34 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Turning 21 – SNL

  1. I have such a crush on this dude. Even though he's crazy af I would totes date him. He's one of my top favorite SNL cast members!

  2. Who else thought when he said ‘I can’t sing, I can’t dance.’ He was gonna say “and I don’t know karate.” ??? Just me?

  3. Pete and Colin’s relationship is like two brothers and Colin’s the one who went to Harvard and Pete became a pothead but they still love each other aw

  4. For starters, Harry Potter the actor is 5/5 or 5/6 height that is a very short height in men. He got small structure. So basically he will always stay a little boy for everyone that hurts so much. I'm telling from personal experience. I'm 43 April 2019 & yet if an operator lady calls on phone and I pick it up she would say to me "Hey little girl give phone to someone grown up " Then I have to yell at her I'm grown up 42D UK size undershirt how much she wants me to grow up. Because I got a voice of a 7 years old little girl & I hate it.
    Mr Pete Lord blessed you with height big structure that's why you are physically able to date women older than you. He much you are physically strong that much your brain works. Mr Harry Potter the actor & I are locked in our teen age for like ever.

  5. Harry Potter = Catcher in The Rye, but a Wizard . BT!W, I have not taken time out of my life to watch SNL since Chris Rock. Now I have a reason: Pete Davidson.

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