What Kevin Feige’s Takeover of Marvel REALLY Means… (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

What Kevin Feige’s Takeover of Marvel REALLY Means… (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– What Kevin Feige’s takeover
of Marvel really means! They say it’s good to be the king, and if you are Kevin Feige,
it must be real good. On Tuesday, it was announced that the Marvel Studios president will now be taking over almost all of the storytelling aspects
of Marvel Entertainment, as its new Chief Creative Officer. Not only will Feige continue to oversee the creative
direction of the films, but he will also take over
publishing, i.e. comic books, television and animation divisions. – This is overwhelming.
– On top of that, Marvel TV and Marvel Family Entertainment will move under the Marvel Studios banner with the various heads
of all these divisions reporting to Feige. Obviously, this has huge ramifications and there is so much to unpack, so let’s break down what
Feige’s shiny new CCO title means for the future of all
of Marvel’s moving parts. First up, Marvel Studios and its films. When it comes to the movies, this is where there will
be the least change. Feige is already in
charge of Marvel Studios and controls the narrative arcs that have long been developed
with the Infinity Saga and mapped out over the new few years with Phase 4 and 5 of the
Marvel Cinematic Universe. Feige has shown that he’s
capable of running this studio, and he has had good working relationships with most of the people
shepherding Marvel movies, like the Russo’s and Taika Waititi. Expect things to stay
on course in the MCU. – Oh, this is nice.
– Next up, Marvel TV. Now this is where things
start to get a little dicey. We had previously reported that
we might be seeing the death of the Marvel Television
division as we know it, and this seems to reinforce that theory. With Marvel’s current TV offerings splintered across several groups, and with very little continuity between Marvel’s film
and television offerings, despite there originally being plans to, their TV division has
never had the consistency of the movies. We’re looking at you, Inhumans. But the big X factor that
threw up warning flags was the upcoming show slate for Disney+. Shows like WandaVision and Hawkeye will star Marvel Cinematic
Universe characters and will 100 percent take
place in the MCU continuity. And now that Feige is
officially taking the reigns of creative for Marvel
TV, it seems like it is in for a major restructuring. We wouldn’t be surprised
if all of the current and former TV continuity is deep sixed to help streamline a new
wave of television offerings that would be more inline with
the MCU timeline and budget. Hell, there are rumors swirling currently that the upcoming Ms.
Marvel series for Disney+ will have recasted
versions of the Inhumans, Black Bolt and Maximus,
furthering sidelining the short lived Inhumans
television series. Plus, with the canceling of
the Netflix Marvel series, as well as shows like Legion
and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. all wrapped up or finishing soon, things are already starting to consolidate into a more streamlined continuity. So expect that trend to continue where most, if not all, new Marvel shows fit into MCU canon with
maybe the exception of their animated series, which can focus on more purely kids’ fair, or stuff that wouldn’t work in
live-action very well, like Howard the Duck. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see what happens with
announced Marvel TV shows, like Hulu’s Hellstrom. But what about Marvel Comics? This seems to be the biggest question mark under this new dynamic. Dan Buckley, president
of Marvel Entertainment, will continue on in his
role with Joe Quesada as a creative lead, but
Buckley will now report to Kevin Feige when it comes to Marvel Comics creative direction. This seems to open up
most of the speculation as to what creative direction
Marvel Entertainment will take under Feige’s guiding hand. And many fans are
wondering what this means for Marvel Comics continuity. Could things get more streamlined, will we get more books that
could tie into the MCU, could we see fewer hard
resets and renumberings in Marvel Comics, something
that fans have grown tired of after it happening multiple times in the past few years alone. Could we see it all
reset in the Feige-verse? – No.
– Honestly, no one knows, and that is both exciting and
terrifying at the same time. We’ll just have to wait
and see how it plays out, but what about video games? Well, this new change shouldn’t
affect Marvel games much, as they’re still under
the purview of Marvel CEO and chairman, Ike Perlmutter,
instead of Kevin Feige. And finally, what does
this mean for Star Wars? Absolutely nothing! Kevin Feige still may or may
not produce a Star Wars film, but that’s the same deal as before. Though Marvel and Lucasfilm
are both owned by Disney, they are two separate companies, and while there was
speculation that Kevin Feige could be taking over Lucasfilm, Feige’s new position feels much
more like he’s being groomed to move up the Disney ladder, instead of making lateral
moves among Disney divisions. But what do you folks think? Are you excited that
Kevin Feige is now CCO of Marvel Entertainment? What changes do you think
are coming for Marvel Comics? And do you think he will
create all new versions of previous Marvels shows,
like Daredevil or the Inhumans? Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching. If you liked what you saw, why not give us a like and subscribe? If you wanna get notified every
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100 thoughts on “What Kevin Feige’s Takeover of Marvel REALLY Means… (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

  1. All I hope for it is something that's geared to us adult fans and not so much kids. I am jonesing for some stories with depth, consequence, and grit.

