What Is the Legislative Branch of the U.S. Government? | History

What Is the Legislative Branch of the U.S. Government? | History

30 thoughts on “What Is the Legislative Branch of the U.S. Government? | History

  1. We no longer have a working, protective structure of government. It is being dismantled as I type this and the tyrant our Founding Fathers had in mind, has surfaced and took over the law. Now most of our government works for him and serves him. The rest of them just sit back clutching their pears.

  2. thats TOO much POWER. We the PEOPLE should VOTE on the LAWS, they create laws that we have to obey and not them.

  3. The president and the congress executive branch was informed of these terrorists types before January 28, 2019 latest hit. My arm was swollen my blood pressure was very high, I was very much dehydrated and I was nauseous. I made it clear to the police I would bleed internally for their "on purpose" tight handcuffs crushing my bones. I was let out and of course the bleeding started profusely while my attorney has not done anything in these last four days to accommodate my younger Son and I from these terrorists type. I could not use the restroom for four days because I was placed with another person in my cell. I was told the police who illegally arrested would tell them to put me by myself. Of course that lying police did not do say or do anything. My question is why has the executive branch and president been able to sit back and do nothing with all of my proof with the newscasts for years. The plaintiffs continues to not have any proof. These terrorists types are upset because I know my body and the damages they have caused my health. I do not exaggerate or fabricate serious life threatening illnesses. I want to know why no one is being charged for the continuing criminal offenses.

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