Weekend Update: Julian Assange Arrested – SNL

Weekend Update: Julian Assange Arrested – SNL

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  1. Assange's arrest is not a dark day for journalism, as Assange is not a journalist. He is a Russian asset, well paid by Putin to target and weaken the US. He was granted asylum in Ecuador under Putin's request. He has been accused of sexual assault (or did all you champions of your hero forget that?). He stole classified, sensitive US military documents and released them without redaction, naming people and revealing how to get around or damage American defense systems and weapons. That is not heroic. A true journalist does not just dump sensitive documents that could risk lives into public view. A journalist does not risk lives. A journalist does not steal, or support foreign dictators. Assange is not a journalist, he is a thief and a rapist.

  2. Funny how half the comments are complaining that snl is too liberal or anti trump and the other half are calling them far right and propaganda against assange

  3. To people who say bad things about colin jost over his jokes are judging him without even knowing him,besides he knows that he has to have a thick skin ,people need to know what kind of comedy he does before they listen to his jokes,all comedians tell jokes that offend people,some people act holier than thou as if they never did or said something that was offensive me included i know I have said things that are offens ive,but I am sorry,I admit that I am not perfect either,nobody is,that is why people who act like. Colin jost is a terrible person without even knowing him personally because they aren't perfect so they make judgements against him,I don't know him personally either,I believe the best in people until they do something or say something vicious.

  4. SNL are DeceptiCrat / CIA ass kissing neoliberal corporate tool. Julian Assange and the rest of WikiLeaks are some of the few real journalists left.

  5. ❌ Hey Dumb Ass Colin
    Assange's situation is no
    joking pun , you
    Piece of Shit 👎👎👎
    And He's no Internet Troll

  6. Yes, trump lied about wikileaks; Assange may be a weirdo but he did expose corruption of governments around the world (something weekend update doesn't have the courage to do). Did you just admit that you would allow noncitizens to vote? Since we can't legitamently convince voters to vote democrat, we'll just import voters to cheat; and yes, i'm aware of republicans redrawing districts to cheat. This is why i usually don't vote.

  7. I disagreed with Barack Obama's policies often enough but at least he didn't try to DESTROY our free press nor did he try to destroy any of our government institutions. Believe it or not, the DOD and the CIA and DHS and the NSA and the FBI etc. do work to keep us safe and do save lives.

  8. Internet troll?! Bullshit! Ridiculous… Assange embarrassed the Republicans, Democrats loved him… he embarrassed the democrats then then everyone hates him. The government should be afraid of it's people, not the other way around…

  9. i don't care what people say about colin jost or how they apply to this comment,i don't care what kind of jokes he tells just as long as the jokes aren't offensive to others,yes somethings should never be made fun of,but I cant be offended by a joke if i don't understand the joke,i don't know who Julian Assange is to even know if i should be offended or not , I don't even know what his beliefs are to be offended or not be offended, I guess I am blinded by colin jost's hotness ,sometimes I forget that some people might find his jokes offensive,some people say they prefer norm McDonald as if they are saying that it is okay for norm macdonald to tell offensive jokes but colin jost isn't allowed.,but that would be weird,because all offensive jokes are offensive no matter who tells them,yes some of colin jost's joke are offensive but some people act as if he brutally raped ,tortured and murdered women. or beat his girlfriend scarlett Johansson, he is not a monster , but then i don't know colin jost 100 percent to say if he is not a monster and other people cant be 100 percent sure he is a monster ,if some people want to hold a grunge against him that is their problem and not anyone elses just as long their comments don't go against youtube comment regulations. i don't know colin jost 100 percent to say if he is not a monster and other people cant be 100 percent sure he is a monster

  10. i really love hoe they put #BTS when they only showed them one time in this vid and showed trump like 10 times :}

  11. It's not Trumps thing to worry about! SNL He is trying to run a country. Really tough when your constantly being attacked by the DUMBS opps, I mean Dems.

  12. It is hard to swallow the fact that the media is stoked about Assange being arrested. It is like watching something out of 1983. The man ran the last existing true journalist agency that exposed government and deep state corruption and was forced to take asylum because of it. Now crowds cheer when he is carried away by police. Scary.

  13. That internet troll has guts, skills, integrity, a moral compass. You have a meal ticket reading lines for an obsolete tv show.

