39 thoughts on “What the heck is the event loop anyway? | Philip Roberts | JSConf EU

  1. Honestly one of the best videos I've come across. Everything is explained so clearly. He Is excellent at what he does and I hope to hear more from him!

  2. 20:29 How come parameter "i" equals to actual array element? I thought it was sg like "index" but actually works regardless of parameter name.

  3. quick question boys (and girls), at 14:30, so the thing can ONLY poll from the task queue if the stack is empty?

  4. Sometimes I'll see a $timeout() called without passing a delay. Now you've just solved the mystery! Great talk.

  5. This is by far the most informative and accessible talks about asynchronous functionality in JavaScript. Thanks, Philip, for showing us the light.

  6. The console.log inside the setTimeout() is not a function so it will give an error. Correct program
    function func(){



  7. What if we go back to HTML tables, nobody in the world likes pop ups and interesting hamburgers? Unless I'll search for a wooden sword in Zelda.

  8. As a person who struggling with understand to nature of javascript, if i didnt watch this video, i couldnt understand anything. Thank you.

  9. Get the code of loupe here https://github.com/latentflip/loupe to simulate by yourself.
    He actually publishes the app on his website here http://latentflip.com/loupe/

  10. So SetInterval is only for competitive games on webrowser?

    PD: I've never seen competitive games on webbrowser

  11. If you want to find more about task, microtasks, queue and schedules you can read this : https://jakearchibald.com/2015/tasks-microtasks-queues-and-schedules/

  12. Hi, at 21:22, when I execute the same Async forEach code, I got 3 undefined outputs!!!

    function asyncForEach(array, callback) {
    array.forEach(function() {
    setTimeout(callback, 0);

    asyncForEach([1, 2, 3], function(i) {

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