What Is The Legal Remedy For President Donald Trump’s Refusal To Cooperate? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

What Is The Legal Remedy For President Donald Trump’s Refusal To Cooperate? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Ever world power "tries" to influence it… bc it effects the world. Russia is not the threat china is… an china has bought and paid for our colleges our politicians and our media on all levels from news to hollywood

  2. I cannot believe people sit through so many lies from this channel. It is quite alarming how many people believe line after line of spin. Especially when they keep speaking of facts… when if you actually lay out the facts, show time after time, their spin is just plain wrong. Libertarians and people who just believe in the Constitution sit through these charades and just eye roll until it hurts.

  3. We don't want Barr, Graham, Moscow Mitch and all the other crooks to answer for it in the long sweeps of history! We want them to answer for it by loosing their elected posts and by facing criminal charges.

  4. No one of you Heard Senate Majority Leader. He said and it will be that anything that the DNC does in their Partisan fishing trip is Dead when it comes to the Senate. So whatever the DNC does in the HOUSE is meaningless. Also trying to alter elections has been going on as long as there have been elections. Obama did the same thing to BB using Millions of American Tax Dollars. Do all you can to try and make something from Nothing it will fall flat. As for the greatest Threat to America you and CNN and the NY Times and the rest of the Fifth Column is the Greatest threat to America.

  5. It would be amazing if it was to be another country, other then Russia, since Americas' water, food, surveilance and with wanting the wall is exactly like the major study that Russia did with "City 40" in Russia. Why do you think so many Americans are getting sicker ??
    I believe that "City 40" testing was done on a smaller scale for future years to use hear in the United States !! If you dont know about "City 40" look it up ! Even if you have to go to the library. You might have to since some information has been wiped out previously about it already.

  6. Why does executive branch govern the country? Because congress set themselves as president’s slaves, especially GOP. GOP wake up!

  7. Follow the constitution! There is no need for DJT to provide documents. The legislative arm does NOT need the Executive Branch's approval to do its business. Trump can cry "foul, no fair-" –all he wants. Do the job! Cite the constitution-list the violation-ACT! Trump's whining negated the Mueller report last time; it worked. He is doing the same thing again.

  8. Trump whines because DEMS have been picking on him. Well they have, he has been corrupt and violating law from Day 1. You don't want anyone after you, you work to help the people–not just yourself.

  9. Moscow Mitch and his wife are stealing from the American public and the Republican party stands by to let him. Why do we trust them?

  10. The document request should be seen as an offer to to help Trump defend himself, and he is refusing. Therefore Impeachment process should proceed as the constitution states. It is the same thing as a witness refusing to defend himself; the judge will take evidence as submitted and make a judgement PERIOD. Refusing to submit documents which might clear him tells me that those documents won't. Only the guilty fight so hard.

  11. an act of war…? So the United Snakes of Amerikkka has been at war with the world ever since WW2, especially LatinAmerica and Asia….

  12. He is right to refuse because the Demonicrats never took proper steps. As usual off on a whim? When Bidens Son was totally involved. So they arrest the investigators checking into the Demonicrats underhanded dealings

  13. That disgusting president of usa did the same to many countries . He gave Bolsonaro to
    Brazil. Well done!

  14. You should read dr. Quigley hope and tragedy about how the CFR. Another good book would be Gary Allen none dare call it conspiracy. And I invite everyone to watch dreamy Dreamland with Sensei owl on YouTube

  15. It's very hypocritical of the media to be "up in arms" about Russian interference in US elections, yet there is NOT A SINGLE mention of ALL the countries around the world where the US is interfering with their elections, Venezuela, Iraq, Yemen, or actively invading those countries, Syria and many Africans nations, to overthrow their current leaders. What is the standard that the USA applies to interference in our elections and those of other countries? This is where the MSM has FAILED REPEATEDLY since they were sold to 6 corporations that now control the "news" reported in this country.

  16. THANKS SO MUCH MSNBC for providing this space to enable our words to cleanse our souls, feels sooooo good, just what the Dr.ordered. You guys are the best, take a well deserved bow !! I think I know but probably truly don't how hard its been for you to take us by the hand an lead us out of this scary place we call home. Keep walking, I'm counting on you, really and to be sure I'm not the only one of us in that God awful place right now . Thank you. Diane Gagnon

  17. One thing I found out years ago, was anything these liberal/socialist
    s accused you of, they were. You Trump haters are mentally ill.

