What are the Indicative Votes? Brexit's biggest threat yet

What are the Indicative Votes? Brexit's biggest threat yet

28 thoughts on “What are the Indicative Votes? Brexit's biggest threat yet

  1. Hard work bring great results. May God bless our Nation. Prime MInister May you have get Britain up and running again.

  2. The EU wants a United States of Europe, where member countries will be increasingly marginalized to become nothing more than what local authorities are in the UK. Did you know that the EU have a seat in the UN and that it was represented in the G8 summit? The EU is not a country or a state – it is a bureaucracy. They are well on the way to creating this superstate – European Bank, European Parliament and a developing European army to rival NATO. And what is the latest 'control' method to come out of the EU? speed restricting technology that will inhibit driver's autonomy in their own vehicles, and within this proposed legislation drivers will also be breathalyzed when they enter the vehicle. People must wake up to this dangerous leviathan that increasingly encroaches on the liberties of citizens.

  3. We should leave without a deal in April and come to an arrangement or deal by negotiating after we have left

  4. Parliament is trying its hardest to wiggle out of Brexit, not honoring the referendum result will cause a lot of people to turn their back on democracy.

  5. Meanwhile in France, the government has begun using the military to suppress the public's opinions.

    haha this is just too funny.

  6. It they did cheat their way to a second referendum and won leave, would we go backwards through the all of the nearly three years of crap which we just suffered….?

  7. honest is this woman real or what i just cannot beleave what im earing she us menterly insane got to be

  8. The biggest problem with brexit was letting a remoaner take us out of the eu when its obvious shes trying to keep one foot in the door betrayal of the people.

  9. Look ! When I voted it was for stay or leave. I voted to leave . There was no mention of any deal etc. When I get my hole I say, do you want it in or out ? She says in and out and never ever asked for a deal.

  10. Anyone who thinks they understand what leaving the EU will mean for the UK are mossguided. No one knows. Its all a guess

  11. You've used the wrong flag on the document clipart. It's the pre-1801 flag of Great Britain, I wouldn't have expected such stupidity from a British publication.

  12. So bloody annoying that the remainers are still asking for a second referendum with the choice of May's deal – which absolutely NO ONE, remainers, brexiterr, MP or anyone else wants – or remain. I wonder how that would turn out? 🙄 Give us a choice between remain and walking away on WTO rules, if you are so confident the people want to remain…. (They wouldn't DARE)

  13. May needs to step up to what she promised she would do, she is making our country the laughing stock of the world.

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