  14. Why are mostly all them about roasting and making fun of Donald duck.😂😂
    Sorry Donald trump😂😂😂😆

  15. A president lying about a journalist who published war crimes exposing the Pentagon's lies that prevented a lying Hillary to win the white house, wife of former lier President bill Clinton- millions dead,trillions lost and trillions more in debt & no-one cares

  16. He actually is telling the truth for once, albeit obliquely. He knows nothing about Wikileaks. He is also lying because at the same time, he is dismissing the question, as if he never said that he knew Wikileaks. He is so dishonest, that even when he tells the truth, there is a lie couched within. He never actually used to "read" them in the past. He got a bullet point page handed to him (like everything else in his life) by one of his flunkies with a few points on it, because he has the attention span of a house fly, and probably would be outsmarted by a printer, and he hardly ever actually even said any of those points, he just let his idiot followers fill in the blanks for themselves, ("…if you look at…the things that are going on…" — notice, no specifics, nothing to rebut, and absolutely no verifiable facts, much the same as all of his illusory "plans" that he had) with their fears and hatreds and bigotry. He certainly cannot say that he never called attention to them, or promoted them (one wonders if he had a stake in the company? He always seems to have an angle…) but as in all other things, he actually does 'know nothing' about Wikileaks. As I have said before, he essentially only tells the truth by accident, like a wound down, broken grandfather clock.

  17. "It was so satisfying to see an internet troll get dragged out into the sunlight."

    Perfect line, i hadnt even thought of it like that until Colin said that, and I completely identify with that. Trolls are just the absolute scum of the earth (I realize saying that in an era during which Trump is president is a bit of a bold move but I'm so sick of these awful people who literally get their kicks from making people feel like shit. Whether it's me or someone else being trolled, it always pisses me off).

  18. Oi, dumbass audience, it's not funny to not have heads of all those departments. Trump is consolidating power. Your one job on that point: boo.

  19. A cool snl news anchor would snark that. Meaning: they wouldn't shy away from calling out the audience; which is truly being non-pc.

  20. Satire is wrong on Miller too. Plenty of fellow Nazi cunts (of both sexes) LOVE him. Do better, writers. Don't take that stupid low road.

  21. Internet troll? He broke so many major stories. He's basically the only honest journalist left and he's being locked up for telling the truth and holding the powerful accountable to their actions.

  22. OK, Jost, Lorne. What are we doing here? What's the point of #SNL being "satisfied" w/the arrest of Assange/#Wikileaks, a pioneering digital journalist/publisher who helped expose the high crimes of governments, including those of your own? How's that remotely funny? What kind of authoritarian, boot-licking weasels have SNL "players" become? Seriously. What is the point of a show like SNL if it isn't to mock the inherently-humorous establishment/powerful douchebaggery, or revere the dwindling brave, modern-day heroes opposing such thick, fascist, myopic douchbaggery? When SNL is sucking up to the establishment, probably time to move over to Wall Street or Madison Avenue & leave the satire to real artists who haven’t sold out.

  23. Tell you what, Trump, I'll trade you the undocumented individuals with the privileged white boys who crowd into a row boat, get roaring drunk, and dump their empties into the river. Let's do this!

  24. God, I just realized that I hate pretty much the entire SNL cast. Weekend update is the only thing I watch anymore (because Colin and Michael are incredible) but I can't even watch the parts of update that have other cast members. Thank you YouTube for splitting weekend update up so that I can watch the only 3 minutes of the hour long show that isn't complete crap.

  25. 2:23 yup we can be attack at any moment and trump and all his follwers will blame democrats for the attack when it just people who DON'T want to deal with Trump BULLSHIT I may have been young when George W. Bush serve but i don't remember so many people quitting their job, HELL OBAMA team stuck with him on both terms!!!! CLINTON!? WHY CAN'T THIS MAN KEEP A FUCKING STABLE TEAM PEOPLE!?

  26. Simple google searches reveals that we actually have most of the heads of the departments that were mentioned. This isn’t even mentioning the downplay of what Assange did as being an “internet troll.”

    Sad to see how dishonest this show has become.

  27. We in the U.S. got tired of the Clintons burning people alive in their homes, so we hired Trump to smash government. He is doing the best job ever! Think of it as a diet of sorts, but Democrats are gluttonous.

  28. When was the last time weekend update was funny? Political correctness run amok. So let’s make it even a bigger proportion of the show?? Colin Jost is worthless and Michael Che would be better in skits but weekend update has to end or replaced with others? Am I right???

  29. Wikileaks disclosures played a role in deposing the Tunisian dictator Ben Ali. It was an organization that did a lot of good work.

  30. This was pretty at first. Then comes the United States government propaganda finds it way in 😏

  31. NBC network is center-right on everything but culture war issues like reproductive rights, trans rights, and gay marriage. Beyond that, they shill for corporations and the war machine, while sheepdogging the left. When M4A & ending wars have over 50% popular support; that's the center.

  32. “President trump is more obsessed with Wiki leaks than this audience is with BTS.”
    You won’t believe how far we’re willing to go for tickets….


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