25 thoughts on “What is Fake News?

  1. Late term abortions, completely made up by FOX News.
    Name one liberal who agrees with it. Just one.
    I'll wait.

  2. Maybe because logic tends to lean left…
    Or maybe because news and media is written to sell, NOT to tell the truth.

  3. Liberals love slaughtered babies, racism, oppression, corruption, hipocracy, lies, and soooooo much more garbage. Prove me wrong.

  4. CNN has repeatedly ruined people's lives with their false news stories. Yet they hardly ever pay their dues. It isn't right that well meaning Americans have their names slandered like that.

  5. Hmm… Why do I feel like the NY Times is also increasingly left-ist? Does anyone else think high caliber news such as the NY Times, WSJ, and The Atlantic are all left-leaning?

  6. Implying all of these news sources aren't all funded by billionaires and all part of bourgeois class oppression in their own way. Neoliberal propaganda takes different faces.

  7. and you Sir, instead, are not bias at all, are you? give me a break and try to be a little self-critical!

  8. well actually Terrorists ( Isis, al-Queda, etc. ) are not Muslims, what are they you may ask? well, what do you call someone who robs a bank? ( A criminal) that your answer. Btw I am against the left just wanted to point that out.

  9. Could you do one talking about yourself? I believe you, but i see a whole bunch of people that say your credibility Is low, probably because you defend not popular ideas (I mean the Channel as itself, not the one talking)

  10. All media is biased. It's impossible to be completely objective. What conservatives like to ignore is that FOX News and PragerU is just as biased as the mainstream media, because they confirm their beliefs.

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