100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Baseball – SNL

  1. Sorry, but this couldn't even muster a chuckle.  SNL needs to contact the writers who wrote for Mad TV when it was on the air.

    Thumbs Down # 163……..cause IT AINT FUNNY!

  2. I can only imagine if instead of Leslie, a dude would come out shouting those things to a woman player… SNL would be in trouble, isn´t it? Hipocresy…

  3. Someone should say something about Leslie's blatant sexual harassment of so many men. I've seen her harass Colin several times in the past & I just can't stay quiet about it anymore. How many more victims does Leslie have to abuse before something is done?

  4. This skit promotes sexual harassment against men, how is this ok??!? Imagine the same skit with genders reversed. Outright hypocrisy!!! You should be a moral role model SNL.

  5. What if someone said "that's cause you black" on tv? Would it get the same reaction? Seems really hypocritical, even if it's just comedy.

  6. Upset at the fact that they treat Altuve as if he were an elf… dude is 5’6 how tf is that short? 5’0 is short! I’m 5’4 and everyone I know always tells me I’m tall. Just cause you’re a giraffe don’t mean he’s short, you’re just very tall.. which is cool, if you’re short, it’s cool..stop picking on him and talk about baseball!

  7. imagine for a second leslie was a man feeling up a female player sitting on his lap the way she does to the baseball guy – wouldn`t that be an outrage?

  8. Why is she running her hands all over the front of him? It's so fuckin uncomfortable to watch this borderline sexual harassment…

  9. Fuckin Lame. At first I was stoked that my Stros were reppin on SNL then it just turned into reverse sexual objectivity. Im sure it would've gone over real well if you swapped gender roles in this lame ass fuckin bit.#allmenareevil#fucklesliejones#fucksnl

  10. "Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate baby I'm just gonna shake,shake,shake, shake, shake baby. Shake it off, shake it off!" To all Leslie Jones haters.

  11. Why is it okay for Leslie Jones to do this? If a man acted this way towards a group of women (even in a scripted segment) there would be outrage.

  12. Leslie rocks. There was a bit of “where are the negroes on SNL, then the MONSTROUSLY TALENTED LESLIE showed up! Brava, Ms. Jones

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