  2. Wow, I wonder if this guy sat on his bed reading comic books when he was 10 and knew that one day he would become the all poweful overlord of all things Marvel.

  3. It means

    More shitty Jokes
    More childish plots
    And we'll being the same stupid shit in movies, comics and videogames.

    Yet you fkinh Disney methheads will be wanking it off

  4. This seems fine to me. I thought there was a lot of room for improvement in the T.V series. I wanted to like The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. etc but just thought the t.v. shows were okay. Except the craptastic Inhumans of course.

  5. That video clip of Kevin smiling awkwardly after drunk Amy said something stupid is the gift that just keeps on giving.

  6. HOLY. AMY. F**KING VORPAHL. #babealert #babeasaurus #thebridgesofbabeisoncounty #drbabe:medicinewoman #babelysharkdodododododo

  7. Damn, Amy, looking good. Kind of a '40s Punisher motif. I know it's your job, but I am over the Marvel Universe…too commercial and seems as if it is dying of inbreeding.

  8. I will comment this every time someone reports that marvel does hard resets/ reboots most comics from even the 60s are still canon and sometimes referenced when they do a re-branding that's all it is re-branding they don't throw away their past like dc

  9. I think Hickman’s X-men will reboot the Marvel comics, hence Moira’s 11th life…It’ll involve AvX..Franklin Richards, Phoenix Force, Galactus, and the phalanx….Possibly clears the board for Feige and well as retcon the 80yr Marvel history

  10. This brings us closer to a MI13 movie. We got Blade, Black Knight, a Captain Britain namedrop in Endgame and now Elizabeth Hurley's Morgan Le Fey can appear.

  11. So he's going to completely ruin all of Marvel. He's already said he doesn't care about the comics, so I dread to see how much he is going to fuck up Marvel

  12. With Feige taking full control of Marvel and working on a Star Wars movie, I'm guessing Disney is grooming Feige to eventually become the CEO of Disney one day. Bob Iger is suppose to be done at the end of 2021 but I doubt he'll take over then. There will probably be a CEO in between Iger and Feige's tenures.

  13. Marvel Comics need to stay as complicated and intertwined as they are and remain a separate universe from the MCU, Allowing the studios and tv shows to continue remixing or streamlining those stories for use in their media. It also will allow fans to get depth they want in longer serialized stories which can happen faster than on long serialized shows, and the shorter or pared down version of things with more cinematic presentation for the movies, and a balance in between with television and maybe video games.

  14. They take elements of the comics and than spin them into a different beast… be it good or bad. As long as they don’t F with the X-men to much I don’t mind.

  15. I think Feige is a kid at heart. The MCU started as cool cinematic cgi scenes, and whilst that stayed the story writing got much better through out. I think the MCU will be fine

  16. Feige doing the snap on the TV universe to bring balance to the Marvel Universe. This does put a smile on my face😌

  17. Nice… continue with shield, do not end it. Use the same actors and actresses from marvel Netflix shows. Would be good to see

  18. How do you not think Howard the duck wouldn't work now under Disney? Did you not see zootopia, Disney likes the furries.

  19. they are keeping Ryan Reynolds as deadpool
    then why not keep
    Charlie Cox for daredevil
    Jon bernthal for punisher
    and other characters

  20. Hopefully, Feige knows better than to turn the comics into an MCU-clone. The MCU is great, but I don't want every ofter version to just be a copy of it.
    But I think he'll do fine. He has done pretty well so far

  21. I hope Feige moving up in Marvel as a whole will put him in a position to kick out Ike Perlmutter and take over as CEO proper.]

    Perlmutter is horrible in every conceivable way imaginable, and Marvel Entertainment deserves a CEO of the calibre of Kevin Feige.

  22. So, will this mean shows like Legion, Runaways, Cloak & Dagger, along with the former Netflix shows, will all be cancelled/renewed/revamped under Fiege?

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