Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Alabama’s Abortion Ban – SNL

Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Alabama’s Abortion Ban – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Alabama’s Abortion Ban – SNL

  1. That's right kill them Babies. Woman's choice. Kill kill kill. You are 6 feet tall And baby be inches. Ha ha ha

  2. If you weren't so obnoxious and ignorant your message might actually mean something. Try speaking with intelligence and maturity.

  3. Anti-abortion people think zygotes count as people, so killing a zygote is killing a person. I don't understand why pro-choice people make this issue about choice, when clearly it is about whether a zygote counts as a person or not.

  4. This racist black woman is an idiot. "Women have freedom"? No one has the freedom to commit murder. If you don't want a baby quit whoreing around and close your legs. Anyone who performs an abortion for any reason other than to save the life of the mother should be jailed for murder.

  5. Petition for Leslie Jones to play the lead in the Stagecoach Mary action/adventure pulp Western. (With a Denzel Washington cameo for Bass Reeves.)

  6. I think we are confusing what women can do with there bodies with destroying someone that's in your body. There not saying they can't cover there body in tattoos, or have some plastic surgery or change there sex. This should be a issue about life. Not politics and not women's choices cause it has nothing to do with either

  7. there's nothing funny than the 1,000,000 systematic killings in that were committed in the US alone last year. oh hahaha! what a laugh riot!

  8. Leslie Jones would make a great spokesperson to fight those against abortion, because, pro choice is not always pro abortion., that's why CHOICE is in the title.

  9. Evil. Wicked. Reprobate. Just a few words that describe this show and its audience.

  10. I agree that women should have freedom. However, stop saying that it is your body because it isn’t. It is another growing human being. Nevertheless, women should be able to make the choice.

  11. Disgraceful. The fact that all of the comments are so supportive of her is a sad commentary on rhe state of oue country. It is now considered okay to knock anything associated with traditional values and morals and tell us we have to accept all the filth and garbage the left pushea on us. I worry for the America my grandchildren will live in.

  12. I fucking love Leslie Jones, and I don’t care what ANYBODY says! She’s flawless in my eyes!

    Edit: and I wanna know where the hell she got that shirt, because I want one!

  13. Wow Leslie I LOVE your t-shirt, especially how it should apply to baby boys also who have no choice (…in America) when it comes to getting circumcised/having their right to have and experience a foreskin taken away from them. That's MINE! let ME decide if I want it cut or not.

  14. Leslie, I love you. I wish you were gay and I was gay and we knew each other and were friends. And we lived in the same place. Anyhoo, you is beautiful. Xxx

  15. LESLIE JONES IS LEAVING SNL. Best news so far ever since I stopped watching SNL in late 2014 when she joined the show, SNL should've let her go after her 1st appearance, she's a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE performer, and definitely not a comedian. I hope Kristen Wiig leaves the show too, so I can watch the SNLl again.

  16. Ah. I remember now why I don't watch SNL anymore. Gonna go through the vintage clips and remember the last time SNL was funny.

  17. Leslie, nobody is telling you what to do with your body lmao we’re just asking you cant kill babies. Also, isn’t it ironic that you look more like ilhan omar in that oppressive costume than a woman in Alabama?😂😂🧕🏿🇺🇸

  18. I dunno why she is speaking on behalf of pregnant women when I can't even imagine her being pregnant herself. Who would even want to fuck Leslie Jones?

  19. We don't even have to turn the news on to get out leftist rants, anymore. We can get them with our entertainment, too! So stunning and brave.

  20. You see I'm pro abortion cause killing babies is rad as balls. But I'm totally against a women's right to choose because women shouldn't be allowed to make decisions.

  21. How cruel! Can’t tell her what to do? Whether you’re baby is 13 weeks conceived and you’re having a doctor pull its head off, or it’s 13 months born and you’re strangling it to death with your own hands, no woman (or man) has the right to end any innocent child’s life, it does not belong to you! I am completely perplexed that this debate still rages on. The fact that people debate about when life begins so they can fight for the “right” to end a baby’s life is really really arrogant. After the mother is pregnant It’s the baby’s life, not the mother’s or the father’s life to snuff out as they please. Basic humanity no longer exists, excuses are used to excuse a murder of convenience and when that isn’t allowed people cry that a woman’s rights are taken away, as if an entire person’s life is less important. Basing life or death decisions on “feelings” that can and do change is the definition of fickle; “I’ll abort this child till I can afford one later”, “OMG, I’m pregnant, how will I finish college?”, “I forgot to use protection, what a big inconvenience at this point in my career!”, “I’ve been raped so that will justify me becoming a murderer, and now I’ll kill an innocent baby ( that’s certainly not human) because my pain will just be too severe and I’m more important.” Glad all our moms weren’t that selfish or we wouldn’t be here to even hear about this foolishness! Absolutely selfish, shortsighted and insane illogical thinking that has replaced any trace of humanity in peoples heads! Crazy people everywhere! 🤦‍♂️ SMH

  22. If people want absolutely no abortions, they need to make sure that there will be absolutely no rapes. Also, that the child won't be beaten or mistreated because its parents didn't want to have a kid.

  23. All the thumbs down are probably from people who either A. Hate Leslie Jones and how badass she is, or B. Don't like women's autonomy over their own bodies. Or both, more likely.

  24. Am I the only one who's bummed out that Leslie isn't back for SNL's new season?  Thought she'd stick around for a few more! (Seasons, that is).  Always found her hilarious and charming.  Oh well, c'est la vie.

  25. In reality, this is advocating Murder, the Ban is a great way to stop Lily and her reckless ways… Also, those babies are Human too, your body , is not the baby's body, remember that ladies.

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