on people …. he should be taken down hard right now and be done with him and remand him in rikers until his criminal charges are all dealt with… he will die in prison of stress and fear becouse he will have no money to buy protection …..

  3. Psychopaths always try to deflect attention away from themselfs by playing withpeoples minds, and using gullible media to promote it. Lazy news.

  4. Look! There’s another shinny thing over there! Nice try, Mr. President, but we are all busy. The dems will impeach you and the republicans will remove you. You should start kissing up to the future President Mike Pence for a possible pardon.

  5. so sad that n-words actually think the word lynching has anything to do with them. n-words need to read more and stop watching so much american TV.

  6. While lynchings of black people were horrific and pervasive in many times and places, there were bigotry based lynchings in the USA against Native Americans, Asians, Jews, and any other ethnic/religious group considered "other." Racism was so specific in the 19th c that many people who're now considered "white" were seen as inferior races: Irish, Italians, Germanic people and more. There were also lynchings with no group-based bigotry involved, just that someone unpopular or unknown was accused of a crime and some townsfolk didn't think a judge and jury were needed. I acknowledge the prevalence and deliberate terrorism of racist whites lynching blacks, but for historical perspective understand that when someone who has seen too many action adventure Westerns sighs wistfully about "frontier justice" it usually meant stringing up one of the usual suspects rather than solving a crime. Which only makes it more IGNORANT and hyperbolic for Trump to snivel that a lynch mob is after him. Furthermore, I've seen videos of people at Trump rallies wearing T-shirts that cheerfully suggest lynching journalists. Trump had no objection, he loves the idea of his followers being inspired to lynch those he perceives as enemies/traitors because in his narcissistic view anyone who speaks against him is speaking against the nation. Trump thinks he owns the USA and we're all his minions. Sadly, many of his supporters would be willing to act as minions to an evil overlord.

  7. ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻13 million Afro unAmericans…never another Obama…pure Communism!

  8. trump wants to tell his white supremacy backers to do something, to rally them. “there are good people no both sides” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  9. This is the saddest moment in our political lifetime. To have a bafoon of a human…take over the highest office in our land…and not realize that he would be held to the highest standards of upholding the laws which he represents. As Pelosi says…she prays for him…I say I pray for us all

  10. I am now absolutely convinced that Trump has something serious on Lindsey Graham. He wasn't such a sycophant until Trump took office.

  11. c'mon – even if trump's cult followers KNEW anything about history, they still wouldn't care. if you told them trump finely slices newborns on his breakfast bagel they wouldn't care – as long as the newborns weren't white.

  12. Trump must be tried for treason against the United States of America and sentenced to DEATH by HANGING and maybe just before they put the rope around his neck he will realize the true meaning of LYNCHING…what people with HIS racist mentallity did to Black People back then. He's a SENSELESS FEUKING LOWLIFE…

  13. Everyone claiming that Trump is making tweets like this as a distraction be are forgetting one thing. That would require forethought on his part, and as had been made clear throughout his tenure, he does not think before talking or typing.

  14. This failed attempt at a human has no idea or a clue what a lynching really is.
    One does not know what it is to be on fire because they burned their finger once.

  15. Trudeau dressed up in blackface , and got 're elected . Lynch lynch lynch . Blacks don't own the corner on lynching.

  16. How ironic, most of the lynching took place in the Bible Belt: https://www.citylab.com/equity/2017/01/a-comprehensive-map-of-american-lynchings/513293/?utm_term=2019-10-22T20%3A11%3A04&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=citylab&utm_content=edit-promo&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR3MH3ufgy5YpOVjKUa-S3djreOFbGb_j2TViScM_UykxOWog5s-79kbK6I

  17. we want to see Donald Trump taxes reports
    l wandering if any American resident
    can't do what he's doing here 😒
    or he's is a special creation

  18. I wonder if there is a way to copy these comments on here, to show the American people, THE HATE THAT HAS TAKEN THEIR SOULS.

  19. Looks like America no longer likes her Face….Wear it girl cause it is the only face you have! Wait till you see the cup you gone drink…!!!!

  20. He's only going to get worst as the days and months accrue towards his day of impeachment.
    And even when that moment occurs, he and they will still attempt to defend the madness.

  21. Neo Cons ain't got a problem with using the word lynching is what there ancestors friends there cousins used to do on the weekends…for fun..

    Listening to these Neo Cons talk is like an unrated uncut version of The Dukes of Hazards
    He actually used that word… lynching..
    it's amazing to have a nazi approved president…😔
    He such a James Bond villain 😣It's scary..and Surreal..

    Trump would call a Cross Burning a Old School American Barbecue.

    He winks and Talks to his Nazi Friends in code.

