Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Being Hacked - SNL

Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Being Hacked – SNL

39 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Being Hacked – SNL

  1. leslie I would love for you to remix of the recent trump speech about transparency….there were six mentions of a vast contrast, resist, let go, no more investigations…

  2. Got to say, you guys are the best.😂 On the WORST day, when nothing else can make me smile, SNL will. Thank God for you beloved folks .😍😂😀👍👍👍👍

  3. My biggest problem with Leslie on SNL is that she's wasted in skits. Her monologues are amazing.

  4. A guy in middle school beat me with a whiffleball bat because my ball rolled into his court and i kinda ruined his practice rally to retrieve it but it wasn't intentional and it was barely even practice during PE class in like 7th period.

    But I'm the crazy one….

  5. Why is Leslie's body above the shoulders darker than the rest of her?
    And Leslie….I'M asking for your nudes!! lol. You're funny as hell. keep doing what you do!

  6. Imagine two diseased caterpillars crawling on a cow patty, there, saved you from googling her nudes. Her titties have weird pimple nipples on saggy brown floppy tits. Gah, she is totally unappealing naked. The rule is 95% of people you see on a nude beach are not people you ever want to see naked.

  7. 1:17 you cant embarrass me more then I have embarrassed myself. And I know all the details… cause I was there. Lol

  8. So, some jerk who I dusted off hacked my phone 2 days ago, and threatened to post my nudes. This video was the FIRST thing i thought of, so I sent it to him. Havent heard from him since. Thanks Les.

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