100 thoughts on “Weekend Update on a Cheating Scrabble Player – SNL

  1. “Sexiest joke writer is a very specific category. That’s like being the world’s smartest horse.”

    Idk why but that absolutely killed me😂😂💀💀

  2. Halfway through I came on to the comments to say no more interviews until I saw the comments about Pete..he killed it! Thanks commenters!!

  3. Halfway through this video I spent about a minute looking for my headphones… I had them on. They aren't even Wireless so I saw and felt the cord

  4. Along with Demetri Martin, Bruce Chandling is one of the funniest straight-faced comics in the biz.

    Controversial opinion, no?

  5. Honestly I'm not sure why they keep Kyle Mooney around, I cant remember actually laughing at a joke he made. Then they have sad shit skits like this to really salt the wounds of this guy.

  6. cheating scrabble??? wtf!!! the name of this clip and the reason for all the views is none other than kyle mooney!! what are they even thinking putting jost on the thumbnail???

  7. Pete Davidson's honesty is beyond the best! He does those truth bombs in the most hilarious ways possible.

  8. I love how there's all these characters on the nightly news and then there's just Pete Davidson being Pete Davidson 😂

  9. Fuck you Pete, you're god damn hilarious. Legit, you had me rolling watching this, and I was alone. Fuck Staten Island!

  10. Colin is the favorite child of Statin Island, and Pete is the one they left at Taco Bell every other week hoping someone would take him home.

  11. I don’t use this as news just what’s going on in the world and don’t take what they say as believable and just for laughs

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