Wharton Follies Presents: Business School Stereotypes (2015)

Wharton Follies Presents: Business School Stereotypes (2015)

are you serious I said 50 bits you moron excuse me shut up I'm on the phone yeah of course you're I'm fired have fun steps to teaching at Deerfield next year talk walk every reserve here right he's he's like well there's 401 you want vacuous his chair sir immediately or I will call the ballet fine mother I'll come visit you this weekend where will you be which summer house which summer house in Switzerland that's a little expensive there we go I'm not flying commercial what am i a farmer send the jet I got all my favorite thank you oh my god Kelly hey I'm pleased you're here hey McKenzie right I'm gonna run through some cases sometimes Hey oh yeah when I'll do that cake now I'm going to the bathroom you wanna catch me later we're talking hey is now a good time to cake we're doing here now good time for a cake yeah we're going to need a few more minutes please room 255 anybody order a pizza provide you to make it to my birthday party we're gonna have a live band my birthday party Miley Cyrus performs we're besties what I went to England I got thing out of Kate Middleton I have status husband preacher star platinum hey my flight got upgraded I got killed in Howard Johnson motel 6 and platinum so a little pleasure just I got silver sighs they're 25% off edible underwear the white shop my situation over here I go there every week they know me by name

18 thoughts on “Wharton Follies Presents: Business School Stereotypes (2015)

  1. Обучаю бесплатно, как можно делать каждый день до 70 долларов на свою карту. Смотрите вuдео у меня кaналe

  2. I like that they preface this with putting 2015 in the title, like stereotypes are completely different now

  3. Looks like a promo for the dissolving of American standards. 2 dudes in the bed? Wtf. F all you immigrants.

  4. There are actually traders doing MBA at Wharton? Is this common in other programs too?
    I am asking this because I've heard that MBA is a generalist degree and useful for management positions.

  5. At 2:20– I'm pretty sure she's not "Tom Fagan" and she's not "Aaron Hurwitz". If that's the case, I'm so glad I'm going to NYU….

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