Weekend Update: William Barr’s Senate Testimony – SNL

Weekend Update: William Barr’s Senate Testimony – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: William Barr’s Senate Testimony – SNL

  1. I love how collion was ready to drink from his mug like it would be long, sad too…😔😂

  2. well I'm watching this on Monday. so now trump does not want Mueller to testify. plus now sending carrier group to iran.but he did not wan to send them to syria. Venezuela and wherever the fuck he wants ….so he can just start a war so he can try to kill time

  3. " he sorta smiled….. it started off as being a mountain and ended up being a mouse." Lmfao. WHAT?

  4. The Trump stuff isn't satire it's just 'We hate Trump'. That in itself isn't intelligent comedy. Shame as it could be so much better.

  5. Wake up you sad ass Trump haters. 97 % of all scientists say Trump haters are so blinded by TDS they're too stupid to realize catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is a huge Commie scam and Trump is protecting you ungrateful douche bags from it.

  6. These two are the reason we watch SNL. Not the Only reason, but the main reason. TY Colin and Michael. 😊😊😊

  7. It seems no one is above reproach except Hillary Clinton with update, not even the president. Because of bias the show would never be the best it could've been

  8. William Barr did not show up the other day Donald Trump pulled him to the side and told him the bad news he has bone spurs

  9. If you didn't have canned laughter, paid "laughers" and signs telling people to laugh, this show would get cancelled a decade ago.

  10. He admitted that he bought the KFC the day before and he stored it in his fridge overnight.

    He knew Barr wouldnt show up.

  11. Question: If a president who is being impeached in the House cannot issue pardons while under impeachment, what happens to Barr if he is found in contempt of Congress and sent to jail ? Would Barr have to serve in jail during the impeachment ? Or can he wait to serve ? I don't know what the rules/regulations/laws are that apply – and – this is an interesting situation for the history books.

  12. They're playing by rules that no longer exist. You're playing chess with a person who will simply flip the board over. The rules constrain you not your opponent.

  13. 0:23 "Attorney General William Barr refused to show up for a congressional hearing, because I guess our country just has no rules anymore" 😂

  14. Watch it turn out that Trump paid to give Sonic the human teeth in order to distract everyone

  15. Lol weekend up day has been changed to Trump update….oh the capital one joke Hahahaha…. Ya just worth 68 billion….. Guess he doesn't understand with his prepaid visa that they are a financial lending institution lolol….. Ignorance is not only blind…. It's deaf and dumb on this show….. I love how the fucking first guy had to go into great detail to explain his joke…. NBC push to the anti Trump narrative…. Unfortunately there writers suck so it comes out like a sniffling whining babies…. I love how all the propaganda networks forget to tell there viewers that the full unredacted report is available…. They just need to get off there asses to view it…. Forget honesty right….they need to tell there idiots that no one has showed up yet lol…. And all the Obama lovers forget lil Eric Holder contempt bs over fast and furious….. Love the dems and there angry lil uneducated liberals with there mob mentality…. Lol thx you all for picking Biden to…. 2020 gonna be another dissapointing year for liberals… Keep fucking up and 2024 is going to be shot to hell to…. You idiots had such a chance now ur gonna lose the house …..but then again with Trump derangement syndrome…. And the other half trying to pass more laws to kill babies, letting exfelons to vote, stopping cows from farting and no more airplanes….. How could they lose with Hank Johnson worrying about Guam tipping over and capsizing…. Lol….trump has so much shit they could make fun of…. But crying over dems getting butch slapped over the Mueller report only shows there party is lost…..snl bias is only shown how they never touch aoc…. And she is by far the one who gives any comedian endless material…..

  16. This is not a joke – Incontestably damned malevolent consistently untruthful Trump is clearly without a doubt horrifically foul evidently untrustworthy visibly oblivious certainly egoistic shamelessly narcissistic disgracefully greedy voraciously avid blatantly arrogant cannily emboldened meanly ignorant irresponsible intensely reckless callously abrasive responsibly heedless brazenly patronising contemptuously provoking rebelliously bold gutsy middle finger up daring seemingly lawless criminally corrupt suspiciously defiant obstructing justice identified culpable censured liable notably unstable treacherously threatening acting guilty
    So what do you think?

  17. Not everyone who is a millionaire flies private all the time. A good business person who is on tour or going on business might look at the entire budget and determine if flying private is worth it or not. For instance, if you are doing a charity event and covering your own expenses you might want to rethink the private jet. It's pretty obvious I know nothing about tax write-offs and deductions…. perhaps at times it is the convenience of flying commercial as opposed to seeing that a jet is available where you are and it isn't an outrageous amount… I guess it would depend on availability, locations and time away.

