Weekend Update: Melissa Villaseñor’s Grammy Awards Picks – SNL

Weekend Update: Melissa Villaseñor’s Grammy Awards Picks – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Melissa Villaseñor’s Grammy Awards Picks – SNL

  1. Missed opportunity by Lady Gaga and Saturday Night Live. SNL could've asked Gaga to walk on and surprise Melissa like many other performers on the show over the years.

  2. yooo she did so great!! she has the facial expressions and movements perfect too. and she looked so pleased at the end i feel so happy for her ^_^ colin looked so cute towards her at the end too o: i agree w all the other comments i really hope she gets more air time asap

  3. You should’ve had her switch wigs for different characters. Imagine, from Miley Cyrus to Kathy Griffin.

  4. I'm a Melissa Monster for life

    Also: Colin saying, "That was Kyle's whole part? That was it?" sums up my feelings about SNL entirely.

  5. Im also a Melissa Monster. Love this woman. She’s a funny gal. Keep being funny Melissa your doing great!!!! ♥️🥰🙏😘👍🏼

  6. She's VERY talented but she is clearly lip synching to a recording of herself both @1:47 and @2:50. She does a great job with the synchronization, but there's definitely a backing track when the screen behind her turns bright blue. Still awesome 👍

  7. The end when she kinda shrugged and said "I just wanted to do my Gaga impression" after that amazing performance is ADORABLE.

  8. That’s the only way I can watch lady gaga cuz the real one is seriously repulsive, but Melissa nailed it 😂

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