What is 5G? | CNBC Explains

What is 5G? | CNBC Explains

That is 4G – the mobile network
that’s used around the world to make calls, send messages
and surf the web. Now there are plans for 4G to
be replaced by, you guessed it, 5G – a new, faster network that has
the potential to transform the internet. 5G is a software defined network – it means
that while it won’t replace cables entirely it could replace the need for them by
largely operating on the cloud instead. This means it will have a
100x better capacity than 4G – which will dramatically
improve internet speeds. For example, to download a two-hour film
on 3G would take about 26 hours, on 4G you’d be waiting 6 minutes, and on 5G you’ll be ready to watch your
film in just over three and a half seconds. But it’s not just internet capacity
that will be upgraded. Response times will
also be much faster. The 4G network responds to our commands
in just under 50 milliseconds. With 5G it will take around one millisecond –
400 times faster than a blink of the eye. Smartphone users will enjoy a
more streamlined experience but for a world that is increasingly dependant
on the internet just to function, a reduction in time delay is critical. Self-driving cars, for example,
require a continuous stream of data. The quicker that information is delivered to autonomous
vehicles, the better and safer, they can run. For many analysts this is
just one example of how 5G could become the connective
tissue for the internet of things, an industry that’s set to grow threefold by 2025,
linking and controlling not just robots, but also medical devices, industrial
equipment and agriculture machinery. 5G will also provide a much more personalized web
experience using a technique called network slicing. It’s a way of creating separate
wireless networks on the cloud, allowing users to create
their own bespoke network. For instance, an online gamer needs faster
response times and greater data capacity than a user that just wants
to check their social media. Being able to personalize the internet
will also benefit businesses. At big events like Mobile World Congress for
example – there is a mass influx of people in one particular area using
data-heavy applications. But with 5G, organizers could pay for
an increased slice of the network, boosting its internet capacity and thus
improving its visitors’ online experience. So when can we start using 5G? Well, not yet and according to
some analysts not until 2020. 5G was created years ago and
has been talked up ever since. Yet it’s estimated that even by 2025,
the network will still lag behind both 4G and 3G in terms of
global mobile connections. Its mainstream existence
faces multiple hurdles. The most significant of
these of course is cost. According to some experts, 5G
could cause network operators to tear up their current business
models for it to make business sense. In the U.K. for example, 3G and 4G networks
were relatively cheap to set up because they were able to roll out on existing
frequencies, on the country’s radio spectrum. For 5G to work properly however, it needs
a frequency with much bigger bandwidth which would require
brand new infrastructure. Some analysts believe that the extensive
building and running costs will force operators to share the use and
management of the mobile network. This has been less of an obstacle for countries like
China, who are taking a more coherent approach. The government, operators and
local companies such as Huawei and ZTE are about to launch big 5G trials
that would put them at the forefront of equipment production
for the new technology. That may be at the expense of the West, where
there is concern regarding Asia’s 5G progress. A leaked memo from the National
Security Council to the White House called for a nationalized 5G network to keep
the U.S. ahead of their global competitors. White House officials dismissed the idea,
but some experts predict that by 2025 nearly half of all mobile connections
in the U.S. will be 5G, a greater percentage than
any other country or region. It’s still likely however that much of the West
will have a more gradual approach to 5G, driven by competition but with
a patchy style of development. For example, AT&T pledged to start rolling out
5G later this year but in just a handful of cities. For key industrial zones however, it’s predicted
the technology will be adopted quickly, while for many in rural areas
5G may be a long way off. But when 5G does establish itself
and fulfills its supposed potential, it could even change how we get
the internet at home and at work – with the wireless network replacing the
current system of phone lines and cables. It may not happen overnight,
but 5G is coming. Hi guys, thank you for watching. If you’d like to see more of our
tech videos then check out these. Otherwise comment below the video for any
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  1. I bet NASA will still have that 10 sec delay in their transmissions from the iss. Not matter how many G's we have.
    I wonder why..just what are they hiding?

  2. yes that is why we are all getting Cancer did you know that they can see everything that you do …Boy we are sure heating up the planet

  3. This is an outrageous intrusion & assault on the health of civilisation. If you value your life, then protest loudly. If you don't, then enjoy cuddling up with your phone at night. The truth is very close now…

  4. Our Heavenly Father told us of false gods in commandments and Revelation Chapters including subliminal Santa Revelation Chapters 1 14 Old Testament

  5. This amount of ignorance in this comment section. Just wow. Americans know that they will never get this incredible technology, so they start to defame it.

