Weekend Update: U.N.’s Climate Change Report – SNL

Weekend Update: U.N.’s Climate Change Report – SNL

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  1. 2000: catastrophic climate change by 2005.
    2005: catastrophic climate change by 2010.
    2010: catastrophic climate change by 2015
    2015: catastrophicclimate change by 2018
    2018: catastrophic climate change by 2030.
    Notice a pattern? Maybe it's time people wake up a little. Start thinking for yourselves, do your own research, make your own references. Stop believing everything mainstream media tells you. They lie they're trying to control you and your letting them. There's a war on for your mind people

  2. Shouldn't be laughing at global warm/ning… Fo' f**ks sake, today we had +19°C (normally we should've snow right now!) in northern Finland!

  3. hey, I pay taxes. recycle and do good. . . . I work my ass off every week year round and for what. . . . so rich people get to enjoy this planet. nah fuck it . . . let the world burn I say

  4. The funny thing is we're so full of ourselves as human beings that we think we're losing the world and not the world's losing us. World's been here long before us and will probably be here long after us. The real question is will it miss us? Probably like a dog misses flees.

  5. Windmills on my rims…that’s fucking genius. Oh and by the way they’re called “turbines” when they produce electricity. Also I don’t think Taylor Swift was the reason 6 million young people registered to vote. Trump, anyone? Catastrophic mess ring a bell?

  6. The world has always had climate change and gone through turbulent times. If another mountain were to spring up tomorrow the Liberals would lose their minds.

  7. That Taylor Swift fact has me confused. On one hand, it's great to see young people get involved, on the other, did you really need a pop star to tell you this?

  8. Tedx tedtalks 2007 video geoengineering and chemtrailing the stratosphere beginning in 80's created holes in the ozone as a consequence of bad science side effects. Even now that science knows laying chemicals in the stratosphere creates holes in the ozone and said they stopped what was an inexpensive method to reduce earths temperature , the big $ idiots decided not to go above the stratosphere to stop damaging the ozone layer , but they increased chemtrailing in the stratosphere ! idiot science is killing the earth and the more damage they do the more bad science they use to cover their atrocities…. GEOENGINEERING IS CAUSING CLIMATE CHANGES NOT MANMADE BUT EVIL SCIENCE CREATED DESTRUCTION..

  9. Can we add a complete weekend update segment? It's out of order and sometimes hard to piece together in order. Thanks.

  10. we've got nero (trump) in the white house, and instead of republicans sentencing him to death, they are sentencing all of us to death.



  13. Hey, if we are SO stupid, then we really ARE a virus, a cancer on the planet. Wonder what the cockroach civilization will look like in AD 20018…

  14. Who's fault is it that the ice age ended? Did humans cause the Younger Dryas? 65 million years ago the entire planet was tropical. Climate change is natural, normal and will only kill us if we dont adapt.
    Having said that humans are polluting the oceans, polluting the air and causing extintions all over the planet. We are aware enough to know that we are doing more harm than good and we need to get our shit together if only to save ourselves.

  15. Michael Che is right. We should have a Telethon to save the planet. Why not soon? And right, we only care about some things that our puny attention spans dictate. Like getting laid. What about all the other endless creatures on Earth that will be doomed by default? By no fault of their own. If they knew as well, don't we think they would have a pleading voice, too?! C'mon jackass people. This ain't a pointless drill, baby!

  16. Opinion: I think that we ignore it because we don't want to make big changes individually – we like to blame big corps and gov – which do have responsibility in this.. but we can't change what they do. We can change what we do. We are too comfortable with how we live now and don't want to change or put forth effort to reduce waste and energy use.

  17. Since I was a kid in the 70's I have been told that the world climate disaster was always 10 to 20 years away. No I am 56 and nothing has changed. It is now 12 years away. In 8 years it will be 2040 is the "magic" year. Folks …live your life.

  18. Don't just read the media's scaremongering, do your homework. If Mr. Gore believed in this why was he living this way just a few years ago.

    According to one report, compiled from public records requests and information from the Nashville Electric Service, Gore’s 20-room, 10,070-square-foot, Colonial-style mansion consumed an average of 19,241 kilowatt-hours per month—more than 21.3 times that of the U.S. household average of 901 kilowatt-hours monthly.

    In the 12-month period from August 2016 through the end of July, Gore burned through 230,889 kWh of electricity, including 66,159 kWh just to heat his swimming pool. The latter alone is enough, the report says, “to power six average U.S. households for a year.”
    –From https://www.dailysignal.com/2017/08/15/al-gores-carbon-footprint-hypocrisy/

    Follow the money!

    New IIASA-led research has found that a single climate mitigation scheme applied to all sectors, such as a global carbon tax, could have a serious impact on agriculture and result in far more widespread hunger and food insecurity than the direct impacts of climate change. Smarter, inclusive policies are necessary instead.

