33 thoughts on “What does this hat mean to Americans? BBC News

  1. Islam destroys Europe days after days with these laws against non-Muslims, it is misogynist homophobic anti-Semitic and anti-Christian. what about the gang of Pakistani rapists protected by the bbc and the left parties. the liar government protects Muslim rapist criminals.

  2. it basically says, make America white again, if it wasn't you would see many non-whites wearing it.

  3. The Biased Brainwashing Corperation is now forcing its licence fee on the elderly. Millions of people have refused to pay for the lies and propaganda so the bbc is desperately clinging on.

  4. It means the same as your racist nazi portrayal of Meghan. BBSee ya…cancelled all subscriptions on social media due to yours and the rest of the white nazi supremacist UK media. You’re dog-whistling to your fellow Neanderthal scum. You want her harmed or killed. I wish the worst on you haters. The very very worst. Pieces of 💩💩💩

  5. Yet minority unemployment is at an all time low? Hmmm 🤔 yeah trumps really crushing their dreams by giving them an income. Tut tut… 🙄😂 I will acknowledge there's a current police issue. And there are racist groups that need to be dealt with amongst Americans (same as there are in England). But all in all families are better off so far under trumps administration. Would be nice if England could do the same for its people for a change? Instead of judging other currently successful nations

  6. Just for the record we don’t think “make America great again” is a symbol for division. If you are taking a math class and put 50 make America great again 5 = 10 on a test it is not considered to be a correct answer.

  7. Make america great is about separation? Umm what? How is making a country great creating division? It doesnt even make sense

  8. Stupid leftists will call anyone that doesn't agree with them racist. Hillary said all of us Trump supporters were deplorable racists. Leftists are full of slander and hatred.

  9. wearing that hat will be remembered as one of the most embarrassing things in american history. it's only a question of when

  10. O Trump enfiou o barrete …e continua a enfiar o barrete!! A questão é que o barrete terá as medidas certas …porque nem todos os cérebros cabem certos barretes que quer enfiar!!? Trump quer a Maga Patalógica e ate ha o Donald Duck a moeda n1 …Olha que coincidência??!

  11. why red hat?…. why not white hat… change the color….to white or black cause that thing represent blood or racism. am just saying..

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