  18. Ask Lindsay Graham circa 1996. He explained how presidents are obligated to cooperate and how one of the articles of impeachment against Nixon was his obstruction.

    But, Graham is a partisan spineless loyalist now. Lol

  19. It was alleged that the Russians helped influence the election.
    Rod Rosenstien commented in the indictment of 12 Russians; that it did not influence the elections.
    They may have been trying to influence the elections but it had no effect.

    Russia has been spying on the US and trying to influence U S politics since the end of the second world war.
    The US has been spying on Russia and trying to influence Russian politics since then too.
    This is nothing different or unique. It's been going on for decades. Long before Trump was even a thing.
    He wasn't even born yet.

  20. To all who swore an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution, you either stand with the traitor or the flag. Inviting foreign interference into our elections is unconstitutional and unAmerican. Those who have taken the oath of office, yet support this attack on our Nation's self-determination are the enemies of a representative government of the We the People. Trump's statement, "Don't believe what you hear", is not part of the Constitution. Bow to the traitor with lies and spin, or stand for your oath and the flag.

  21. With all the money Trump used to win the presidency in 2016 all he did was just invest himself a room in prison cell, once impeached! LOL!

  22. Didn't NBC make lots of money off Donald Trump's personality with his repulsive reality show (which I refused to watch)? NBC "made" Trump what he is today by giving him a national platform.

  23. No mention of a Trumpanzee on Fox stating that impeachment of Trump = REGICIDE? Monarchy of TRUMP? OMG!



    the action of killing a king.

  24. Now that sotero's FBI/CIA/MSM COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

  25. Refusal to Corporate with Impeachment Proceedings is Unconstitutional . . . . Jail is the only remedy for Trump and his criminal enterprise.

  26. Average person tells Congress to go f%$k itself, they Go To Jail. Rudy Giuliani tells Congress to go f%&k itself, he's traveling all over the world. Plenty of Trump employees have told Congress to go f%&k itself, and they are still working and being paid. They aren't the president. Why are they not being found in contempt and being fined, or jailed? And John Mitchell went to prison for less corruption than Barr's performance. Why is he not being indicted?

  27. Moscow Mitch is keeping the tRUMP in office, along with the GOP. They are demons all of them and they need to GO NOW! God help us and save us before 2020 when tRUMP destroys us all.

  28. Growing up in Nazi Germany, l have to say you have a Hitler wannabe in the WH, l don’t understand why Americans can take care of it. Do you really want a repeat of WWll
    Stop talking and take action, show us the brave and honorable men you are supposed to be

  29. If you don’t stop him, you are all enablers and guilty as he is. We don’t have another 10 or 11 mo to wait for you to decide

  30. If kissing Obama’s *ss made Biden a good VP I suggest Trump and Pence do the same. There is plenty of room for improvement.

  31. trump could come out and declare himself a satanist, and his followers would attack the pope. The republican party is about to be very sorry they sold their soul to trump

  32. Yall notice, every time trump and the Republicans try to cheat or hide evidence or cover up something, the truth comes right out BANG!!! We also notice that every time trump huddles with the people that go to work for him their repartation dies n be destroyed. Go head GOD go head, you in control, your truth always prevails. Amen.

  33. My Mother said 50 years ago that Russia would never fire a shot at the U.S.–they would tare us down from inside. She was a very smart woman.

  34. The only ones that don’t believe that Russia intervening in USA elections is Donald Trump and the ones who wants to ride on the bus

  35. Ok resignation is a good way to run off and leave the country and go to Russia with wife, in-laws, kids and such. Take all of them. Kushner too. We will not miss complete utter daily madness. Bye already.

  36. Meacham says Bill Barr will answer for his actions in the long sweep of history. No he won't. When asked about how he'll be viewed in the future, he said he'll be dead, i.e. he doesn't care. Despite being a major figure behind the Iran-Contra cleanup crew, he was viewed 20+ years later as an honorable institutionalist by smart folks like Chuck Rosenberg, among many others, until recently. Long after Trump is gone from office and Barr is back in private practice (assuming he isn't disbarred), he'll be smiling his way through $30,000 holiday parties not caring what history thinks of him.

  37. Of course the GOP turn a blind eye to Russia trying to suppress the black vote in the US – the GOP has been suppressing the black vote in the ex slave states ever since the Dixiecrats joined the GOP. Brian Kemp, in broad daylight, stole the GA governor's election by refusing to except registrations from black citizens, and shutting down polling stations in black districts. He never recused himself from overseeing the election as Sect of State, and not one Republican spoke out against him it – if a Dem Sect of State had done that, Fox "News" & the GOP wldve had 24 hr hissy fits.

