Weekend Update: Trump Worries About Impeachment – SNL

Weekend Update: Trump Worries About Impeachment – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Trump Worries About Impeachment – SNL

  1. Speaking of a pile of doody with eyeballs, NJ governor Christ Chisty, was taken out of the running…." that should have been the connecting thought. Sorry G'vner

  2. They should not impeach Trump they should fire him then let's see him go get unemployment hahaha a jackass is so stupid and so family is so stupid

  3. This Pres…i tell ya…were selling rice to China….China! For the 1st time ever…also…Ford jus squashed plans to open a new 1.6 bil plant in Mexico to add 700 new jobs in Detroit. Because the Pres. Pressured them to. Yes people. Believe in your POTUS. For once

  4. the funniest part is that Trump will be president and the funny man will be out of a job before Trump leaves office

  5. The devil LYING LEADER of USA should know the law,. not only Cohen, SATAN is the biggest moron in USA. no lies about that.

  6. SATAN THE DEVIL CORRUPTED LYING LEADER OF USA NATIONALIST best skills is to lie, thief, and confuse himself. his lying corrupted Republicans ADMINISTRATION PARTY.

  7. Instead if shutting down the government why not shut down the tower that has his name on it. which is in Manhattan, Moscow, MAR-LAR-GO, and Dubai.

  8. Muller found sever witches, inside the corrupted lying CRIMINAL REPUBLICANS ADMINISTRATION…the CRIMINAL passy

  9. It’s funny how these two dumbasses can’t even have a mature conversation about politics. Everything is a joke to you stupid ass liberals. And it’s also funny how you say Trump commits crime but Hilary let a bunch of American troops get killed😂

  10. Trump only realised now?! He should have worried about it the moment the thought of becoming president came to his head.

  11. Where is my man Jeff and when is my biological daughter Destiny Elizabeth Harper coming to visit me I Barbara Harper at my home. Where are you both?

  12. Pretending you're a news source only proves you are as assinine and corrupt as CNN.
    What in the world makes the President who risks his life and that of his family (risky because of scumbags such as yourself) to be this country's leader "fear" impeachment? The President who called Kim Ding Dong "Rocket Man" and then made a historic peace agreement with North Korea is afraid of impeachment, which requires 2/3 of the Senate to push through, and GOP controls the Senate? Ha ha! Liar. Over 71,000 sealed indictments.
    You should be afraid, not him.

  13. You stupid f**** people are so misled and out-of-touch most of you probably ain't even got a f**** job or get some free ass hand out that's what the damn problem is

  14. Let's hear what these Haitians had to say after Hillary and Bill Clinton STOLE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from Haiti's earthquake relief fund: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QtAhtrRA1M Meanwhile, Donald Trump has given away his entire $400,000/yr salary to various causes since he took office, YOU DUMB FUCKS.

  15. The Clintons and Obamas RELEASED THE FALN TERRORISTS FROM PRISON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRRL_vjrIk0 THE FALN set off bombs, killing and maiming innocent people in NYC and Chicago. Clinton released 16 terrorists and Obama released the head of the terrorist organization right before he left office.

  16. An NBC interview from the '90s with Juanita Broaddrick- JUST ONE OF BILL CLINTON'S RAPE VICTIMS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2n4JbgFqSs

  17. "You'd Better Put Some Ice On That: How I Survived Being Raped by Bill Clinton," by Juanita Broaddrick https://www.amazon.com/Youd-Better-Put-Some-That/dp/1979834245

  18. On August 23, 1987, Bill and Hillary Clinton ordered their PAID THUGS to brutally kill 17-year-old Kevin Ives and 16-year-old Don Henry, because they witnessed a CLINTON CARTEL cocaine drop. Here are their murders explained in under 5 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQy_Fm5uAac

  19. Meet Linda Ives, mother of Kevin Ives, the 17-year-old who was BRUTALLY MURDERED BY PAID CLINTON THUGS on August 23, 1987. She's been fighting for justice for over 31 years, and people like those at SNL and its DUMB FUCK FANS have made her life a living hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_GjEqs0Yq0

  20. Linda Ives, mother of Kevin Ives, the 17-year-old who was BRUTALLY MURDERED BY PAID CLINTON THUGS on August 23, 1987, has been fighting for justice for over 31 years. People like those at SNL and their DUMB FUCK fans have made her life a living hell: https://www.gofundme.com/KevinIves-DonHenryMurders

  21. Meet Billy Jack Haynes, former WWE/WWF wrestler. He came forward as a witness to the August 23, 1987 murders of 17-year-old Kevin Ives and 16-year-old Don Henry, and confessed his and THE CLINTONS' involvement in those murders. He also confessed to being a cocaine trafficker for THE CLINTON CARTEL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6qsdisq-vs

  22. KATV- Channel 7's "7 On Your Side" reports: Billy Jack Haynes, former WWE/WWF wrestler, confessed his and THE CLINTONS' involvement in the August 23, 1987 murders of 17-year-old Kevin Ives and 16-year-old Don Henry. He also confessed to being a cocaine trafficker for THE CLINTON CARTEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntXFDkvGwes

  23. 102.9 KARN-FM "The Doc Washburn Show" Billy Jack Haynes, former WWE/WWF wrestler, confessed live, on-air, in full detail, to his and THE CLINTON'S involvement in the August 23, 1987 murders of 17-year-old Kevin Ives and 16-year-old Don Henry. He names THE CLINTONS as being the ones who orchestrated the murders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrJBdKP2EN8

  24. "Obstruction of Justice- The Clinton Machine" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk45bxuOKEc This is a documentary about the August 23, 1987 murders of 17-year-old Kevin Ives and 16-year-old Don Henry, as ordered by BILL and HILLARY CLINTON. These boys witnessed a CLINTON CARTEL cocaine drop and needed to be "eliminated."