  18. Hold AG Dilly Dilly Barr accountable lying to Congress. Obstruction of justice . Then incontempt of Congress on is one year ten thousand dollar fine. Lying to Congress is fellonie prison five and 100 thousand dollar fine . Then he is involved in covering up Trump's taxes is five year and fie . Let Dilly Dilly Barr loose everything for Trump's dumbass obstruction of justice . Hold AG Barr to same standard anyone else or even higher as AG .

  19. At this point you have to be really desperate to want to move to the US, nothing-to-lose level. It’s crazy town over there.

  20. He's smiled through the phone 😂😁😂😂😂😂😂😂
    This President is a piece of Work 😡

  21. Today the NYT is coming out with 10 years of Trump taxes.  Soon you will see the real  con man Donald Trump

  22. By the way, creeped me out hearing Pikachu sound like Deadpool. Like Batman playing Bambi (likely next Disney movie to go into live action, maybe).😂

  23. While they at it, why not resurrect Mario and Luigi in a hideous remake of a pretty sad original.

  24. Actually, because we have "separation of powers" between the Executive Branch and Congress, Congress is prevented from engaging in presidential harassment. Your show would be funnier if you all actually understood the Constitution. Comedy is irony. There cannot be irony without fundamental political knowledge.

  25. He has given us more jobs…cause there is so much content on him to report…and its just so crazy and entertaining…it shouldn’t be, but it is. Mind boggling…

  26. Let's all lift our glasses to those lobotomized amerikans who still take anything President Clownstick McFuck Shovel says seriously. His true believers: these would be the same people who buy scratch-off lotto tickets…because…..there's a winner in here somewhere….!!!!

  27. I'm Russian and we don't have a saying about mountain and mice, it must've meant "elephant to a mouse"

  28. 0:21 – You're right, there are NO rules. Congress subpoenaed Hillary's 33,000+ emails…aaaaaand she just Bleach-Bitted them & ignored Congress.

  29. No matter now stressed life us or what I'm dealing w) in life!? The weekend update makes me [email protected] well, just how FU are Nation is Not picking on any thing or anyone inparticularly! Just planet Earth . Aldo it doesn't hurt to have my crush @ColinJost to look at, listen too… He knows how to write comedy & deliver like no one else. ✌💜😎 #ColinJost #Handsomeandfunny #Hottt

  30. Hey Russia, if you can hear me, find me Trump's Tax returns. And throw in that Pee Tape! We'll consider removing sanctions.

  31. You have Barr's testimony, and you have Muellers ! Where was Hillarys on the destroying the thousands of emails!??????

  32. There are some things SNL should just keep their biased mouths shut . This is one of those . Don't reward the dems for acting stupid .

  33. Omg…SNL..keep the unbiased jokes coming. It brings back good memories to see equal funny bits. We all know political acts on both side provide hilarious fodder. When a comedy platform ignores the other side it becomes strictly political. When you apply it equally its not only rib spliting funny. You get a chance to relax and laugh at your own beliefs. Thank you.. The 9AM KFC reference made me spit up coffee.

  34. “To sum up the state of our country: the President is hearing smiles, chickens are testifying in Congress, and the thing people are most angry about is that Sonic the Hedgehog has human teeth.”
    I think that might be the greatest thing said on SNL in recent years

  35. I couldn’t help but notice, how Michael mispronounced Deutsche. I’m German that’s why.

  36. I'm on three floor laughing…. I had to watch this 3x in a row. 45 is a liar sorta smiled… Lmao

  37. First Late Night Show, now here.

    Well. . .at least Sonic's design for the movie is is now being tweaked.

  38. I love Colin's mini-jokes when he is introducing a person prior to the main joke. Like the Scooby Doo unmasking

  39. Is it weird/wrong that I felt the need to spit in Trumps face while viewing this? Especially when he said Putin sorta smiled (during a F-in phone call!) claiming he said making mountains outta mouse's! WTF is this moron talking about & how the F can any1 in their right mind… support this steaming pile of stupid!?

  40. THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Apparently, the fake AG Bill Barr either did not get any training on the importance of honesty by his parents growing up at home as a child and /or missed the lesson on the importance of self respect and telling the truth in kindergarten class in elementary school! Most of us had those life experience instructions and passed the test to learn it well. Apparently, AG "the new witch hunter” attorney did not? Really? And isn't there some required course called “Introduction to Ethics” in Law School as well? Did Barr miss that course as well? All this could be laughable if this created constitutional crisis situation was not so lawless and constitutionally threatening to our Democracy and the Rule of Law! This lawless SOB that has comtempt for our Laws has to go ASAP! Hum….https://www.yahoo.com/news/attorney-general-william-barr-responds-143533450.html

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