48 thoughts on “What "Leaders Eat Last" means

  1. Eating last is Goy dogma.
    Why didn't the new York times photographer drop his camera and help that mother and child out?

  2. This is a powerful message. Leadership is about taking care of your people. Something I can relate to.

  3. BUT as a leader you can't throw yourself in front of your subordinates every time. And you also shouldn't. Sometimes you can't safe someone and it's more important for the greater good, that the leader lives on. Even if that means that you can't safe your subordinates. Because you are the one who leads, and who will lead you men when you're not there anymore?
    A Hero-Complex cam be dangerous. A Firefighter can sometimes not safe his subordinates, because it would be too dangerous and he could die. And sometimes you can't safe everyone as a firefighter.

    I hope you got my point there.

  4. If there was a visual definition of vulnerability one could use your expression as a demonstration. In a sense that true purpose simply makes you bulletproof..

  5. Your book has literally changed my life. I'm 43, have been in a employment funk for several years. Your book reminded me of the lessons I learned in USMC bootcamp. The, take care of your troops and they will take care of the rest, mentality. I am now signing up to get my BS in business management to be the leader your book has inspired me, reminded me I can be. Thank you, sir.

  6. Your the best speaker I've come across that enlightens me and helps me reflect upon myself to take corrective actions towards becoming a better leader, a better person. Thank you

  7. This idea is fairy anachronistic, maybe it meant something in the past, but not nowadays.
    In addition, the marine example is the best in the world example of "mother-child relationships"- let your soldiers eat first, let them die first. What a fair deal.

  8. 30-40 minutes for title? Thank God someone admits you brainstorm these things. Titles and slogans can sometimes pop up in your mind but you cant rely on it.

  9. Why it happens that the team you are protecting doesn't follow you in action, doesn't perform? This should go both ways…

  10. That’s the simple model in business economics, leaders PAY themselves LAST, makes sense I wish it were the same in Politics

  11. I recently listened to "First Ask Why," and am now listening to "Sapiens," by Yuval Noah Harari. Are you two acquainted? If not, you need to be. Mounds and mounds of objective critical thinking.

  12. Absolutely, Simon! And sadly, I think more mothers take on the leadership role than men. I don't think men behave like men these days. Regrettably, due to my husband's lackadaisical attitude toward the real things that matter in this life, I am more of a "man" in my home than my husband is. I've learned that, regardless of the necessity, we cannot motivate someone who does not desire to motivate him/herself.

  13. OK, OK. I really thought that leaders were more prone to sacrifice foot-soldiers to save their own hides. Foot-soldiers that will willingly do so "for the King". Maybe "leaders eat last" works for team leaders, but I guess that it does not for bigger social entities like corporations, states, religions, etc. A true leader is the one who can send his soldiers to their death looking at them in the eyes. This last quote is from the TV series "The 100", a great series about leadership.

  14. Great talk. If you'd like to read it in a better way, you can do that here https://www.vexplode.com/en/agile/what-leaders-eat-last-means-2/

  15. And that is why I like Donald Trump. He is a leader who throws himself in front of a would be killer and that is why the communists hate him.

  16. To Extend recently I heard that – this is the same reason for our obesity.
    Watching TV and eating is producing different chemical what you watch – instead of chemical for what you eat.
    Ex: Eating sweet watching Horror Movie will give you Cortisol instead of Insulin.
    leaves more glucose to body…

  17. You have missed part of the point? Leaders also serve the food to the troops! Many times troops don't see thier higher leadership, also if it's bad chow or not enough leaders will now see condition of troops, the chow, and if there isn't enough they also go hungry. One of easiest ways to know if your soldiers care about you is if you miss chow? Did they save you something? I offer you this to expand you understand understanding, it happens mainly with ground combat troops, but the concept applies to all, however the tradition in the Navy is officers have a separate mess! They conduct business there, just different! Eye opening the first time Army Combat Arms/Command/Operation officers encounters!

  18. The Army is the same way, leaders always eat last. You must take care of your men Officer or NCO. They must trust that you will lay down your life for them, and you have to be willing to die for them.

  19. Mothers instinctively protect their children. It has nothing to do with leadership and everything to do with loving that child you carried for 9 months, then gave birth to, then breastfed, then walked away from a job you loved to Nurture and Protect. The majority of mothers within the Animal Kingdom are designed the same way.

  20. Goes against the putting your own mask on first before you assist the passenger next to you analogy that everyone uses

  21. Its not important to be a leader. Every1 has their own leadership qualities. U can lead as a servant. Being a leader is a person doing their best in their area. I dont agree with this guys opinion & theories bc his beliefs are different from mine. Yet he expects the world of ppl to accept his view as right. That in itself is wrong! U know who was a great leader? Jesus Christ! Bc he served in order to be followed. Serving is the ultimate humbleness which demolishes the toughest of walls n pride within ppl. It is the killer of the ultimate deadly cancer sin pride. Jesus knew the formula naturally which had its way with the most uprooted broken ppl of its day to change with hope n thrive with a purpose in life. Jesus taught life over death. Jesus gave life over death. The ultimate act of love from the time he was born till he served and died and raised and still healed & gave life for the whole world to accept. It is simple ppl. But ppl like this guy wants to make it so scientifically challenging so others may understand and accept. Thats my view. Take it with a grain of salt. All i know is that he loves the way he speaks and sounds he even looks as if hes so smart. Good job smart man. U must happy now that u got worlds approval for ur meaning of life

  22. Canadian army does the same thing, It's always a bit inspiring when your commander makes sure everyone else is fed before he eats.

  23. It really explains why we do have disdain, reluctance, over generations of politicians. They would never think to us first.

  24. I'm searching all over YouTube to watch all your videos. You're a big inspiration, keep spreading your vision!

  25. One of the many things that we learned in military leadership training is that you must be the first to volunteer for what is difficult or unpleasant and last to accept what is good or comfortable. Hence, a good squad leader is the first to volunteer to clean the latrines and last to sit down to eat.

  26. I grew up in a poor, close-knit, rural family…and I've seen neighbor families where the parents ate before their children…just because they were "the parents…the bosses." The children came second because the parents had to be strong enough to work. In my family, my parents ate last. Even though they, too, needed to be strong enough to do a hard day's work, they believed that, as adults, they could wait and make do with less. Children, when they're hungry, might not understand having to wait…but my parents loved us enough to see to our needs first and felt good about providing for us above themselves. That, in turn, taught us to repeat the pattern with our own children.

  27. “When there is danger, it is not protecting myself but
    rather willing to put myself in a harm’s way to protect another. That is what
    eating last means.” Wow!

  28. What I recall as a child was "dig in or your not going to get anything" and your portion size was inversely proportional to your distance from the "dinner bell". 🙂

  29. From what i see here in Europe, it's the other way around, grown ups go first then the kids, and then demand respect that they haven't earned when the kids won't respect them. I have always wondered how one could be so selfish but then i realised that may be they got this leadership thing all wrong. May be it's not about what you are nor how old you are but how safe you make those around you feel! I try to implement this in every friendship or relationship I make. I will try to make one feel safe in every accountable situation and it has never felt bad! It always feels great! great vid btw!

  30. I always eat last. I teach this to my staff too especially when at school/camp when their are children involved. They eat first.

  31. "It's my turn to eat." is the prevailing mindset among our leaders here, unfortunately. And the people continue to suffer when there's more than enough for everyone. I look forward to the day you'll hold a talk here Simon. We need to hear more of this …wisdom. – With love from Kenya.

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