100 thoughts on “Weekend Update on IHOP’s Apology – SNL

  1. The IHOP part was like 14 seconds of this video…but it had to do with racism. So it got the title spot


  3. As someone who also has borderline personality disorder, i LOVE him he’s so relatable. stay strong pete bpd is a bitch

  4. pete and stefon on the same episode of weekend update ?? my day is made

    also i fuckin love when the audience knows that stefon’s coming before they can finish his introduction

  5. Pete Davidson reminds me of the guy who played Charlie Sheens brother on Three and a Half Men…John Cryer….just remembered his name.

  6. Peter Davidson good for you some of the steps of Health are definitely being able to make fun of your own life when you're a comedian!!! as a fellow BPD sufferer Im so fucking happy to see some one make some jokes I can appreciate. Hope life says awesome always!!!

  7. Pete hits you right in the mouth when he recalls wantlng to kill himself at the age of eight- his genius is that it gets laughs.

  8. it's really funny and smart that here Pete is not even Playing someone,he's just Pete and that's beautiful. he's that good

  9. "…& I wanted to kill myself when I was 8, tough news about your rebounds though!" Pete's the fucking man he killed it with this one.

  10. It's funny cause its a man they're making fun of. Funny how if it was a woman the exact sames words word be cruel

  11. The gay segment was funny, every gay person whose hair & clothing was like that at that time or even now, should be ashamed for being so basic when they thought they were so ahead of the curve.lol

  12. If a different network put an all Bill Hader sketch comedy show up against SNL, I would give up my 45 year old habit to watch it.

  13. "Mental Illness": Flavor of the Month in the perennial Victimhood Olympics. Pete Davidson for the Gold!
    PS. Quick story:
    Just the other day, an erratic and disheveled man on the subway told me he was schizophrenic. I asked: "How can I help?" and he replied: "Can you get me new teeth?".

  14. Is Bill Hader cold reading these jokes? He's funny as shit, but looks genuinely surprised at some of the lines.

  15. SNL has really turned into a liberal platform now. I miss when they did skits that were funny instead of liberal unfunny skits from writers that just watch fox news and go from there. What the fuck happened to SNL a second time? I can watch jokes about people anywhere. Go back to the old uncomfortable stuff from Stefon,just sayin. To fn hallarious.

  16. I agree wholeheartedly with Pete Davidson. I hate it when rich, privileged, famous debutantes talk about how hard it is being them or take a simple panic attack and suddenly pretend to be a mental health advocate because "now you understand what it's like being mentally ill." It's exactly the same as when spoiled, rich privileged kids in prestigious or Ivy League colleges talking about ending privilege!

  17. Funny, how when he said "I've been in therapy since I was six and have wanted to kill myself since I was eight." That's actually true for me. I've been in therapy for anxiety and depression since I was six and tried to kill myself when I was eight. How did you just described my life in a sentence? And I also agree with your thought on the article. Every. Single. Word.

  18. guys I can’t with Pete . The whole crowd is silent while he is going on the rant about camping with his uncle and they laugh when he says “free throw percentage” meanwhile IM DYING OF LAUGHTER MY GUY OMg

  19. Video title: IHOP's Apology

    I was not prepared for this.

  20. Watching this I think… How could Pete suffer from mental illness if he's on SNL and is popular…. And he talks about the basketball player in the same way I'm talking about him right now…

    Truth is, you don't have to be in terrible conditions to be suffering in the inside. You can be the richest, the smartest, the wisest,… Whatever hope you get my point.. fml

  21. Wait, he wears jeans for these??? Jeans…JEANS….DISTRESSED JEANS???!! These sketches won't be quite the same anymore 😒 😂

  22. I would argue till I'm blue in the face that Bill Hader is one of the greatest Snl actors of all time. Him and Kristen wigg are hard to beat by anyone including fellow cast members and guests. I do love the others too but Bill is at the top wearing the Crown of Snl.

  23. This was well done… a look into his life and dealing with mental illness. This is actually good for his sanity. I like Pete.

    Man he plays that Stephon brilliantly.
    Percy!!!! Lol

  24. So I get what Pete was going for and some of it is very true (and very funny), but…trying to gatekeep mental illness kind of doesn't really help anyone. I mean, you can't really say "bitch please, panic attacks are nothing, and I have to say you should seek professional help but I don't really care because I'm more mentally ill than you" and follow it up 2 seconds later with "panic attacks are something that's worth being checked out by professionals" (which they are since they're often a symptom of potentially something more serious and it's a clear sign that whoever's having them is not exactly a healthy state anyway) and expect people to come away thinking that the latter thought is the most important one they should be left with. And I'm not trying to make light of Pete's situation at all – mental illness of any form, however mild, is an absolute bitch and I get that panic attacks may not seem like much but, as I said, they tend to be a symptom, not the whole story.

  25. this foo is getting stupid annoying with his mentally ill shit
    he ain’t! he’s just playing the part it worked for him once and he’s just riding it out
    I think it’s bullshit

  26. I should have know better than to drink anything while watching a Stefon clip, I always end up with coffee coming out of my nose.

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