    "Reverse the election?" Seriously? that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard – if Spanky gets impeached, does Hillary become president then? No, of course not, that's idiotic, Mike Pence, who was on the 2016 Republican ticket, whom voters also voted for, wld become president. Impeaching Spanky in no way reverses the 2016 election. We don't just vote for president, we vote for a ticket with both pres and veep on it, with full knowledge that if the pres can't complete his term, then the veep will take over. Presidential candidates have lost nomintions and general elections bc ppl didn't trust the person they picked for veep. The GOP shrieking about "reversing the election" is yet another big lie. If you voted for Spanky, then you voted for Pence too. If PresPAB gets himself impeached a white, male, xstian, ultra conservative, evangelical pandering, lgbtq/feminist/muslim/immmigrant hating, POC voting rights suppressing, abortion rights destroying, conspiracy theory spewing, Fox "News" loving, Republican will still be president. A Republican who will continue to appoint "originalist" judges, whose jurisprudence is from the Middle Ages, who will use the Constitution as a club to attack Democrats over expanding civil rights, assail abortion and women's rights, while ignoring the Constitution whenever it suits Republican interests. So stop whining.

    Schools don't teach Civics bc it's not on standardized tests, & Republicans made sure that school funding is tied to standardized tests, so schools are forced to teach to the tests if they wanna keep their funding. Not to mention, many HS require 4 years of English, 4 years of Math, 4 years of Science, 2 years of a foreign language, etc etc, so many requirements – which are aimed at funneling students into the technology sector, which Civics has nothing to do with – that HS students often only get one elective per semester, if that. Also, the Dubya tax cuts decimated spending on Education, and schools can only afford so many materials, so many text books, so many teachers – and having a middle school teacher devoted to teaching a subject that's not on the standardized test is something most just can't afford.

    Does anyone really think that a woman Mika's age, with Mika's figure, eats whoppers? Seriously?

  38. The significance of the contrived polls ??
    How about do a fund raiser and tell us how much $$ you pulled in ??
    fund raising is like the stock market and better than Contrived polls
    if you don't have much then the people are NOT interested ?
    Whistleblower /SPY Reportedly Worked for Biden, Could Have Even Spent Time in Ukraine with Him and also has ties with SHIFTY
    Well it was JOE who admitted to EXTORTING /Shaking down / Bribing UKRAINE thus loosing his Political Immunity and Implicating Obama and his son as an accessory ??? Thats the crime ??? and all that happened April 2014 ????
    The protestors on the out side of Minnesota all chanted HATE and wanted to fight
    The Minneapolis rally played purple rain ,chanted lock Hunter up and estimated that it took in 7 million in one night while Louisiana rally took in another 2 million
    Bring on impeachment if you can ??
    Travesty of justice is when the democrats hold these impeachment hearings in private – If a party/group continually hold these closed door meetings then they are preparing to lie / SHAM /deceive the public – they are giving the Law and the legal process a bad name –
    Looks like the DON is correct and that group /party is being uncovered /exposed /unveiled and unmasked ??
    Who will write Nancys /democrats eulogy -Shifty??
    Voting will be a privilege
    Mitch Mc Connell does not have to bring up the Impeachment charge because the investigations have no Basis as they were held in the dark ?? Nancy knows this ??

  39. Trump is reminiscent of.the movie Prizzi's Honor. Betcha Melania says to him, too: "Oh [Donnie] You wanna be soooooo bad, doncha ya?" LOL.

  40. At 12:25 Barnacle mentions that most school no longer teach civics. The Trump era, with its sea of ignorant adherents, shows just how important an education in the basic workings of government can be.

  41. The shape shifting republicans speaking with forked tongues should be ashamed of themselves for throwing away our constitution.

  42. McConnel's hands are dirty he made a million dollar deal with Russia? I want a congressional hearing about that? Why is that okay? We have sanctions against Russia and a congressman accepted money for his company?

  43. the Trump Administration is like the American Idol contestants who don't like the judge's answer and just sit on the stage until security comes to get them.


  45. Russian act of War, Donald J tRump, and company aiding and assisting = TREASON.
    Line tRump and all of his supporters up against the Big Beautiful Wall!!!

  46. Start finding them 20 thousand a day for not cooperating with them that will get them. Republicans are misers when it comes to money.


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