What is STV? Single Transferable Vote Explained...

What is STV? Single Transferable Vote Explained…

single transferable vote is being used to elect the student trustees it's the fairest and most effective system to elect multiple candidates all right so let's give a hypothetical example let's say these seven cartoon characters are all running for student trustees for the vote so it's very simple all you need to do is rank your favorite candidates in order of preference just like in alternative voting the important thing to remember about the student roster the election is that four of the candidates will be elected not just one as with the sabbaticals so after you voted this is what happens it's a bit complicated but it is fair we start with the first round of first preference votes in order to win each candidate must get a minimum number of votes which is called the quota this is worked out by the total number of votes which in this case is 5000 divided by the number of positions to fill plus one then add one to that and our quota is 1001 though of course this changes with every election clearly Mickey Mouse has won straight away as his vote count has exceeded the quota the other characters haven't reached this quota yet what happens now is Mickey's votes are effectively scaled down the size of his surplice over the quota then redistributed to the other candidates based on the voters second choice preference as no other candidates have reached the quota the next stage take the least popular candidate poor old Freddie Flintstone and they get eliminated the votes get redistributed based on second choice preference all right so in that time we can see that both Charlie Brown and Bugs Bunny have gained enough first or second choice votes to reach their quotas so three out of four trustees have already been elected and so the cycle starts again charlie and bugs votes are weighted down to the size of the surplus and redistributed between Homer Simpson Popeye and scooby-doo again by the right preference of the voter still no cartoon has reached the quota so Popeye is eliminated for having too few votes and his votes shared by the looks of it Popeyes voters have some crazy alliance with Homer Simpson so it's Homer that takes the last trustee wrong and it's therefore because of STV the fairest way possible that your new Susu student trustees are Mickey Mouse Charlie Brown Bugs Bunny and Homer Simpson

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  1. how it is decided which ballots will be counted as surplus, can't I choose extra voting ballet in such a way that the votes gets distributed to my favroite party? Suppose mickey won the first seat, why can't I pick my favroite ballots from all the mickey's supporting ballets which prefer popeye as second preference and consider them as extra ballot.

  2. In a country like Canada there are thousands of people running for office in the national election how are you going to have ballots with thousands of names on them?

  3. Yes but how do you decide which of Micky Mouse's ballot papers to use when counting second preferences from the surplus? Say for arguments sake the excess votes are 50 – One vote counter may choose one set of 50 ballots, whereas another may choose a different set of 50. How is this decided?

  4. The United States of America and The United Kingdom both NEED this to be implemented as soon as is possible. Wishful thinking, I know.

  5. this is ridiculous. it's so much better to have party-list proportional representation.
    politics should be about ideology rather than popularity contest.

  6. the STV is an idea cooked up by corrupt Partys.  It will be a killer when it comes to democracy. This is how it will work.. a party has a usual excess of votes in a riding so they tell followers to vote in another place for a different candidate. In this way the excess is used for you to vote in an area you probably know nothing about… conversely.. if a Party does not do well in any particular riding they may push heir voters to vote in another riding where they could then win… the general public will be screwed, in ALL explanations of ProRep and STV… only "partys" are mentioned.. never do you hear about Indies…. this whole thing is a scam by party followers

  7. What exactly meant by "voter's second choice preference" ? I don't understand how the surplus votes are distributed. Could you please explain this ?

  8. This is the best simplified explanation of STV hands down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xhQITrudjs

  9. I could not understand the distribution of votes on voters' preference. Can someone please explain?

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