  25. "The Original Clinton Chronicles" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCGW033-82c This is a documentary about the BILL and HILLARY CLINTON COCAINE CARTEL, the witnesses they murdered (which include 5 teenagers), Bill's cocaine addiction, sex addiction, brutal beatings of other witnesses, and more.

  26. "Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kypl1MYuKDY This is a short film about less than 1/2 of the Clintons' crimes. It's less than 1/2, because there were many more which start from the 1970's and continue till to today, 2019, that aren't even mentioned in this film.

  27. You SNL fans are a bunch of BRAINWASHED DUMB FUCKS. The Clintons have been committing Class A felonies since the 1970's. Law enforcement, witnesses, families of victims, and the victims themselves have been coming out with their stories about the Clintons for decades. Where have you all been, YOU DUMB FUCK MOTHERFUCKERS?

  28. SNL= Sick Narcissistic Losers: Go educate yourselves, you DUMB FUCK SNL fans "Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kypl1MYuKDY

  29. 2:25 WRONG. The President jas not and will never have the honerous duty of, "knowing the law". That lunacy is reserved for lawyers and judhes. Get real MC.

  30. Mr. Che, as a researcher and a teacher I can tell you the man can't read well. At all. He's always hated studying. Don't you remember when he told his aides to never bring him documents? That instead of doing anything Presidential like hiring Ambassadors for various countries, he sat for six hours a day and watched TV. He still no clue as to what a President should be doing. To this day there are hundreds of jobs that have never been filled since President Obama left. It's because he refuses to learn how a President acts and what the job entails. He's been a con man and a thief for so long he wings it every day. And he always has help with his tweets. Notice you never see him do it in public? Early in the morning is his time for getting back at people who bother him and know he's a liar. He doesn't sleep a lot so he has Barron usually come in and help him out. That poor kid who knows his Father is a cheater, a liar to the world about his abilities and still is forced to keep it a secret. He knows his Father cheated on his Mother when she was pregnant with him. He's seen them fight and he knows they have separate bedrooms because his Mother doesn't love his Father for a very good reason. I wouldn't be surprised if he's cheating with another woman in the White House like that intern who tried to take the mic away from Acosta. It still bugs me she wasn't in the law suit. That was Trump protecting her in private. Why did she do that?? Why did he do that? Trump doesn't want to know the law Mr. Che. He's broken it so many times it's pitiful. He's 74 years old and he averages ten lies a day. His mind is broken when he can get two children killed and not feel any regret or sorrow at all for kidnapping them like the Nazi's did the Jews. By telling them they were going to give them a shower and instead they gassed them. And those horrible people being paid by us, told those parents at the border they were only taking the kids to get them cleaned up and let them shower and then they kidnapped them! Can you imagine how frantic those parents were and still are? How scared to death those non-speaking English those children were then and still are wanting to get back to their parents? Little kids desperately calling out for their parents? That's the Nazi that Putin put in the White House. This is Putin's way of imploding America. He can't gas us like he did in England so he does this. Putin is a psychopath on so many levels. He loves to watch what his puppet does every day and in only two years this evil has infected our beloved country that millions have died to protect. One bigot whose a traitor is now fighting Americans because he want a toy to stamp his name on because his mentor won't let him build a luxury hotel in Moscow. This will go down in our history as the most corrupt evil administration we've ever had. 🙁 Songs

  31. Jesus get new material. I’m so tired of this unfunny BS about the president. All your trash is biased and dull. You guys aren’t comedians. No one cares about your opinions

  32. To be fair, the publisher of the National Enquirer wasn't in the room. He is a part of this particular investigation though. Cohen did say the publishers first and last name on the tape. Oh yeah I just remembered it, David Pecker lol. Just pointin that out.

  33. 2:00 yeah thats actually a huge story….almost half of the inaugural money for trumpf has just DISAPPEARED and is accounted for….and now they're probing about overpayments to trumpf property for the event! overpayment is how you launder money or self-deal!!! this is fucking corruption at its finest


  34. "He's the President. He should know the law!! Doctors know medicine. Arby's knows meat. If I was an astronaut and you asked me about the moon and I said, 'The Moon???'" Priceless burn.

  35. Where's the segment with the boxer's wife where Matt Damon comes out? Who's the chick playing the wife?? Me like!

  36. omg no more nominees with no experience in government. lets just elect a Dog. Im sure that would solve all our problems.

  37. "he's gotta know the law, doctors know medicine, Arby's knows meat" LOL love Michael Che and Colin Joist Together lol

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