Weekend Update: The 2018 Midterm Elections – SNL

Weekend Update: The 2018 Midterm Elections – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: The 2018 Midterm Elections – SNL

  1. I hate Trump! He works with Russia and he is racist and hates gays and he is ugly! He is evil, I will never listen to any other opinions because everyone who likes Trump is RACIST AND FACIST. Thank you SNL for the great content, take THAT Republicans!

  2. I am a white surburban woman and I have voted Democrat for over 50 years now. I don’t care if it’s a full communist revolution, I will never vote republican. I taught my children to fight for what they believe in (what I believe in) so they are constantly getting in fights at school. The school is not being inclusive for them, how facist, they are constantly being punished. I think that the countless examples of communism working in the past just proves my point of why we should do away with this government and make a better one. No voting rights for right wing tards and republicans, they are all racist. We will give total control to the government, there will be equal rights, lgtqb rights, and we will punish all the white men for all they have done. We must bring down the white man. Vote this year everyone (unless you’re a white male).

  3. Man everytime I go to California there are thousands of more homeless people. Why do Californians keep voting for leftists who ruin the state? Then Californians move to to other states and try to vote for the same idiots that destroyed California. It's crazy! How dumb are leftists?

  4. In Atlanta you dont get stabbed at checkers. You get asked by everyone and their mom for food and then the mom tries to solicit you for sex.

  5. It would have been funny to see a skit about how Brenda Snipes "found" thousands and thousands of democratic votes in Florida. But SNL won't ever highlight a democratic scandal.

  6. NOPE! Not for Beto in 2020! Good for the Senate but I am not voting because he was the peoples popularity choice! No Biden, No Kamala, No Corey Booker, No Kristen Gillibrand , No Cuomo, No Bloomberg, No Oprah etc. etc. I am waiting on a Dark horse like Obama was, and I mean this literally!!! The above mentioned are not exciting or some are rather boring and have No energy to motivate huge crowds although Beto got the crowds I believe we need him more in the Senate!

  7. Actually SNL got their information wrong. White women still voted overwhelmingly for republicans. It was other demographics that voted for the democrats.

  8. Florida also banned off-shore drilling. Apparently we're bad at choosing leaders but at least we can get our amendments right.. sort of.

  9. These 2 are the least funniest in the history of SNL…they're the Only ones willing to spin the hard left message SNL now delivers…tragic.
    Destroying comedy is the destruction of the world.


  10. I'm sick of these two. The writing is not as biting and satirical as it needs to be (in this motherfucking political climate especially). You can tell they try to reign it in to the center and it just looks weak. Gimme Tiny and Amy or Seth and Amy any day. They would NOT hold back, at all.

  11. Republicans and democrats are alike, bunch of brainless and brainwashed who think their votes count 😂
    No matter who you vote for, he or she will be working for the same Zionist Daddy!
    NOW, back to your 70 hours a week job, pay your taxes on time (so we can send most of it to our real boss zionist Israel) and see you every four years suckers 😂

  12. Michels race rants are offensive. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you’re not also from the suburbs. Ignorant

  13. Democrats retaking the house was done in a very mild manner. 20+ Republicans didn't seek reelection, 17+ seats were flipped by Dems by very small margins (I think 15 of those will flip back in 2 years.) It was basically liberal states becoming more liberal in most cases.

  14. Che want's to see what it's like when women can't vote and thinks that they'll act like teenagers? A. That literally happened not 100 years ago and B. That punchline is so absurdly sexist we should be waiting for some disingenuous apology from him next week. And before you say he's making fun of them for being white and not women don't you think it's odd he's always always going after women in particular and never white men specifically like that? So much trash stuff falls out out of this mans mouth every damn week.

  15. Ouch. Starts with California tourism ad. Come to the beaches of Malibu…nope, Northern Cali has…nope. Come to FEMA meeting in the shelter…and our meetings on climate change…

  16. Florida's motto live fun or die!!!! So true I wake up everyday like I'm either going to the beach today and just chill or I might get shot by the police who thinks my credit card is a gun when I reach in my pocket to pay for my coffee! Or shot by the cashier in self defense because I reached in my pocket to pay for the coffee! You pretty much have two outcomes everyday in FL… Coffee and beach or die!😂

  17. To anyone feeling dejected by Beto losing, remember this. Just last year, Ossoff lost the race for the GA-6. This year, Lucy McBath beat Karen Handel. You're laying the foundations for future victories, and that work is something you should all be proud of. Y'all did good. I know that is hard to hear when your candidate still list, but it's true! Don't lose hope and keep at it. Beto's coattails were huge and TX Dems won lots of downballot races, and that is a good start.

  18. Black women do something "THANKS BLACK WOMEN YOU ROCK!" White women do something "Dont try to steal our thing" Hey how about we are all working together, and dont become the thing you hate.

  19. Just reading through these comments prove mlk brainwashing is very effective .
    Since felons are so great at making the right decision let's let them vote .lol usa on a progressive down hill spiral .

  20. I used to like snl but the new ones suck. Not to mention geared towards left's and Rothschild family controls content of all media and television on most stations. Our world is not like it used to be. You can call me crazy I don't care it's the truth everything has changed since the 1970s drastically.

  21. these two are honestly the best Weekend Update guys I've ever watched, and I've seen clips of all weekend update people

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