25 thoughts on “Western Cape Government Safely Home #ItCanWait

  1. This is 100% real – the footage is from our city's surveillance camera's apart from the ending ofcourse which is on-board footage. Just dnt do it, it can wait ! Your life and the well being of others is worth more than a Whatsapp message.

  2. Hi, I'm giving a talk at a conference called Agile Summit in Greece (http://agilesummit.gr). Can I use this video in the talk and credit your client: Western Cape Government Safely Home initiative?

  3. So all I have to do then is make a video of all the people who can actually drive and text without any problem and then the opposite point is just as valid

  4. Hi there – Adam here at Sky News. I'm wondering if we could perhaps use this video with a credit? Much appreciated!

  5. Damn! That message is powerful. It affected me deeply. I'm guilty of reading or texting on my phone whilst eating or walking or driving. I've been conditioned to multitask. What a sad and tragic reality!

  6. doesnt it just grind your gears when you see a driver, on coming and they staring down at their phones while driving dammit its not worth it guys..

  7. How did this video from the western cape get so many views and why the sudden surge of redditors. (I know the answer, jisy wanted to make a rhetorical comment)

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