Weekend Update: Opera Man Returns – SNL

Weekend Update: Opera Man Returns – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Opera Man Returns – SNL

  1. SNL deleted my comment where I said that this was the best episode in years 😂 how oversensitive can you get? 🤣

  2. I clicked just for a little nostalgia not expecting any humor at all. I don't laugh much but this slayed me !!!!!

  3. This is like Queen at Live Aid but for SNL. A loved performer returning after an absence, delivering a perfect rendition of amazing material. Bravo Mr.Sandler!

  4. Okay America here is Adam sandler as our beloved opera man saying what is in the mind of some Americans about what is going on with the present administration. You go opera man maybe the powers that be will wake up and smell the bad coffee

  5. Weekend update, Opera Man O

    Very Funny, Make me cry O

    need more funny, less politic O

    Best skit on SNL in 20 years O

  6. So opera man after a long absence has been able to Express the views of some of us and I lose the term loosely on what is happening in our great country because of a man who was elected president who has his own agenda. Regardless of his party affiliation.
    Wake up america.

  7. What is the actual song that the Trumpa Dumpa part is using the tune of? It's stuck in my head and I want to download it.

  8. It was so good to see him back. I watched SNL from the early 1980's on up to 1995 when they fired Farley and Sandler. My opinion, but there was no better time in SNL than from 1990 to 1995, with Spade, Myers, Hartman, and so many others. Knowing that Adam was going to be a guest is the first time I've tuned in to SNL since his firing, and the only reason I did.

  9. When I was a kid I use to think he was a vampire that sang opera. I’m still not convinced he isn’t.

  10. I am a child of the original snl. This current cast totally rocks. I especially enjoy colin just spell check is incorrectly correcting me and Michael che
    on weekend update Colin's amused look at opera man is priceless.

  11. 1:17–1:25 Kevin Durant and kyrie Irving are now at the Brooklyn nets. Man this video aged poorly well this part of it anyway.

  12. I was wondering for years when he was going to bring this back. One of my favorite Adam Sandler characters. Finally. Thank you.

  13. I bet Sandler votes for Trump. All these rich hypocrites who claim they hate Trump also have investments because they are rich and their investments are making them huge profits right now. Not a doubt in my mind that a lot of these Trump hating celebs are voting Trump in 2020. Suck on that SNL.

  14. This is what needs to be done for SNL bipartisan comedy. Quit singling out trump and the right, the left has done just as much stupidity in the same amount of time.

  15. after hours of research I can confirm that adam sandler, bill hader, andy samberg, colin jost, john mulaney, and now pete davidson are the line of humans that snl breeds specifically for every generations teenage girls.

  16. OK THAT WAS EPIC!!!!
    Adam Sandler is amazing everytime. His first run on SNL is still my favorite. They had a cast full of friends, brothers, and off the wall goofy idiots. I grew up watch Chevy Chase the first years with Bill I hate everyone Murray. The Sandman group is by far superior just in fun factor and brotherhood.

  17. SNL crew: hey look at this cool cake I wonder what we can it for

    Adam: (walks in) Oh shit I remember this funny skit

    SNL crew: I think we just saved the show

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