Weekend Update: Trump Lost Over $1 Billion – SNL

Weekend Update: Trump Lost Over $1 Billion – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Trump Lost Over $1 Billion – SNL

  1. Let's not forget it took him a decade to lose that much over multiple deals… let's also not forget Hillary spent the same amount of money on a corrupt presidential campaign in one year. And she still lost

  2. The truth about SNL is they are a bunch of pedophiles and are about to be busted along with their friends in Mainstream media. Good luck not you pervs,We are coming to your doors soon with Federal warrants and guns..

  3. NYT recycles old news from the 90s on Trump and shocking so many who provably never read it back in the 90s are now learning about it now.Yep that old news being recycle hmm how can NYT get a hold of Trumps tax returns oh wait they never had it in the first place.Congress wants 6 years of tax returns from Trump and he said no so how can NYT get it first when congress can't get it that just sounds really fishy to me.Sources close to white house said Trump ate a salad for dinner for the first time do I really care that Trump eats MacDonald or buys his family MacDonald yep that has to be news can't find anything else to write so lets just tell everybody who his diet is.What that word I am thinking about oh yeah I don't care.Mainstream news media we report opinions instead of news.

  4. “Most black players didn’t show up in protest”

    Said trump: “Perfect!”


  5. They included Taiwan in their map of China. Also what was Colin doing under the desk at the beginning?

  6. And how many businesses could have sprung back after such a business loss?? Not many, but Trump's did!! So, guess he really IS an incredibly wise entrepreneur!!

  7. The boy at the bottom right at the Trump rally looks like they're visiting their aunt for the summer and she just dragged him there when he really wanted to make his action figures look like they're having sex.

  8. Seems he's perfect for running a dangerous extortion racket that is HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS in debt.

  9. Trump lost 1 billion dollars? Welcome to news in 1995 idiots. If you have 5 Billion dollars and lose 1 billion, you are still a billionaire. It's funny how libtards are just discovering news from 25 years ago. Trump is still a multibillionaire and it really doesn't matter how much excess money a person has, it matters what he is doing righteously for America, which is a lot.

  10. You all forget why trump and trumpers are great for america. Once hes gone wr now kno who exactly is causing the hatred bigotry and insane idea of fighting a civil war to free people and then enslave them economically making them arm up n organize for survival. Erry step of the country is a 50/50 bluff and when called these people arent of the ilk of 1940s men. These 18 yr old today are on heron and dont have daddys hatreds. Your generation the greediest most self centered inconsiderate generations of all time just die off already. Havent youz done enough. Drop dead quicka

  11. Over 95% of people liked this video insulting Trump.. Weird how he got over 50% of the elec votes, hummm curious

  12. Trump admitted to losing 1 billion back in the 90s. The NEW YORK TIMES did a story on him called The Comeback Kid after he got himself out of debt and gained billions from construction. You know who actually lost 1 billion dollars? Hillary Clinton. Thats how much she spent on a rigged election in her favor, with fraudulent votes and paid off politicians and the FAKE NEWS media giving her full support. And she STILL LOST to TRUMP! GOD thats got to Hurt you nutjob liberals really hard right in your fat unemployed asses! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!! #LOSERS.

  13. Twitter users or other social media users, if you follow tRump & want a streamlined, rapid response to his prolific horrid tweets (or to his complicit defenders) simply post this time-saving link as a response. https://www.psycom.net/narcissistic-personality-disorder-test

  14. It’s around $2,000,000,000 in losses if you consider inflation since the 1990s.

  15. That's not funny man. I lost one billion dollars too. Everybody was mad. It was a bunch of people around, holding sticks and using chalk. …,..
    Wait, wait….naw, my bad…..
    It wasn't one billion dollars, it was the number one billiard ball.

  16. These two guys know the exact word of 69 I just don't know how many times they do it a week or rather a day

  17. Funny…
    But losing money in a business ventures is normal, thats the point – you try something what hasn't been tried before and very often you lose. Sometimes it called innovation, and yes, risk taking is a part of it…

  18. 1:46 AHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHA I love it…that is now one of my all time favorite lines ever. Colin was on fire today

  19. I guess that’s what happens when you actually run businesses for a living. In contrast, Obama blew through $10T with not a thing to show for it and he NEVER ran a single thing. He barely even showed up to vote as a Senator. How’s that?

  20. 3:03 watch the little girl who was forced to stand behind trump for diversity’s sake. She bolted halfway through 😂

  21. lol…Democrats digging up news from 25 years ago thinking its original. Everyone in Atlantic City lost a ton of money in the casino business at the time. Its called capitalism and business. Stalin would be so proud of the American liberal media and entertainment industry

  22. bunch of non-funny snowflakes that can't stop crying you lost,tell loren to get his head out of hillary's ass

  23. I hope every future history book shows him exclusively in black and white. Otherwise, future history classrooms will be riddled with endless questions about why his face looked like that.


  25. He's your 2020 president people! It's going to be tough on you all but democrats don't have anyone to even stand in Trumps shadow.

  26. Spirit airways is still running so trumps airways was an idea that was an ideal that made trumps head look worse than thanos’s whole body oh wait he always looked like that

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