Weekend Update on the Nunes Memo – SNL

Weekend Update on the Nunes Memo – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update on the Nunes Memo – SNL

  1. Huh. Mocking Nunes, but not a word about the psychonaut and conspiracy theorist Adam Schifftless. Is it because….no, it couldn't be…because Schifftless…who is EMINENTLY mockable…is a DEMOCRAT…??

  2. Jost and Che, you suck because you're hacks. And that's a shame, because you guys are otherwise bright, talented, funny guys. But you're complete and total hacks for Leftism, and that sucks balls. What a god damn shame.

  3. i love all the credit given to obama, since his master plan waited nine years to kick in!! what happens if it goes bad?? will it still be contributed to barry?

  4. everytime Colin realizes hes too white to make a particular joke he smiles really hard because you know Michael is just dying laughing just off camera

  5. I just scrolled throught all the comments and no one says anything about Colin's hypeman impression? Come on, that shit was adorable.

  6. I love Weekend Update because it’s so hard to tell how much of it is improv and how much is completely scripted.

  7. "He sounds like Colin when I asked him if his family ever owned slaves." "Can we have this conversation off camera?" I DIED

  8. I can't believe Cecily Strong wasn't nominated for an Emmy this year. She is amazing at everything she does on here. In my opinion, Cecily deserved a nomination over Aidy Bryant. She's funny and all but she really doesn't do many characters. Cecily is just as talented as Kate.

  9. Kate McKinnon-LOOOOVVE her!! Brigette Bardot! Zowie. These two women are beautiful but their interviews ALWAYS turn out like this!

  10. At least Trump and the Rat have 1 thing in common, Showers , But at least the rat has morals and standards, not the same as Spanky !

  11. i stand by everything i have said, and i will double down…. free harvey weinstein! best part of the whole clip omfg nearly died

  12. To everyone who keeps saying that Colin jost is gay or bi I Know that is people rights to say what they feel but it is starting to piss me off 😠 he is not gay or bi unless he say he is

  13. No one thought don was a feminist. That was and is a big part of the problem of trump. Yet he says no one is a bigger supporter of women than him! 😂 😝

  14. "The #metoo movement has gone too far."

    Two drunk women ramble and nobody gives any examples or opinions. Great use of writing. This topic will never get brought up again either. 😠

  15. If we ever find a serum to keep someone alive forever we have to make sure we get Kate McKinnon the first dose.

  16. Is it just me or does that orange fuck faces voice make everyone's skin crawl? Everytime I hear his voice I am that much closer to taking myself out. I just wish this clown would stop talking forever, he's the unwashed ass of America. Ew.

  17. You may be wondering why trumptards aren’t on these defending him. It’s simple: they ignore their own ugly truths just the way they ignore all problems that don’t effect their bottoms lines.

  18. Anybody else notice that the CC went "it blew my mind how hard this sucked" when the quote was "it blew my mind that God allowed this."

    Deaf people aren't allowed to read that? C'mon!

  19. I’m not saying there is a problem with the YouTube algorithm BUT I did spend all night watching YouTube auto play Weekend Update clips where Colin wears the same suit and tie.

  20. I’m confused help me figure this out……ok so I hate trump…..Despise the man but it says in 2018 the SOTU was 45.6mil and that what trump said in his tweet sssooooo I don’t get how trump is lieing is my point. I am no way defending him let that be known!!!

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