Weekend Update: Paul Manafort Sentenced to Prison – SNL

Weekend Update: Paul Manafort Sentenced to Prison – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Paul Manafort Sentenced to Prison – SNL

  1. Funny how y’all call for the release of non violent criminals and also call for Manafort to be jailed for life. Thanks for the 2020 victory you fucking hypocrites.

  2. Sentenced for something he did long before he worked for Trump. Sentenced for something he did together with Pedosta (who is not going to jail). Ya bunch of morons.

  3. Michael Che is so fucking hilarious. His delivery isnt always strong but damn he has some good meat on those jokes

  4. Ughhhh 😩😩i mean it's bad enough the entire 20min sketch of weekend update is chopped into 50 parts! But at Least put them in order or number them! 😐😒Come on now SNL!

  5. According to the judge, a white male committing horrific "white collar" crimes is generally blameless; because, this is what they were bred to do!! Manafort was simply fulfilling his manifested destiny.

  6. I know Mr. Kilpatrick is in prison shmfh….. He got 28 years for doing less than what they doing in the White House now
    (FYI he was the mayor of Detroit)

  7. Hillary Clinton should have decided not to run in 2016 if the DNC had not been so corrupted on Clinton side Bernie would have been president right now

  8. You can tell they’re tired of all the trump batter. They can’t come up with anything new. And that’s what makes the show a loser (check their ratings) SNL is getting ready for another 4 years of MAGA!

  9. White privilege on full display. Manafort got less time in prison than a Black or Latino kid caught with a couple of bags of weed.

  10. what does it mean stole 50 mln. where did the money go in his pocket to build villa ?? or on political campaigns. what all those people campaigning now 30 of them for a president each opening like 1 bln?
    so 50 mln are we still bullying someone??

  11. This is boring man these news have all been covered by almost all late night host by Saturday (Repetitive) . The other sketches are getting better but come on man time to retire this.

  12. A valid point was made…. when a black or brown person steals gum 15 years to life…. a 60s group had a song that said if you had a choice my brother which color would you pick…….

  13. It's not just that Paul Manafort is getting a slap on the wrist for a long list of white collar crimes. He's one of the worst political criminals EVER. He has been selling out his country for decades. It's like giving Al Capone probation.

  14. JC, please no joking about another Hillary run… don't you know saying her name 3x in the mirror makes her appear!?!

  15. Very good points made all around. The only real difference between this presidency and any other privileged white presidency in our nation’s history is that the crimes are much bolder and blatant, and this president doesn’t change anything based on facts or the public’s reactions and pleas; not in the least. We’re at the epitome of overprivileged white conjecture taking the deficit to new heights while sinking the middle class and poor to new lows, all while giving the wealthy even more privilege and money than they ever needed. Is that what this country is really all about? Taking what little support exists from the poor and giving it to the rich? How does that help the people of this country? All it does is further the benefits of the 1% and once again hurts those in need. Like the elderly, mentally ill, physically disabled and innocent children of immigrants.

    If you think most migrants are gangbangers, you’re simply misinformed. I’ve lived among them from SoCal to Mexico and all over Texas and I’m telling you, the majority of illegals are decent family people who have been denied citizenship or had it delayed for years, all while the cartels on the border continue to grease law enforcement and top officials which allows for the continuance of violence and slavery toward those poor families. Trump and his ilk only care about the bottom line; migrant workers who don’t require minimum wage make people like him richer and richer. So the wall is nothing but a front for siphoning cash from that $8+ BILLION and pretending they’re doing something to combat human trafficking when they know damn well they employ those very victims. The racism is so deeply engrained I believe a lot of these scumbags don’t even realize they are racist.

    This neocon/neolib nomenclature is another weapon or tool used by those ultra-rich political criminals (trump pretends he’s different when he’s the worst of them all) and probably Russian hackers to further instill resentment and hate toward one another, and it’s working well. I guarantee I’ll get at least one prick calling me a libtard or the like, and no one will read this far.

    So go fuck yourselves into the dirt, see if I care. Trust a megalomaniac born-billionaire who hasn’t a clue what blue collar citizens experience and doesn’t care what the disenfranchised poor go through. Cutting medical programs while pumping MORE of OUR money into already-overinflated military budgets is IMO one of the most disgusting acts of indifference to the survival of humanity that can exist within our new corporate government. Change my fucking mind.