  6. This 5G is definitely going to bring up cancers %
    Is this why we’re being told one in two people will get it.
    Boycott boycott boycott

  7. 5g = newest attena design ! Called attena mimocells ! Big screen cells ! 6g = more new attena design ! Electronic diods transmitters , capacitors , slots sockets , nanflash pins memmory !

  8. There is no need for 5G. It’s a marketing scam just to make telecom more money. And, for some reason they won’t spend anytime testing it for safety. No thanks!!!!!!

  9. 5g will be the thing that kills you…might keep that in mind when the doctor tells you your cancer is from heredity.

  10. yea thanks for nothing CNBC, as usual the same bullshit responses. It is notable they do not have our best interest in first. 5g exposes human to 100 times more radiation than ever. An example.. You purchase a new 5g phone, you probably will get sick before you finish paying of the expensive phone.

  11. Freiend of ours thought the £50 per month the comms company was paying him for having a low level relay ariel a few yds from his working place was a good deal ,up to then he did not have cancer after that he did l
    The councils will let the comms companies put up these ariels without ant paper work ,you want to put a CB ariel they have lots of paperwork and you have to have a licence !

  12. I have a phone pod for a deaf person to put their mobile in it lights up big time to show they have a text or call , i used it 10ft away from our microwave it lit up big time so we junked it
    tested it on the new one =4ft .
    Councils get paid by the comms companies to put these things on school roofs .hospitals ,infact any building they own inc carparks BECAUSE THEY GET BIG MONEY , drive past one next to a busy rd junction and the pod lights up ,sometimes in a busy shopping area they will disguise them .
    Its all about the money would you send your young child to a nursury or school that had these things these things on the roof ? and what about people living in flats they just turn up and stick them on the roof !

  13. On top of all of the rest we have a world ressesion on the door step and then you will have to buy a new 5G phone,and at what new inflated price =oh what a boost for the phone MFGs then you have the Huawei battle going on which is is about big money battles between the big players in the comms game !

  14. Do y'all realize that this causes cancer right?
    5g is definitely not worth the risk
    This only another step in the united nation's agenda 21. You should really lookup agenda 21 and find a piece of the truth. You can easily dismiss my claim and call me crazy, or wakeup to whats going on behind the scenes. If you find out the things that goes on behind the scenes, you will be disgusted. I hope that we as a society wake up already before its too late. We all have the power together to change what our government has been doing to us. There are more of us than them. Im not some crazy conspiracy theorist, im just tryna shed some light on the shadows, and spread the truth. I pray that you open your mind and give my message some thought. Thank you for reading and hope you have a great day! : )
    (I'm definitely on the watchlist now)

  15. Huawei already researching 6G tech
    The Chinese stole the 6G technology that we haven't invented yet.


  16. oh so it's good because of the gamers and experience.
    and putting the infrastructure under one power and make. people dependant on it.
    sounds legit. 🤣

  17. People are rushing to get this and doesn't even know that it can kill you. The government has weaponized this a long time ago.

  18. Is this supposed to be journalism CNBC? Not one mention of it's harmful effects and potential weaponization. Oh yeah, (at the end) let's give rid of all our safer wired phones and cable and use this extinction level technology instead… good idea!!

  19. America and Japan are about two years out from bringing forth 5G network on line, whereas China may very well be up and running as soon as 2020. Other nations may not be on line ready until as late as 2025. This info comes from other web site networks reporting on the progress of 5G technology around the world. In any regard, the bottom line is that which ever country implements, brings forth 5G technology on line first wins big time in a multi-hundred-billion dollar business market industry. Now perhaps this makes more sense as to why America is fighting Huawei so hard, for they want to stop them cold in their tracks for it will totally kill Apple IPhone Inc.

  20. 5G is an untested technology that has already proven to be extremely dangerous! Profits are the only consideration and no one really seems to give a shit to the point that many 5G vidoes on youtube have disabled their comments.

  21. Wow waiting 6 minutes to download a film, that is too stressfull, we can't wait on that. Instead I want to wait 1 millisecond, and get fried as well. So I can watch the film with blisters on my head, and a cooked brain… Great, Do it!