    -From http://www.iiasa.ac.at/web/home/about/news/180730-food-insecurity.html

    Don't let the technocrats tell you how to think; think for yourselves!

  19. Wendys Bacon double gets it- it has 2 beef patties AND Bacon the other same but only leaves from a tree…ok off subject but now i wanna a burger

  20. There is no consensus and even if there were grants are offered to those who tow the line of the common idea. You don't get grant money if you disagree with what the group is advocating. See the "deniers" and their credentials, many of them have been silenced. Is this science? Does science today actually affirm the idea of reasoned debate or try to crush it? Think for yourself? Read this: https://thebestschools.org/features/top-climate-change-scientists/

  21. I used to feel depressed about humanity messing up the Earth. The reality is the Earth will mess up humanity and vomit us out of existence. Those are the powerful feedback mechanisms in play. The Earth will continue on its merry way but without us and it will have the last laugh. We are nothing but a blip on the Earth’s radar. The life which will emerge out of the shakeout will no doubt live in harmony with its environment and will preserve the very thing that created it.
    We had our opportunity but never realized it. If we did, it was too little too late.
    Humanity, RIP.

  22. Climate change isn't going to kill the planet, just its inhabitants. It's sad to think there are people already born that will face the devastation later in life, but I have faith environmental science and technology will stop or slow the effects of pollution, industrialization, etc. Society shouldn't rely on a ~possible~ solution that ~might~ appear later, though.

  23. Remember 2012?

    2011: Oh my god, the end of the world! We’re all gonna die.
    2012: We’re too tired from freaking out to care anymore. Or this just the final stage of death?

  24. Can't believe people didn't think about getting their asses up from their couch and vote untill a popstar told them to. Americans you are pathetic.

  25. Climate change isn't real. Seen the sea level stay the same for years in NYC. The reason why people say islands are disappearing is because they don't understand what erosion is.

  26. I'm personally looking forward to the next ice age to push New York off the map. Yankees stay the hell away from Georgia.

  27. Job 20:19 – For he has crushed and abandoned the poor; He has seized a house that he did not build. 20 But he will feel no peace within himself; His wealth will not help him escape. 22 When his wealth reaches its peak, anxiety will overtake him; The full force of misfortune will come against him. 23 As he fills his belly, God will send his burning anger upon him, Raining it down upon him into his bowels. 26 Total darkness awaits his treasures;A fire that no one fanned will consume him;Calamity awaits any survivors in his tent. 27 Heaven will uncover his error;The earth will rise up against him. 28 A flood will sweep his house away; It will be a heavy torrent on the day of God’s anger. 29 This is the wicked man’s share from God,The inheritance that God has decreed for him.

  28. So I'm a little queerious ~ ~ ~ Why didn't the 1st lady just say that the coats message was for the LIBERAL MEDIA way back when it was in the news & nobody quite knew what to make of it ¿ I mean I get that she's under epic pressure & angst just by virtue of being connected to that ORANGE~a~TAN she's married to but the liberal media has been extremely sympathetic to her plight so ~ ~ ~ it's just sooooo WEIRD ¡

  29. Speaking of climate change scientists in France have been studying the large particle collider an we may be on the brink of nuclear fusion which would provide mass amounts of safe clean energy. So don’t lose hope just yet this among other things such as electric cars and our knowledge already of chemistry allowing us to break and bond molecules easier than ever may just pull us back from the brink.

  30. Usually by the start/middle of October, it's pretty chilly down here, but this year it's only just now slowly starting to get chilly, and it's currently October 26th.

  31. I love how Michael kept enphasizing yarn. That was funny. xD "And those ridiculous socks you mit for your dogs." lol

  32. My mom is almost obsessive about recycling but adamantly refuses to believe climate change ("global warming") is happening. These seem like very confusing beliefs for her to hold and baffles the hell out of me. How can you think recycling is important because of pollution but refuse to believe the world is in danger of said pollution???

    She actually believes that we are just now coming to the end of the last Ice Age and that that is the reason things are getting warmer and why the polar regions are melting but that as soon as the next Ice Age starts back up we will all be fine. face palms and head desks

  33. so which report is accurtate? the 1978 thgat we woudl be dead by 1982 or teh one on 1995 that we would be dead by 2001 or 2 years ago we would be dead last year?
    or is it you are angle hustling ghettoo looking fo rmoney.

  34. How about a new show called "Weekend Update with Pete Davidson". And he can just say the randomest white castle Friday shit all day long. 😁😂

  35. 13 of the last 16 years have been the warmest years on record. That's NOT a coincidence. The big thing that deniers insist is there are natural cycles in the worlds climate and yes that is true. But it's the rate of which we are adding carbon monoxide and methane to the atmosphere has never been done before – it's never been this much, this fast.

    Fact is sea levels are rising , the ocean is getting warmer and ice is melting. These same scientists told you the solar eclipse is coming but did you deny that ? Cherry pick science all you want. Just know the earth is pissed off.

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