Weekend Update: Michael Cohen’s Congressional Testimony – SNL

Weekend Update: Michael Cohen’s Congressional Testimony – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Michael Cohen’s Congressional Testimony – SNL


  2. He is fu*king bonkers! This time I wasn't even embarrassed because he is very quickly losing the ability to hide just how unwell he really is.

  3. Russia if you are listening..what the F did you do to Trump? He is wrapping himself in our flag and mumbling for 2 hours about nothing?

  4. To be fair, Trump is proud of his SAT scores. It’s the first test he got 100 on!

    Side note: Was Darth Cheeto drunk at CPAC or something? There’s no way he can say those things sober!

  5. Trump is probably the best president we've ever had. He's trying to make America great again. So far i agree with almost everything he says and what hes wanting to do for us. He's wanting to keep us American people safe.

  6. Can we agree that Colin and Michael are the best Weekend Update hosts in the history of SNL? They always deliver the funny!

  7. Sound crazy as Hell
    Buffalo Bills are U2 or Nirvana
    Not some Dam nickelback
    That's the Jets 😂😂😎GO BILLS

  8. Breaking the law, destroying emails, false allegations of collusion, biast reporting and not holding their side accountable, and most of all LIARS with no real solutions!! are the lefts holier pile of shit!!!

  9. SNL just compared Michael Cohen, a jewish man, to a rat, a well known anti-semitic stereotype. Where are all the people who accused Ilhan Omar of anti-semitism? Why aren't they mad about this? These people don't care about anti-semitism, they care about smearing Ilhan because she's challenging the status quo

  10. Funny how SNL couldn't manage to say that Cohen is going to prison in a couple of months for lying to Congress… Told five verifiable lies in this testimony and has less credibility than a serial killer.

  11. I love weekend update these guys are hilarious and I watch it every week. I DID NOT like the Lenny from Mice and Men joke though. Its 2019 haven't we learned that you can be funny AND respectful.

  12. This is for Cohen and those that trust him "John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil …..when he speaketh a lie ,he speaketh of his own:for he is a liar,and the father of it"

  13. Liberals will even take a convicted liar as long as he talking shit about Trump! Trump derangement syndrome at its finest on display! Not concerned with any issues that the people voted them in for like healthcare or border security they're just worried about Donald Trump…. And the green New deal yeah let's take away flight from everyone and cars, sounds amazing morons!

  14. Try to remember when we didn't know the country had been taken over by a criminal cabal. The first week Trump was in office Cohen was paid $800,000 for a meeting in the oval office after hours, most likely regarding the ATT/Warner merger.

  15. the banking cartel owns Congress and United States, Inc. Our government is all actors pretending to represent the voters and workers. The U.S. Constitution has been replaced with the ""patriot"" act.

  16. 1:57 Damnit, Che you spoiled the season finale!
    No I love Che. And Jost. They are my favorite Weekend Update hosts!

  17. I'm not gonna watch the whole speech but those takes were close enough. I'm gonna make it into one big ass mad libs book

  18. Trump WON the election and RUSSIA did not STEAL it for Donald J. Trump. Two years later and Robert Mueller has zilch on how Russia could manufacture VOTES for Trump, the reality TV star, the sketchy and sometimes failing businessman. The major media networks would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER allow someone to state that a DEMOCRAT stole an election, or that he wasn't really the president. Of course there were questions about Obama's place of birth and OF COURSE he was born in Hawaii. I mean, the DEMOCRATS never lie about anything (except everything).

  19. So who will be the Democrat SAVIOR to set this DIVIDED nation upright??? Well it won't be Ocasio CowFarts Cortez the socialist because she is too young. And Bernie Sanders the socialist is too OLD. Kamala Halfblack Harris the imbecile, well at least she is kinda hot like a MILF. And how about that scholar Corey SHREK Booker? Then there is Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren. HOW!! Then there is BETA O' DORK; let's tear down this wall, oh and I can ride a skateboard. I'm kewl. The Democratic party is SUCH A JOKE with their dumber than Trump could ever be Green New Deal. Really, you people need to shut that slightly hot, slightly horse faced Latina UP. Just let her dance around like on Footloose. I'll watch her. Just let her serve drinks and everyone will be just fine. Oh and then there is Tulsi (I'm not a Capitalist) Gabbard. And meanwhile Donald J. Trump is polling in with an over 50% approval rating. I guess the deep state is going to have to ASSASSINATE Trump because he's dumb enough to be DEAF to your Demoncrap ROAR. He's TONE DEAF in the way he needs to be. Go TRUMP in 2020.

  20. Have Trump pay their millions of dollars utility bill yet if that was a American citizens our bills would never got in the millions of dollars before they cut our utilities off that is so unfairdo anyone know if they pay that bill yet or is the utility company still giving them more time to pay it

  21. You might think that Kim Jong Un's sister is adorable now, but it's no joke that she's the most likely successor to his dictatorship. And don't think she'll be any less ruthless.

  22. MICHAEL COHEN is a fraud hes makieng lie's up as we speak trying to get people to feel sory for him when hes wrong.

  23. This is comedy but also propaganda. This is bullshit. And Michael Che is so lame. Half his jokes border of racism. Real funny stuff.

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