it's my home genes guys she did mother why are you gonna cry huh why are you crying oh my god I look so dark you are dark anyways hey babies welcome back to our Channel I'm Lex this is my emotional Kathy her back hurts she can't breathe she's emotional she doesn't want anything yeah I did Oh news we will be attending the a family basketball charity event yes and we wanted to share that with you in case any of our babies are going as well maybe you need some of you and this is like our first like big event we're going to it's gonna be a part of her birthday weekend mm-hmm our next vlog you'll see will be pretty much our weekend in LA but anyways today we are going to go right now at Costco we're gonna eat upon you two hotdogs you're gonna eat I don't know yet and then after that we're gonna go to the mall and kind of shop around for outfits yeah me I need my birthday outfit needs a nice family off I need everything she's everything and could pretty much all he wears leggings and tank tops and comfy clothes yep we need something Twitter but I'm hungry my baby's hungry so we got to go you happy now she said my mood change I love my girl she started singing and everything you look so happy now like so beautiful you could cry again I think I'm crying a little bit to give me kids mm-hmm okay now we're gonna eat uh yeah we're gonna eat by about five seconds later and we already both ate our hotdogs that's like five second you inhaled it and now you're getting a true on top of your smoothie and soda you just did the cutest thing ever so I'm sitting here my god I can't breathe and I have asthma but like not bad but like I do have an inhaler they used too bad he's had like a little machine that I had like connect to and like open my lungs every now and then I have to use it hold it because I need to tell them hey but I'm sitting in like I can't breathe like I really wish I had my inhaler I need to start taking my inhaler with me especially cuz it's summer and she goes right here got in her car I had to bring it I had to bring it just in case II need and I also have your glasses case in here in keeping your classes bobby-boo oh yeah it's in case you need it I'm revived we just got saw and we have no idea well I have no idea when I want to wear but she kind of has an idea and I think I'm just gonna go off no no no you said I said what do you want to wear something I have to match yeah I have to figure out my office so she can figure out her baby basically have it I have an idea what mmm-hmm ice really is you click yeah new perish because we painted our yeah so kind I don't have those anymore that's all these doors huh yellow thank you yeah thank you okay let's go get some they don't have them here my Koko lashes I might say watched over I let all my extensions fall now I'm in need of glasses and I literally dollar to do in over a year my favorite lashes are coca lashes in Demi Jean got it but I'm trying out new ones cuz my buddies she likes a 95 mm-hmm then I might get Queen D etre they look different in on camera they're like more of a darker yellow but like a mustard this looks like a yellow yellow and this is like a mustard yellow in person but I like this for me I'm making her try them on for me because I'm too lazy so if the perks of having the same size she was my girl okay we just left the mall we end up only getting the shoes and I have like an idea like what I actually want now to wear I think I fun to wear like an all-white outfit and then those yellow shoes we were originally supposed to go straight to president and then this one I'm here before she ate she was like I don't want to go and then we get and I'm done she eats and it's just a whole new person then she was kind of Fresno now we're gonna present oh because now she's feeling up to for it now that yeah she's a new person we'll see you guys there so we're in the car and he made her try on the shoes to make sure that they fit the store she made me put them on and I have a little tiny bigger foot than her and hers are like skinnier but she said they fit perfectly until tight it uses now we need to get me me a new pair too now we need to get my future what did you just say not that however winding one have you were whining about you said between the Kings I said no and you said no you did not say please said greens yeah I'm not yes yes I need a promontory let's look at those oh my goodness bubby camera Oh like this button if you're from Fresno and you're dressed as frustrated with the Fashion Fair morals parking lot uh but cheat horrible this is terrible anyways well I don't know if we're gonna block too much in the mall because I don't even think you're allowed to vlog in the fashion yeah so we'll just come back and tell you what we got hi I would say bye I don't know I said bye and just cut out my biology that again my you said that again I know G laters god this is the wrong way to go in yes I'm marking right in this one time in my life before and as with me awesome and we're just about to give up deserved it okay what time is it Feb 8 o'clock over three hours I think so – we didn't vlog in there cuz all the music in there was super loud so we didn't want to get copyrighted but we ended up with so many bags we get like one thing from one store yeah because we always have to be like super pic yeah we're super picky and then we'll get and be like we find something better that I like even more so then we'll wait and then we'd go to different stores like and then we go back we were going back and forth like all the words like oh hi again and we'll start we're picky we took forever I hate shopping we both hate shopping so we're kind of like we don't like looking and it was overwhelming well show you guys all that we got when we are back at my house let's go Mikey delivery yeah her feet yeah she's wearing her new shoes that we just got because she was so excited after you my love oh my god it looks it's next morning cuz we went back to my house and we were partying with my sister you guys saw on her snapchat I'll put a video yeah we're getting Donuts right now