  16. @Lori D  : You are nothing but a racist bigot fool of the fourth level of stupid! So YOU said, "the Bible would have burst into flames if Obama signed it"…a man that was married to same woman for 25 years and the.only mother of HIS 2 children…no rumor of him raw dogging a porn star, no rumor of him deliberately creating.pollicy that snatches babies and putting them in cages, lying 9000 times, embracing Nazis etc….but Trump…The man that married 3 different women with 3 different baby mommies, did raw dog it with porn star, espousing division and hate…is of God?

    Satan called…he got your Unholy wings in mothballs waiting for your stupid to wear off. But by then your dumbness will already seal your fate….dumb throughout eternity.

  17. really? signing a bible? i mean NOBODY signs bibles. like if ANYONE signed a bible and it wasn't literally a guy named Jesus Christ wearing a glowing halo, people would THROW A FIT! so, how the FUCK does a guy like Donald J Trump, Sleaze in Chief, sign a BIBLE???!!!! where's the Pope on this?

  18. So the president* Forrest trump, is buds with Li Yang – the madam whose massage parlors got Robert Kraft "caught". Maybe that's how he got the goods on the entire Republican party "leaders". If not her, some other madam. That's how trump works. He is the devil. Why didn't those bibles burst into flames?

  19. If your rich and white you get 4 years for tax fraud!! If your black like Al Sharpton you get a tv show!! you piece of shit liberals are hypocrites!!!

  20. Jokes are one thing but flat out fucking lying is another. HRC never “officially” said she would not be running. Check your facts before you allow the loonyass Berniebro in ur writers room to jizz himself all over the script. It was just obvious before, but now yall straight up sound like the media shills that got trump in office. The alt-left and the alt-right have so much in common…

  21. So HRC saying that she’d like to be president but not necessarily to have to run again for like the forth time in a year is all of the sudden “official” after Bernie announces his run? Lol, sure… Ride that entitled, misogynistic, nra-whores withered dick a bit harder snl cause it’s not like it’s super obvious or anything

  22. You know, Trump is going to steal that image of him in the boxing gloves, have an artist paint it, and hang in the Oval Office now…

  23. Explain to me, please: HOW did the Bibles manage NOT to burst into flame?

    –Dave, South Park's Saddam Hussein is jealous

  24. Idc how conservative or liberal you are if youre sane and look at the facts youd know that trump and hillary are equally bad

  25. Not only do I wish Weekend Update was one video, but since it's not, can they at least put them in order? Come on now… is it that hard SNL?

  26. HAD TO STOP THIS SHIT when this Fucking idiot said Hillary would be a good President?
    Are you FUCKING SERIOUS SNL? The bitch is a fucking crook herself!!!!!

  27. I thank God I’m not a leftist stooge! Still no Russian collusion… its been over two years… #StrongDelusion

  28. 2:37 You may not be the only one, but you're certainly in the minority. So…

    Congratulations, you did! You're a true inspiration to straight white rich men everywhere.

  29. Very good piece, one of your best. In a way politics is beyond parody now, this could have been put out there as a news show!

  30. Fuck the justice system this mf stole up to 50 mil but my cousin is in jail for life for drugs in which he would have never made that much ……..

  31. 0:56 Well said!
    "How can you possibly claim Manafort lived a 'blameless life'? He's being sentenced for another crime next week – and it's a crime he committed while on house arrest for a third crime!"

  32. That laugh track is such a crutch… if your jokes are actually funny, you don't need it lol just explain the politics without all these cheesy jokes, if they can't be done right, why do them at all =D. I still love you SNL tho 🙂

  33. dirty old rich men like Kraft and Trump all hang around together in the very same same places ! don't they who knew?..

  34. both Kraft and Donald have had the same conversation: " lets do this ! i will let you have Melania for a Night in exchange will have all those Asian high prize hookers i continue to hear about !"

  35. If you are guilty than its on you. But, it's not like Obama, Bush 1&2, Clinton, Regan had no staff go to jail? Wait till the pardoning starts?
    It is ALL corrupt to the highest most linguistically inappropriate divide between politics and uninformed voters putting the weakest minds as the front leaders of civilization. The gross ball of greed is too fast to slow it before inhalation to this species of humans. Next!

  36. I've loved SNL and WEEKEND UPDATE since October 1975 I've only missed on show and trump was the reason. His bitching about satire is almost as fun a watching a episode..

  37. Nightmare…. trump is the worst thing to happen ever. this is what happens when you let televangelist pick a president…. based on a voice in their head…😖

  38. He went to prison for tax fraud. Wow this Russia Probe found a white rich guy who cheats on his tax's. Nothing to do with Russia or collusion.

  39. Ok I'm curious, if Paul Manifort got 4yrs in prison and essentially got sentenced to college what school did he get admitted to? 😂

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