27 thoughts on “WGS17 Sessions: The Anatomy of a Future Leader

  1. Lol these people come to see how they can get better, he tells them to interact, they act like zombies. He shouldve told them "none of y'all mfkrs are improving ON SHIT unless u can step out of your comfort zone and quit taking yourselves so damn seriously RIGHT NOW AND SPEAK THE FUCK UP, if not you paid to attend this seminar for nothing stupids cause its obvious why your not growing"

  2. What a session full of learning and authenticity.
    Sometimes you have to squeeze people to learn and this is what learning and development stands for.

  3. The audience was very uneducated and disrespectful, the talk/teaching was way over their level. Robin has so much gold to offer and they were not ready.

  4. Dead audience because of the stale and boring and disorganized presentation. Ask people to show their hand up every four minutes. What kind of nonsense is this?

  5. Those people are so dead in their energy.. Robin I know it’s was A very hard job dealing with those rich constipated pigs..

  6. Great as orator. What he says just the common sense. Really nothing new for well educated person, all is obvious. People pay only for his pretty words. For example, people prefer Sharma who speaks obvious things in a beautiful manner than scientist, who speaks genius things, but an ugly language.

  7. Robin, I am one of the greatest beneficiaries of your insights through out.

    I have some observations

    1. It’s the responsibility of the faculty to keep the audience awake, active and participative
    It’s missing here

    2. What’s the objective of the session, what are the 5 or 10 specific points your audience will carry home…none!

    3. Tried your best to involve audience, train yourself more and try again

    4. Keep your hands free, you can happily use a head phone with speaker, not thr hand mike

    5. No experiential learning, try more

    6. Irrelevant jokes

    7. It took 15% of your time of the session, to have reasonable good hold on the session

  8. Disorganized presentation which is also not adaptable to audience. A big section of the audience is finding it boring.

  9. Amazing. We can tell the crowd was all but dead in tge beginning but he still managed to squeeze passion out of them. Thats mastery

  10. Thank you for posting this wonderful video..what an opportunity to hear from such an inspirational speaker like Robin Sharma.

  11. come on people show some respect ! and take participation in this seminar he is not your next door guy .. He is the ROBIN SHARMA i sware to GOD if i was there at that time i bust my ass off to do what he say to me

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