Weekend Update: White House Press Intern – SNL

Weekend Update: White House Press Intern – SNL

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  1. so it's funny when it's a liberal joke but if it was the other way round it would be different, double standards f++king hypocrites "stupid sheep"……….

  2. Wow it's not even funny because of what the truth is! Maybe you should make fun of the fact that the real video shows the same thing as the so called doctored video! You people are morons & your ignorance of the obvious facts isn't funny it's divisive!

  3. sorry SNL the phonys never gonna fall fo ur i mean grab ur skanky ass skirts / skits πŸ™„ pervets

    but huckabee is not a (midget) πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ πŸ™„πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ get it left wing fairy tale storys right wing next time…

  4. funny, but you implied she was wrong to grab the mic. it was live, everyone saw him be jerk live… now you pick on her. i hope you have to do a follow up like when you f'd up with Dan Crenshaw. you should be making fun of Acosta but you bias

  5. Too bad Cecily isn't as GORGEOUS as that young woman who works at the White House. That would be very nice. I mean, seriously, what would her 5 children think of her? I don't know, maybe she only has 3, but from appearances I think maybe 5? Maybe she's too busy picking low hanging fruit to get in shape? Who knows. Fuck Lorne Michaels. What a bunch of blind propagandists. Donald Trump is truly the misery that all these twats and stupid little girls deserve. Fuck Kate M as well. What a whiny, bitter carpetmunching waste of an attractive woman. It's like a horror movie watching her DEGRADE. That last alien/ghost skit sucked because she is no longer watchable, unlike the previous ones. She is playing herself now, she's jumped the shark. When I see her all I can think about is that degenerated waste of space, Hillary the by default rapist Rodham Cilnton. The sexual abuser. The enabler of rapists. Fuck the me too movement. It is hollow hypocritical lies….

  6. I hate this show. They draw in simple minded children and rarely take responsibility. i.e. Pete Davidson. This is nonsense, junior level claptrap that is designed, in accordance with the character of its creators, to be simple and shallow. You people don't deserve a spotlight. Trump is here to send you in to confusion . I would say that so far, he is the clear Victor in your chosen contest. When he says you are losers, logic would say that he is correct….

  7. Sooooooooo funny…!!!! Watch the actual video and then this one and you will die laughing… guaranteed, unless you lack any laughter or humor in your life…

  8. These Trump Nazi clowns are just too much, never did I think in my lifetime did I imagine I would see this sort of crazy behavior in America. Yet, the brain dead totally support him. Just bizarre…

  9. If Hillary had won and a reporter repeatedly tried to monopolize the time and then refused to hand the mic to an intern then I am quite sure SNL wouldn't be making fun of the intern. Don't get me wrong, I think claiming this was assault is quite ridiculous, but that claim would have been made if the political roles were reversed and SNL would have been all over it. They would have developed a sketch where she tries to grab the mic several times and she is repeatedly pushed down, with each time being more violent and the Republicans making excuses as to why this wasn't violence. The end being her unconscious with a trickle of blood down her forehead and the Republicans still claiming there is nothing to see and maybe have Hillary come in complaining, the Republican hit her and again claim there is nothing wrong.

    These guys are so painfully one sided that comedy follows a boring formula.

  10. all the intern's friends are giving her high 5s for that.. so love my country. Even when down we find humor in our situation.

  11. Before "ANYBODY" replies with> "This is comedy sketch" or "It's a joke.". I'm Well Aware of that. But what I want to point out his how Sneaky & Dishonestly Subversive NBC, Lorne Michaels, SNL's Writers & Colin Jost are…Notice how he sneaks in the "LIE" that a White House Press Intern was trying to take away "Jim Acosta's Mic." <That's a Fuckin' LIE!! That Mic is NOT Jim Acosta's Mic. It belongs to the White House, & he got to ask his Badgering Leading Question…Frankly, it was more like a Disrespectful Challenge…"The Caravan is Not an Invasion." As if because Jim Acosta says it's Not, that makes it True. He wasn't asking the President a question, he was Disrespectfully Challenging the President, & then asking for an Apology from the President. Who the Fuck is this little turd? The Caravan is an Invasion, & the President was Right for calling it that. As far as all of you Easily-Amused SNL Fans…Do you Dolts honestly find 34 Year Old Cecily Strong goofing on a 21 Year Old White House Press Intern with her silly impression, clever? Yeah..Real Comedy Gold.

  12. She grabbed Collin's dick at the end when she went under the desk. Look at him blink from 2:08 to 2:10.
    SNL is a den of freaks

  13. You could find enough using Jim acostas opinionated rhetorical question and interruptions to do a skit?
    This was crap

  14. Amazing that the White House press secretary tweeted out a doctored video to lie about an event, and it didn't become a big deal. We've almost completely forgotten about it now. Not because something like that isn't a big deal, but because every day some new crazy shit happens with this admin, and so it all ends up lost in the rubble.

  15. Thank GOD Lorne had the good sense to take her off the Weekend Update desk and put her back in the repertory cast. Look at all we would have missed from this girl. She’s originated um…at LEAST 30 popular and recurring characters just since then. You don’t stick that kind of brilliance behind a desk. Good call, SNL.

  16. When she rolled over behind themπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£…..i just love cecily hope she isn't jew

  17. β€œI’m Colin Jost, and I’m gonna punch you.”

    I’m dead! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  18. This is the same Cecily that is always harping on equal treatment for women? I guess if it’s in defense of Jim Acosta, making fun of a woman that was just doing her job is ok. #hypocriticalleft

  19. Cecily Strong is just as talented as Kate McKinnon in her portrayal of real life personalities and celebrities in the news!

  20. They did a BUNCH of shitty cold opens for a while there… but that last one with Cecily Strong (Susan Collins) was funny as hell

  21. He did put his hands on her. She was doing her job. He was told to pass the mic, he refused, and when the WH intern went to retrieve the mic, he forcefully pushed her hands away. That’s exactly what happened. You can’t put your hands on people, and he learned his lesson

  22. To make a comparison, Cecily is similar to Amy Poehler, not flashy, gets the job done, barely breaks. Cecily is similar to Kristen Wigg or Maya Rudolph. Acts bigger, they either steal the sketch or not shine much. ne is more consistent the other is flashy tho both are amaizing

  23. Strong, McKinnon, and Thompson are as solid as any cast members in the past 45 years. Then, again, I think Kenan actually has been on the show for 45 years.

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