  22. The uneducated believe that 5g is a ‘Global microwave that will cause cancer’ but it is still many times less powerful than infrared technology used in tv remotes or visible light. Light doesn’t cause cancer.

  23. There seems to be tons of studies that indicate that 5G can be harmful for both humans and
    wildlife such as bees.  Why rush and risk harmful effects for a short term monetary goal or control, it seems like all of
    us including the ones pushing for more radiation would have benefits relaxing in nature enjoying the bees (while the exist, hopefully longer) and the effects of good human health and a thriving human community, taking a good beverage near a

    the studies:
    The human skin as a sub-THz receiver – Does 5G pose a danger to it or not? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29459303

     Oxidative mechanisms of biological activity of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation(100
    review papers)















  25. Life goes on same everything of this world also goes on… 4g 5g 6g 7g ….. ……… Enjoy your life to the best of you can…

  26. I have a question If we use 5G so need Height speed But Microwave Height just 10Gbs So They can use microwave for transport data or not?

    It will cause CANCER as 5g is like radiation!!!
    All of you should ask about the health risks 5G causes and the many endless research that it is a huge health risk to EVERYONE!!!

  28. "This means 5G will be", our "will have".
    This is what they wanted.
    But, until now, that as not been achieved.
    Moreover, the proper efficiency has not yet been achieved.
    This means your battery will drain faster, which is not good.

    5G is still to prove itself, especially in terms of making sense for providers; mainly due to range, but also the balance between: purchase, electricity bill, and availability of the service.
    Hence, 5G is still some years out.
    Do not rush into it!
    Many developments are still under wraps.

  29. You failed to mention how the government will have access to all of your information in real time. With all of these “smart” household devices hooked up to “smart”meters and 5G they will know exactly when you open your refrigerator and for how long. This will eventually lead to control of energy. If you aren’t using the amount they approve, using it the way they want you to they will cut you off.

  30. 3:58 These people at CNBC are showing a "leaked memo" from the National Security Council to the White House…this is probably illegal, classified information which is punishable by fines and imprisonment. So much for the credibility and honesty of CNBC.

  31. 5G will cause cancer on a large scale. Over a million people will die from cancer before the Government takes action and shuts down the 5G towers and networks. You have been warned !!!!

  32. 5g is the key to a more efficient surveillance state. Get your citizens info as they go. Big brother will never have to worry about missing out on every detail.

    Lost low skill jobs to robots and the whole it's going to be damaging to people's health.

  33. No mention of the health effects, the millimetre band, the pulsed frequency so close to human brainwaves, how 5G's been used in conflicts and wars by the military as a weapon for years??? Really? This is NOT the 'next step after 4G' it's a weaponized system of control, and boy, is it effective! I wouldn't trust this stuff in the hands of my best friend let alone a dubiously-motived government or big tech corps, and once people have informed themselves properly from the acres of Real Independent Scientific Research data available, the whole world should be screaming, 'Over my dead body!' … Primarily, it's for surveillance purposes. Secondly, one of its bands can effect simulated 'skin-on-fire' sensations to, eg. a crowd of gathered human beings, who will then rapidly disperse, as they're in pain. If that doesn't do the trick, it can be used to impact cognitive function in the human brain, eg. 'cause an army to retreat due to Apathy, or Low Mood, or Nausea' … yes, really. To cap it all, its frequencies interfere with DNA, and are known to cause all manner of hideous debilitating illnesses, brain tumours, Alzheimers disease, auto-immune diseases, plus Migraine, epilepsy … need I go on? Just say 'No, thanks!' to this latest con.

  34. "it was time! we're living in the 3rd millennium! finally we have digi-evolved! W Futurama style technology!"
    "mhm! sure sure !! and price for all of this?"
    "oh nothing! we have only to remove all the useless and obsoletic trees infesting the planet, so that we can put our beautiful new generation antennas in! W technology !! W well-being !! W modernity !! W the Science that respects the environment !!! :)"

  35. Memories of my childhood flashes back while watching this video. imagine, during my childhood phones like nokia 3310 as such were just used for call and texting. now phones are used as a video, gaming, and streaming platform. it was about 25 yrs ago. imagine what will happen 25 yrs from now..

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