  22. The Pig's expressions of martyrdom and victimization are so bizarre it's hard for me to understand how he can say such things without being embarrassed for himself. He's so damned ignorant of basic governmental and legal processes, most people would not be willing to reveal such depth of ignorance. " . . . someday if a Democrat becomes President and the Republicans win the House . . . they can impeach the President without due Process or fairness or any legal rights.. All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing . . . " Now, I've purposely not repeated his reference to lynching. That is in abominable taste for a President, but there's much else that in it's own way is just as bad. 1) His inescapable ignorance . . . or is it lying and dishonesty, I often just cannot tell which is determining his embarrassing mouth. "Due process" in the short form of it, comes down to being treated in accord with the laws of the land. IN the case of impeachment, there are not very many extraneous, arcane unknown, , case law and precedent are not really big, and so it comes down to what is in the Connie, explicitly, plus the rules the House had adopted for itself. The only things he has been griping about, e.g., open and closed proceedings, when to take a vote on a bill of impeachment, none of that is being imposed against the rules by the Demos. Failures in due process in related matters are all on the admnistrationn's side. For example, the unconstitutional refusal to turn over subpoenad documents, the admonising not to show up to testify.. O f these cases that have been taken to court, EVERY ONE OF THEM has found the admin out of compliance with due process. Likewise, the holding of the hearings in closed session is taking place in order to prevent witnesses from falsely bringing their testimony into accord with one another. Schiff knows that some witnesses will adjust their testimony to what another said, if the initial hearings are open. Much of the investigative work being done by the intel committee would ordinarily be done by the D o J. The corrupt AG Barr declined to investigate, saying there was not enough presumptive evident. Therefore the Congress has had to take up that work Again, lack of due process there may be, but it's all due to obstruction by the administration. All this is Pig lies. 3) Finally, even if the Pig was right, even if Schiff et al were really trying to pull off a dirty trick on the Pig, the patriotic response to that would not be, "JUst wait until the tables are turned. We'll degrade the rule of law even worse than you have. " That's the gist of what Trump says, when he says, "Someday we'l l be able use the impeachment clause in totally corrupted ways, contrary to the rule of law. If he really cared about our democracy, due process, about rule of law, that's the direction he'd be admonishing. INstead, just like telling his people to defy subpoenas, the first thing that dawns on the Pig is to degrade the institutions. This guy is so corrupt, he doesn't even recognize how corrupt he appears to the people, and just let's it rip.

  23. Ya dummies. White people have been lynched too. Blacks don't have sole possession of that word. I'm sick of fake indignation from people standing at microphones. It's just a way to lie to win points. I've lost patience with it. It insults us all. I suspect the guy from the Root makes his living being indignant over race. I suspect that he likes the subject. That subject is where his value comes from. That's sick.

  24. Trump is the mob working with Putting they let them terrorist get out to create they own army for war agaist the American people. Every one will be surprised when they see what they really planning for the people they are setting up to rule the world. A lot of people from the government working with thats why its hard to bring him down. All those Nazi groups and others started forming big gathering that month after he got elected. And carried on that same one year he came in office its not a coincidence. They're planning for something big thats why he wants 5g up soon as possible he want blood meaning people killed depopulation and they will rule the word. What President bring angelicas in WH.go into prayer every time he in trouble hes the devil and they all all in it together White supremacist all people in high places judges police astronauts NASA and many more but hide they face when they in public you never know who they are. It will be blood they may even shelter isis and do hit jobs for them mobsters

  25. It comes to the same undeniable truth, Americans are by far the dumbest in the industrial west. They don't know their own history and they don't care. Roger Ailes, (FOX creator and criminal), had the American citizen's mindset down pat, he told Nixon that the way to win the presidency was through television because Americans are too lazy and stupid to open a book. If you said the same lie on TV over and over again it would eventually become true. And now we have a TV personality, who happens to be a lying thug and a criminal, as president…gee what a surprise.

  26. Gosh I hate to break this to black democrats in their ham handed attempt to appropriate all rights to the word lynching. The sun does not rise and set upon your various sensitivities. Lynching was and is a practice that is not the sole province of black democrats. Non blacks were and have been lynched in a capacity not remotely involving those who now seek to attach the form to themselves in some form of proprietary interest. Shame on you for your shameless attempt to further inflict yourselves upon words that are not yours to commandeer! You have thus diluted the allegation of racism to a term that no longer conveys the seriousness that it should!

  27. So the president using the word lynching is the Holocaust all over again? What a joke these news channels are! Total joke!

  28. Shhhhhhhhh! Here's a secret I will let you in on. Some words or phrases in the English language have 2 meanings. One meaning is literal and the other is figurative. So when top Democrats (like Biden and Jerry Nadler) used the word "lynching' 50 or 60 times since the Clinton impeachment, they should not be held accountable. Let's keep this a secret, OK?

  29. It is literally stupid how many people don’t know what lynch means. Lol and they are comparing it to racism that happened in the 1800. If your offended with this comment you are surely uneducated, or just lazing for not even searching it in google. What a comedy show this is

  30. he feels any slight as being the worst thing ever while his perceived victories are the best thing ever, very stable very balanced. i remember when my nephew was two, exactly the same thing

  31. If you are black in Amerikkka, take heed to my words. GET OUT. These people will never treat you right. It's also collapsing and headed into a cashless controlled society. The wall will keep them IN. It's time for black people to GO! Get your passports together NOW.

  32. Trump is the cruelest most hateful person I've ever heard. He is doing everything he can to incite the citizens to war with each other! WHY IS HE STILL THE PRESIDENT???

  33. Well if we look at the fact that a very close relativ to trump proudly represented the KKK, carma seem to bite back.

  34. There are minions of demons who inhabit that 6'1'', 270 lb form of evil, in human form, which he uses as cover, to conceal his true visage of replitian Blood lineage, and his love of all emotions dark & negative, such as envy, hatred, etc.
    So be it true, that he always choices the left hand path where he can wallow, or bring forth the abovementioned emotions, that are the negative chaotic environs, which is the air he breathes…

  35. Again, another reason African Americans will not be voting for trump, a lying racist conman p.o.s. He wants to intimate that he knows anything about the African AMerican experience in this country. He should understand… his father was a KKKlansman.

  36. HYPOCRISY: Many Democrats said the same thing about the Clinton impeachment.

  37. "Witch hunt," "rigged" "phony" "lynching" "bullsh*t" "crap" "sons of b*tches" That's the vocabulary of our president. He's a sick man who lives in an insane world of his own making. .

  38. What was said at the end is why every time I see/hear Americans say "this isn't us" about racism, I always say, "yes it is."

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