39 thoughts on “What is the Best Business Education? Run a Marathon. | Andrew Johnston | [email protected]

  1. As an Accounting student and cross country runner, I can appreciate this talk and his clear passion for the subject. Thank you!

  2. Whilst the ethics and ethos i agree with here, getting students below a certain age to run 26.2 is not a good idea and could cause long term injuries….what say you?

  3. Yes, your life doesn't have to be based on chance; life can be a choice. It's how you shape your life that matters. As Oscar Wilde would put it, "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."

  4. Everyone has it in them to run a marathon. If you can run a 5K you can run a 10K and if you can run a 10K you can run a half and if you can run a half you can run a full.

  5. I have done an Ironman, but I still find it hard to apply the discipline of training for that to my career and business in general.

  6. Я рыдаю! Мужик реальность для меня открыл заново! Увидел себя в режиме многозадачности и без конкретно определённого будущего! и Я так не хочу!
    Очень интересует, есть ли в Казахстане клубы по подготовке к Марафону.
    Подскажите, если кто знает?

  7. How much education could anybody remember, definitely evolution had not designed our brains to store r process 2 decades of education. Moreover over dosage of education had turning students as idiots, lazy, unhealthy, and the list is endless. Moreover the world's greatest personalities r under educated or were not so bright students. For example Bill gates, Viveakaanandha, Steve jobs, Srinivasa Raamanujan, Warren Buffett, Einstein and the list is endless.
    But changing the world is not an easy job.

  8. "A 26.2 mile marathon." REDUNDANT!
    A marathon IS 26.2 miles. If it's not 26.2 miles, it's not a marathon.

  9. Love it!
    only that Marathon is not good for your heart.
    A physical discipline is important, especially if it is too some extent mindful.

  10. I think this may only work for those who can't run a mile. There are a ton of people out there who can run marathons in their sleep back to back days. You want to learn patience and grit? Try a 100 mile ultramarathon.

  11. Just like A great Leader..he didn't talk a word about himself..credited everything to his students..hats off to this teacher..

  12. As much as I love running (I do), I wouldn't recommend anyone "to set scary goals" week after week… that's a recipe for disaster – shin splints, stress fractures, etc… Same thing with going from "out of shape" to "complete a marathon in 26 weeks"… Take it easy. Enjoy your training sessions. Plan resting weeks with half the distance to ensure your body adapts and builds strength up. There is no rush! The marathon will be equally satisfying to complete if you training safely for 40 weeks instead of 26.

  13. Grit and Tenacity – The two things that will determine your success as a young entrepreneur.
    This was a great talk!

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