it's already 11:30 30 we just look up we decided hey let's get donuts and copy Milan yes I love so we're getting down to coffee and then we're gonna go back to the house and show you what we got yeah shopping yesterday no he did a record oh my gosh learned that was flirting that was not like I was flirting bub she was complimenting me no makeup babe and then she kept talking to you usually it's just a compliment and then it's gone and then she kept talking to you about how good you look that is for it flirting recording no okay she said um oh you're really pretty and I looked at her and I was like I definitely make up this like the ugliest hour of me and then she like Wayne came back like was like oh what's your nationality this is not and like oh yeah Indian and like Caucasian she was like oh yeah I can really see it it's very beautiful and she's I feel like I'm one of a kind I know your question can you guys tell that like whenever I don't wear makeup I feel like it kind of stands out I don't know yeah I put everywhere make I don't wanna make up Emily I like slick my hair back so like my eyes are super like mark my mom says that I look exotic and now you can really see the Indian in me my freckles yeah beautiful who are you wearing right now and guess he wanted to twin here oh yeah I put on an outfit and then there she goes right after me Oh awesome let me say thank you and shout out to Laura for basically sponsoring every upcoming video because she paid short the editing final Final Cut Pro and anything software my stuff for you mm-hmm and I was literally shaking with the car yeah like a million reasons to level or shout if watching this video go spam her Instagram will put her Instagram here spam her with a bunch of rainbows also the Laura's batik count yes sarcastic first you guys already saw these shoes that my buddy got for the game and I'm gonna be wearing these bad boys and they're actually super good price I been wanting these for a while but I haven't seen a lot of them and then we went by the store like twice and then the third time that he came back I saw these and then so I had to get him you don't really have your outfit yet yeah I don't even elf it yet it was mostly shopping for my outfit I wanted the biker shorts the white ones and no store had this so I just ordered online yeah so part of the game I'm gonna wear the white biker shorts and then like a white crop top for me and I'm gonna be wearing these shorts I got him forever 21 men I've been wanting short size now let's tell him okay every time we get to the amend section like the tuxedo like ordeal she's like scared I'm like waiting for weird I'm like grab her hand I go straight to what she wants exactly or when I like have the stuff I want in my hands on the hangers I pass them but I did cut them cuz I don't want them they were just like two inches maybe an inch longer but I could've like inch off I didn't need to put them in the wash they can get more ranjit ranjit bi got those and then I also got this and my baby picked out for me should we show them what it looks like yeah flash that's gonna look like this okay so I'm gonna wear this with my shoe and then also with my bubbies outfit she got a little Nike satchel and then we're gonna go to a museum so then I got another pair of these shorts that I also cut and then I wanted to match her show them the shrine down yeah and all in mind you she hates and never in her life has worn I don't know about that that's true but hates collared shirts and I got a call of change was so she had picked out this shirt shown but I got a little brawler yeah she got this with my lures booty but the color kind of like stripes matches so then yeah I wanted too much here with some white vans with these and that's our outfits oh she also wants this and I swear this this my lord inhales but then I realized for heels she's gonna be taller than me so she doesn't know what she's gonna wear yet but we'll figure it out oh yeah and now I need to get some orange bottom oh my gosh I grabbed these at one your bottoms and then you have to get orange trunks that's a girl we have to close out today's video but well they're gonna see me in it anyway yeah and I could not find a white bra let and like once I envisioned in my head I can't envision it so I wanted like a bralette type so like it's kind of just like barely showing mm-hmm I don't know maybe it's too risky we'll figure it out okay let's close it I'm wearing the lashes that she picked out okay yesterday my 9 to 5 ones mm-hmm Coco laughs you guys are wondering I liked them a lot I'm better than morphe I understand what you're saying now with the curly Oh Sofia coming down below if you wear falsies your favorite pair or like your finger right Rhode Island is that I can try out cuz I only tried cocoa and like they honestly fit my I shaped really well and I just like the band they don't really like the corners only come up on for me so let me know I want to try something new because I've only done these love get your hand my butt okay and our positive patient shout-out goes to whom I left my presentation shadow goes to loose Martinez we loved your comment it's gonna be right here if you guys want a personification shout out all you guys have to do is subscribe press thumb up button and comment when duh oh you can see my tattoos oh my gosh I totally forgot about that we'll see you guys in May me we have exciting news for a next video yeah we have really thought I you guys have been asking for for a really long time I also know two things yeah you guys have to keep on the lookout yes I'm aiming for Wednesday we're aiming also Thursday but it's really exciting news out of my butt but really exciting news that you guys are gonna love I'm so excited for this because I wanted this and they wanted yeah we love you guys we love Laura Hayes Laura's watching this by any chance and we'll see in the next paper a little bit and let alone this is what I have to do after getting taking one look at my sexy girlfriend I have to go


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