What Makes A Song Good For TikTok? | Genius News

What Makes A Song Good For TikTok? | Genius News

TIA: It’s no secret that TikTok has become
one of the biggest drivers of viral hits in the last year, something we’ve covered in
the past–but, how do you make the perfect song for Tik Tok? TIA: Here at Genius we’ve noticed our Top
Songs chart populated with all kinds of tracks thanks to the app. Everything from Mariah Carey’s 2009 cut,
“Obsessed…” TIA: …to newer tracks like Lil Keed’s
“HBS…” TIA: and NLE Choppa’s “Shotta Flow 3”
have all found success on the app thanks to a series of dances, challenges, and just random
videos. TIA: As TikTok continues to churn out a seemingly
mixed bag of songs onto its For You page, we looked at what all these songs had in common. TAYLOR: A song that’s good for TikTok is something
that’s easy, but expresses a short kind of feeling, or something that’s easy to act out
or dance to. TIA: That’s Taylor Lorenz, a technology
reporter at The New York Times who’s written extensively about TikTok. In July, Lorenz reported that TikTok quote: TAYLOR: So much of TikTok is participatory in nature, so it’s a great TikTok video is
something that is funny and engaging but also that you feel like you can put your own riff
on. TIA: Take for example 3ohBlack’s “All
Talk.” The song’s lyrics are pretty much just about
shooting people, but a few of those lines in particular have caught people’s
ears. And according to Lorenz, that’s all it takes. TAYLOR: They’re like shooting things around
them, but it’s basically like an audio way to express I guess things
going away that then you can replicate. TIA: Tracks like “All Talk,” are attractive
to users because the lyrics give people something to physically act out in clips. TAYLOR: The best videos, they kind of have
directives in the sense that you’re acting out some part of the lyrics, or you’re using
the lyrics to kind of express something. TIA: The same goes for E-40’s 2014 track,
“Choices” which blew up on the app 5 years later, thanks to its own super straightforward
lyrics. TIA: But even with songs whose lyrics don’t
necessarily give you anything to act out, users are quick to associate certain types
of videos with certain songs. TAYLOR: If you think of these object labeling
memes where you’re labeling everything and that’s, those are like the visual versions
of TikToks sometimes. Where TikToks are using this audio to kind
of tell a story or tell something happening. TIA: The most popular songs on TikTok range
from pop to rock to hip-hop music, and often times the artist behind the songs don’t
have anything to do with whether or not it blows up. TIA: What matters most is whether the track
is catchy or interesting enough to build a video around. There’s a lot of great songs, but they don’t
have that one clip that makes something easy to meme. TIA: Hyping a song’s popularity online to
make it a hit on the charts is nothing new, and dates back to Soulja Boy’s own viral
hit “Crank That.” TIA: TikTok is just today’s version of that,
and some brands have even caught on to the marketing plan. ELF Cosmetics enlisted singer songwriter illWayno
to create their own branded musical content to live on TikTok, with the “eyes, lips,
face challenge.” There definitely are artists that are very adept
at the internet and think about the share-ability of their content and their music, maybe that
will be something that will just be more top of mind. TIA: Whether or not users realize it, TikTok
has already started changing *how* people listen to music, too. It gives users a reason to focus more on what
soundbites in songs are best for memes. TAYLOR: When I listen to songs now I definitely
listen for clips. It’s improved, at least for me, my audio library, where I associate different
songs with different things or I’m always trying to think of a new song to match some
video that I think of. TIA: And might just be the start of a new
wave of how people consume music. TIA: I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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